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7/12/2023 - East Bay Express: Dust-proof: Coal-dust study confirms toxic pollution

6/30/2023 - The Mercury News: Contra Costa County judge blocks 125-home Tassajara Valley project over water supply concerns

6/21/2023 - Earthjustice: Concerned Bay Area Residents, Environmental Groups Raise Alarm on Port of Oakland Development Project

6/9/2023 - Northern California Public Media: Park Service tentatively backs removing elk fence from Pt. Reyes Nat'l Seashore

3/16/2023 - Washington Post: The Bay Area is going electric for furnaces and water heaters

3/15/2023 - San Francisco Examiner: Bay Area says no to NOx as regulators ban harmful gases lurking in homes

2/28/2023 - Marin Independent Journal: Marin environmental groups seek redo of Sausalito school creek plan

1/17/2023 - Alameda Sun: Bald Eagles Nesting in Alameda

11/30/22 - Ten Strands: Advancing Climate Literacy for All Californians: How the Sierra Club Climate Literacy Committee and Ten Strands Joined Forces

9/5/22 - Marin Independent Journal: Marin Voice: Artificial turf athletic fields are not best answer

8/31/22 - East Bay Express: Final Rounds in Point Molate Fight?: Regional park may finally KO housing development

6/20/22 - Marin Independent Journal: San Geronimo Valley streamside protection advances

May 2022 - Potrero View: Legislation Stalls Amazon Warehouse

4/30/22 - Mercury News: Opinion: Expand and restore Bay wetlands to fight climate change

4/25/22 - Waste Today: SFO on track to become zero-waste airport

4/19/22 - CBS Bay Area: SFO On Track To Become Zero-Waste Airport, Seeks To Divert 80% Of Trash By Next Year

1/20/22 - Earthjustice: This City Just Showed How to Boot Coal

1/12/22 - Bay Nature: Tesla Park: Saved at Last

12/30/21 - Alameda Sun: Waterfront housing proposal returns again

11/23/21 - San Francisco Chronicle: Richmond reaches settlement to proceed with coal ban by 2027

11/15/21 - Associated Press: Settlement bans coal storage in California city by 2027

11/12/21 - CBS Bay Area: Richmond City Council, Levin Terminal Plan to Phase Out Handling Coal, ‘Petcoke’ by 2026

11/12/21 - Berkeleyside: Unlikely team drives Berkeley’s first-of-its-kind climate literacy resolution

11/8/21 - California News Times: 70% of Americans experiencing climate change anxiety and depression, survey finds

11/3/21 - East Bay Express: High Stakes: The movement for a countywide drilling ban gains momentum

10/28/21 - Richmond Confidential: Richmond could become next California city to ban gas appliances

10/24/21 - Marin Independent Journal: Marin Voice: County leaders failed by approving Dipsea Ranch without full report

9/16/21 - The Independent: Wonderful News for Livermore

9/13/21 - San Francisco Chronicle: The end of plastic bags in Berkeley? City studies banning them from grocery stores and restaurants

9/12/21 - NBC Bay Area: 3,100-Acres of Wilderness Preserved for New State Park in Alameda County

9/8/21 - Pleasanton Weekly: Legislators reach agreement with governor to preserve Tesla Park

9/7/21 - East County Today: Thousands of acres of East Bay wilderness to be preserved under agreement

9/6/21 - The Independent: Tesla Park Protected in Perpetuity

8/18/21 - East Bay Express: People Power: How networking won a vital air pollution fight

8/14/21 - Mercury News: Contra Costa County sued over controversial open-space housing plan

8/12/21 - San Francisco Chronicle Opinion: If Portland can hit 116 degrees, so can San Francisco. We're not ready

8/5/21 - East Bay Times: State agencies face lawsuit over approval of Richmond housing development

8/4/21 - CBS Bay Area: Environmentalists Suing Over Proposed Richmond Housing Development At Contaminated Waterfront Site

7/19/21 - KTVU Fox 2: City council's vote on new ballpark could determine whether A's stay in Oakland

7/14/21 - The Independent: Bill to Preserve Tesla Park Advances

7/14/21 - Mercury News: Contra Costa County trades some sprawl for a lot of open space, allowing 125 new homes

June/July 2021 - Bay Area Monitor: Cracking down on refinery emissions

6/28/2021 - Mercury News: Proposed wetlands park along San Francisco Bay gets a setback

3/18/2021 - The Independent: No Jets in Livermore

3/11/2021 - The Independent: Opposition to Airport Expansion Grows

3/3/2021 - Marin Independent Journal: Petaluma's gas station ban draws Marin, regional interest

