Sierra Club Calls on SEC to Put an End to Corporate Greenwashing

10,000+ public comments urge SEC to develop strong corporate climate change disclosure rules

Washington, DC -- Today, the Sierra Club submitted more than 10,000 comments from members and supporters across the country urging the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to develop strong disclosure rules that require companies and financial institutions to report their contributions to the climate crisis, as well as how they are adapting to the changing climate. Sierra Club experts also submitted a more detailed comment that can be read here.

The SEC had solicited public input on climate change disclosure issues earlier this spring, and is expected to begin formal rule-making later this year by issuing a proposed rule in October

Sierra Club Financial Advocacy Campaign Manager Ben Cushing released the following statement on the close of the SEC’s public comment period: 

“Corporations and financial institutions know that the public wants to see climate action from the private sector, but without strong federal disclosure rules, we’re in danger of seeing lots more PR and public commitments that sound good but amount to very little. The SEC has a responsibility to make sure companies are being honest with their investors and the public about the risks that climate change poses to their business plans, the health of our communities, and the stability of our financial system, as well as what they’re doing to mitigate those risks. We look forward to continuing to engage with the Commission to ensure that this process results in strong rules that hold companies accountable for their role in the climate crisis.”


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