Sierra Club Celebrates House Passage of For the People Act, Urges Swift Action in Senate


WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Today, the House passed the For the People Act with every single Democrat cosponsoring. This historic package includes a comprehensive, common sense set of democracy reforms, including automatic voter registration, stronger rules around ethics and campaign finance, restored voting rights for 1.7 million formerly incarcerated people, and a ban on partisan gerrymandering --  all of which will help add more than 50 million people to the voter rolls, rein in the influence of corporate polluters, ensure accessible, accurate elections, and expand the freedoms of all eligible Americans to participate in democracy. 

When the For the People Act passes in the Senate, it will also protect voters around the country from the bills restricting access to the polls currently being proposed in state legislatures. 

In Response, Sierra Club Democracy Program Director Courtney Hight Released the Following Statement: 

“A healthy democracy requires equity. The passage of H.R. 1 comes in the wake of unprecedented attacks on American’s freedom to vote and the integrity of our elections. We applaud House Democrats for once again taking up the mantle of building a democracy that works for everyone -- and we must work quickly to ensure this landmark reform package passes through the Senate before the latest attacks on voting rights take effect.  

“The Senate must quickly pass this bill so we can finally rein in the undue influence of polluters, corporations, and the wealthy few as well as expanding and protecting American’s access to clean and fair elections. By passing H.R. 1, we will be able to fortify a democracy of, by, and for the people that protects the interests of our communities and the planet. The bedrock of our democracy and the fairness of future elections rely on a timely vote in the Senate to pass the For the People Act.”   


Read the environmental coalition letter to Congress in support of H.R. 1 here.

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