2/8/2021 - Mercury News: Environmental groups file appeal to stop 469-home development near Newark wetlands

1/28/2021 - SFist: Rec & Parks Looks to Keep Giant Ferris Wheel In Golden Gate Park Through 2025

1/21/2021 - The Independent: Judge Denies the EIR That Permits Off-road Vehicles in Tesla Park

12/29/2020 - Mercury News: Newark: Judge rejects bid to stop housing development next to wetlands

12/24/2020 - The Independent: EBCE Accepts PG&E Nuclear Power Option

11/23/2020 - East Bay Times: Controversial Richmond housing project heads to city council

9/22/2020 - CBS Bay Area: Contra Costa Supervisors Approve Commitment To Climate-Friendly Measures

9/9/2020 - 48hills: Two opportunities to address Black housing inequities

9/2/2020 - New York Times: Getting Climate Studies Into Schools

"Erin Ahlich, 19, was part of the student group behind the Oakland initiative. With the help of the local Sierra Club, which offers organizing resources on its website, the group pushed through a resolution that integrates climate literacy into the curriculums of all Oakland public schools."

7/7/2020 - San Francisco Chronicle Opinion: Tesla Park should be open to Bay Area walkers, not vehicles

7/7/2020 - The Daily Californian: Donation campaign seeks to help Berkeley restaurants transition outdoors

7/5/2020 - San Francisco Chronicle: Oakland A’s get unwelcome feedback from Sierra Club on Howard Terminal ballpark

6/29/2020 - Ballpark Digest: Sierra Club: Build A’s ballpark at Coliseum site, not Howard Terminal

6/23/2020 - 48 Hills: SFPUC could be accepting PG&E’s nuclear energy

6/22/2020 - KQED News: Sierra Club joining City of Richmond in its legal battle against coal

1/14/2020 - Bloomberg: California city bans coal, blocking key export route to Asia

“'Communities are pushing back on toxic and polluting coal exports,' Minda Berbeco, director of the San Francisco Bay Chapter of the Sierra Club, said by email. 'No one wants to live with coal dust coating their homes and cars.'”

1/10/2020 - Earth Island Journal: Bay Area city embroiled in battle over coal export ban

1/3/2020 - KPFA Terra Verde: Richmond, CA takes on coal

10/5/2019 - Marin Independent Journal: Fairfax bans single-use plastic

"Chance Cutrano, a member of the executive committee for the Sierra Club’s Marin chapter, told the Fairfax council last month that Marin’s towns are setting a nationwide example for plastic bans."

10/4/2019 - East Bay Times: Editorial: Brentwood should reject sprawl; vote no on Measure L

9/11/2019 - East Bay Express: Dredging the Carquinez to accomodate oil

9/5/2019 - The Inquirer: “Our House is on Fire”: Global Climate Strikes go Local in Fight Against Fossil Fuels

"Julia Foote, a community outreach coordinator with the nonprofit environmental group Sierra Club, is involved helping organize the strike in San Francisco. She said the climate strikes were necessary to bring about a change to the status quo."

8/19/2019 - San Francisco Chronicle: Bay Area cities poised to follow Berkeley’s natural gas ban

8/1/2019 - Pleasanton Weekly: Construction begins on Livermore bridge to permanently link 44-mile trail

7/24/2019 - East Bay Express: Berkeley bans new natural gas hookups

7/17/2019 - Fortune: One city canned natural gas for new home and business builds—and it won’t be the last

7/17/2019 - Bloomberg: Berkeley is the first city in America to ban gas from new homes

7/17/2019 - San Jose Mercury News: Berkeley bans natural gas in new buildings, the first California city to do so

"Sierra Club campaigner Rachel Golden called Tuesday’s council vote a historic moment in the state, adding that more than 50 other cities in California are also looking to phase out natural gas infrastructure. 'Berkeley has a long history of leading the world in climate, environment and social justice,' she said. 'This is one of those moments where we are going to show our leadership and inspire other cities in California and states across the country that we could phase out gas, and do so economically, with attention to environmental justice and in a way that’s going to support our communities to be safer and healthier.'"

7/17/2019 - Berkeleyside: Berkeley first city in California to ban natural gas in new buildings

7/3/2019 - East Bay Express: That old gas stove is not your friend

6/29/2019 - Alameda Point Environmental Report: Environmentalists sink Nautilus data center

6/27/2019 - KQED: U.S. wants to dredge San Francisco Bay to aid oil shipping

6/26/2019 - Patch: Environmental groups oppose 13-mile SF Bay dredging plan

6/25/2019 - San Francisco Chronicle: Sierra Club, other groups oppose SF Bay dredging plan

6/23/2019 - Bay Nature: Walking the entire bay

"This 238-acre parcel of coastal prairie and restored wetland exists due to a generation’s efforts to save it from development. Longtime residents of Parchester Village, the 1950s post-World War II housing development in Richmond, including the Dotson family, spent several decades forming alliances with local groups, including the Sierra Club, to enshrine public access to this unique waterfront area."

