Sierra Club Welcomes Haaland as Secretary of the Interior


Virginia Cramer, 

WASHINGTON, D.C. --  The Senate today confirmed Deb Haaland to lead the Department of the Interior. Haaland is the first Native American to hold a cabinet position. 

The Department of the Interior manages the country’s national parks and approximately 450 million acres of public lands, oversees wildlife and other conservation efforts, and upholds Federal trust responsibilities to Indigenous communities. 

In response, Sierra Club representatives issued the following statements. 

“Haaland’s lived experiences are critical to reorienting Interior toward people, Indigenous rights and climate-focused, science-based conservation. We look forward to seeing our country’s lands and waters integrated with efforts to increase outdoors equity, mitigate climate impacts by protecting 30 percent of lands and water by 2030, and foster healthier communities,” said Chris Hill, acting director of Sierra Club’s Our Wild America campaign. 

“New Mexicans are bursting with pride to see our own Deb Haaland leading the Department of the Interior. She understands the bold, meaningful progress we need to heal our climate, our lands and people’s connection to them. The collaborative spirit she brought to safeguarding the region around Chaco Culture National Historical Park from encroaching extraction will serve her well as steward of our nation’s public lands,” said Camilla Feibelman, Sierra Club Rio Grande Chapter Director. 


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