Biden and Schumer Must End Charades and Advance Climate Legislation

There’s No Negotiating on Climate Legislation with a Party of Climate Deniers

Jonathon Berman,

Just as there’s no negotiating with arsonists on how much of a building they can burn, there’s no negotiating with a party of climate deniers on climate action. For decades, the overwhelming majority of Republicans in Washington, DC have made their views on climate change abundantly clear: It’s much ado about nothing, if it even exists.

Just three months ago, Senator Kevin Cramer responded to questions on the climate crisis by saying, “It's not near the crisis that the alarmists have made it out to be.” When asked what he would tell those concerned about the crisis, Cramer replied, “So what I would tell them is that the Earth has gone through cycles for as long as there's been creation.”

As House Democrats created the Select Committee on the Climate Crisis, Republicans assigned members who have claimed “[Climate change] led to the Vikings dominating Europe for several hundred years,” and, “I do have reservations about how real it is.”

Even when Republicans are capable of recognizing the facts about the climate crisis, they’re unwilling to take any action to address it. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell wasted decades denying the existence of climate change – collecting a small fortune in donations from corporate polluters along the way – only to now have no plan to address the crisis.

It’s past time for President Biden and Democratic leadership to reject this nonsense and deliver on their promises of action on climate, care, jobs, and justice. Our communities and our planet urgently need investments in transitioning to clean energy, reducing pollution, cutting costs for working families, creating good jobs, and promoting environmental justice.

Last weekend, Fight For Our Future rallies drew thousands of people across the country saying “Enough is enough” to Biden, Senator Chuck Schumer, and Democratic members of Congress. Our elected leaders have had enough time to hem and haw on a bold package of climate investments. Now, we ask that they show true leadership and swiftly create and pass a budget reconciliation bill that invests in climate action at the scale necessary while ensuring economic equity and environmental justice for all. The time is now. Let’s get it done.

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