6/22/2019 - Marin Independent Journal: Marin supervisors oppose corporate-backed carbon tax plan

6/19/2019 - East Bay Express: Borrowing bay water in Alameda

6/10/2019 - Curbed San Francisco: Man versus nature versus man: 50 or so years of the Albany Bulb

5/30/2019 - CBS Bay Area: Pleasanton tech company aims to cool floating data centers wth Bay water

5/17/2019 - East Bay Times: East Bay tech company wants to siphon, discharge San Francisco Bay water

5/16/2019 - The Independent: Committee recommends fewer B&Ss in So. Livermore

5/1/2019 - Berkeleyside: Sierra Club prize for going plastic-free

4/22/2019 - San Francisco Chronicle: SF’s big buildings to take big step in reducing city’s emissions

3/28/2019 - East Bay Times: Why four Alameda council members back homeless center

3/27/2019 - East Bay Express: Beat cops of the Bay

3/21/2019 - Alameda Sun: New EIR required for VA project

3/21/2019 - The Independent: Open space committee to work on land priorities

3/20/2019 - East Bay Express: Foes of Richmond coal back for another try

3/7/2019 - The Independent: Legislation would allow state to sell Tesla expansion area

3/4/2019 - East Bay Times: East Bay Regional Park District buys land to enlarge preserve in the Tri-Valley

3/2/2019 - Marin Independent Journal: Marin embraces Green New Deal despite skepticism of Democratic establishment

2/28/2019 - The Independent: Dublin chooses habitat preservation over 57 homes

"Tri-Valley Sierra Club representative Marlene Massetti stated during audience comments that the site provides habitat for several threatened species, including the burrowing owl, tri-colored blackbird, and tiger salamander. In addition, golden eagles, an endangered species, forage throughout the 22 acres."

2/27/2019 - Point Reyes Light: Golf vote slated for 2020; county is concerned

2/26/2019 - Marin Independent Journal: Marin supervisors approve golf course initiative

2/21/2019 - The Independent: Open space committee working on priority list

2/11/2019 - Sierra Club blog: Celebrating the legacy of Rosa Parks with Transit Equity Day

2/1/2019 - San Francisco Examiner: Emergency repairs to broken wastewater pipe to cost city $5 million

"Some advocates of water conservation believe the money and efforts to repair the pipe are misplaced. The Sierra Club, a grassroots environmental advocacy group, would prefer the city to store and reuse treated wastewater as potable water or at the very least in industrial projects or landscapes, said Heinrich Albert, co-chair of the Bay Chapter water committee of the Sierra Club. 'If we have already made the effort and investment of energy to treat that water, we should be reusing it,' he said."

1/31/2019 - Livermore Independent: Retreat to look at open space aquisition; legislation update for off-road park

1/25/2019 - East Bay Monthly: Investing your green in green

12/27/2018 - The Bold Italic: 7 resolutions that will actually make a difference this year

11/29/2018 - Livermore Independent: Proposed ordinance could add hops to South Livermore area agriculture

11/26/2018 - San Francisco Chronicle: Oakland alleges lease violations in terminal project to ship coal

"Luis Amezcua of the Sierra Club, which signed on to the appeal of the coal decision and was an intervenor in the litigation, said Tagami should build the facility he promised — one that doesn’t involve coal. 'If Tagami hadn’t wasted so much time fighting with the city over whether the terminal should handle and store coal,” Amezcua said, “perhaps he wouldn’t be behind schedule in the first place.'”

11/22/2018 - Livermore Independent: Grant awarded to purchase land in Doolan Canyon

11/13/2018 - Marin Independent Journal: Marin supervisors vote to terminate San Geronimo purchase plan

11/3/2018 - Berkeleyside: Civility reigns in the four-way race in Berkeley’s District 1 to replace Linda Maio

11/1/2018 - Livermore Independent: Sierra Club asks for full EIR on solar array plan

10/14/2018 - San Francsco Chronicle: Plan to revive rivers pits SF against California

10/6/2018 - San Francisco Chronicle: 'No Coal' group forms to fight prospective terminal

"The Sierra Club and various citizen groups contend coal terminals create unhealthy air pollution via the extremely fine coal dust."

