We Need Bold Climate Action Now, Not Farcical Energy Talks


WASHINGTON, D.C. -- If it’s a day ending in ‘y’, it’s another day that the overwhelming majority of congressional Republicans remain unserious about taking action to mitigate climate-fueled disasters. As scientific warnings pile up about the existential threat of climate change around the globe, senate Republicans continue to deny the reality of the climate crisis and refuse to take any meaningful action. 

In just the past week, while pretending to genuinely engage on climate and clean energy talks, Senate Republicans participating in those discussions have wasted no time in reminding the country nothing has changed, including:

  • Republican Senator Kevin Cramer skipped one of the meetings to celebrate North Dakota’s largest coal-fired power plant staying open.

  • Republican Senator Mitt Romney said he “doesn’t see a reason” to expand clean energy tax credits as part of the bill.

  • Republican Senators Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan vocally supported oil drilling on sensitive land in the Western Arctic in Alaska.

  • Republican Senator Bill Cassidy recently espoused the ill-conceived idea that in order to reduce dependence on Russian oil, the U.S. not only permit more fossil fuel exports to countries like Germany but also finance infrastructure for them, saying, “they need more coal, they need more oil.”

Simply put, congressional Republicans cannot be relied upon to take the truly transformational action on climate and clean energy that is necessary in this critical moment. President Biden and Congress have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to pass a climate bill that could cut carbon pollution significantly before it’s too late. 

We are almost out of time to act on climate, but it’s not too late for the Senate to pass a budget reconciliation package that includes at least $555 billion in investments in climate, care, jobs, and justice. It’s time for senators to stop playing games and come to the table with honest determination to do what’s right — passing bold climate action that invests in communities struggling with rising prices, systemic injustice, and economic inequity.


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