10/5/2018 - Berkeleyside Opinion: Harness local power to help Berkeley’s housing crisis

10/1/2018 - Vallejo Times-Herald: ‘No Coal in Vallejo’ group forms, will meet Saturday

10/1/2018 - San Francisco Chronicle: California Prop. 3 shifts water project costs but not benefits to all taxpayers

9/27/2018 - Livermore Independent: Trail connection through five parks planned for next year

9/12/2018 - East Bay Express: Oakland coal terminal opponents protest at ‘responsible investment’ meeting in San Francisco

9/6/2018 - SF Chronicle: March for climate change: Huge gathering expected for Saturday rally in SF

8/22/2018 - Indybay: Fishermen, tribal members and conservationists push for increased flows on San Joaquin River

8/16/2018 - Livermore Independent: Tesla area conservation bill moving ahead

8/8/2018 - Politico: Morning Energy

7/31/2018 - WSB-TV: The Museum of Ice Cream sounds dreamy, but it's got a big eco-problem

7/26/2018 - Red, Green and Blue: Congress slips water policies into spending bill that would devastate California

7/19/2018 - Livermore Independent: Appeal on Livermore oil drilling goes to Supervisors

7/12/2018 - East Bay Times: Antioch: Dueling open-space initiatives go before council

7/4/2018 - East Bay Express: East Bay Community Energy wants to power the community

6/14/2018 - East Bay Express: City of Oakland appeals decision striking down coal ban

"'The Sierra Club will continue to support the City of Oakland in protecting clean air and public health in our city,' Luis Amezcua, chair of the Northern Alameda County Group of the Sierra Club San Francisco Bay Chapter, said in a statement yesterday. 'This is a complex legal issue and Judge Chhabria’s decision is by no means the end of the conversation.'"

5/23/2018 - KQED: Richmond approves measure to rein in coal dust emissions

5/21/2018 - Friends of the Earth: EPA ignores petition to review illegally issued refinery permit to pollute

5/16/2018 - Bloomberg: U.S. judge blocks Oakland Port's ban on coal shipments

5/10/2018 - Livermore Independent: Oppose oil permit 

5/8/2018 - CBS: Port of Richmond sees a spike in coal exports

5/3/2018 - KQED: Environmentalists decry Chevron, Richmond settlement over 2012 refinery fire

"'The settlement is just a drop in the bucket compared to the damage that the Chevron refinery has heaped on the community of Richmond,' said Luis Amezcua, of the Sierra Club San Francisco Bay chapter."

5/3/2018 - Livermore Independent: Debate over Measure D changes continues

5/3/2018 - Sierra Magazine: Campaign to divest from Wells Fargo gains traction

5/3/2018 - One Green Planet: Oakland, California just approved a ban on plastic straws!

5/2/2018 - CBS: Oakland leaders approve ordinance curbing use of plastic straws

4/17/2018 - The Daily Californian: East Bay Community Energy to replace PG&E as Berkeley’s main electricity provider

"Igor Tregub, chair-elect of the Sierra Club San Francisco Bay Chapter, said he supports the CCE program because he believes that 'it is the best way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions … and to create new clean energy jobs.'"

4/04/2018 - UCSF News Center: UCSF finalizing plan to restore health of Mount Sutro Open Space Reserve

3/27/2018 - Marin Independent Journal: Marin supervisors OK deal to reopen San Geronimo Golf Course

3/20/2018 - Public News Service: Groups protest expansion of Tar-Sands Oil Refining in CA

3/15/2018 - The Independent: Legislation would allow state to dispose of Tesla off-road area

2/7/2018 - East Bay Express: While Oakland is worried about getting coal, Richmond is covered in it

"A recent series of community meetings in Richmond, sponsored by the Sierra Club, has drawn attention to the huge increases in coal and petcoke at the terminal."

1/29/2018 - Berkeleyside: Opinion: Don’t require underground parking at Berkeley’s ambitious housing project for the homeless

1/21/2018 - San Francisco Examiner: Time for San Francisco to divest from fossil fuels

1/18/2018 - Mother Jones: Basically everyone in California wants to keep coal out of Oakland—but that might not be enough

1/17/2018 - East Bay Times: Developer Phil Tagami testifies in Oakland coal ban trial

“We look forward to a resolution that will protect the health of the people of West Oakland, and get us back to focusing on the Oakland Army Base and its promised job creation and economic development,” Luis Amezcua, executive committee member with the Sierra Club Bay Chapter, said in a statement before Tuesday’s hearing.

1/16/2017 - East Bay Express: Coal company attorneys criticize City of Oakland's Health Impact Study supporting coal ban

1/15/2018 - San Francisco Chronicle: Oakland, terminal building go to court Tuesday over city’s coal ban

1/11/2018 - The Livermore Independent: Open space in downtown Livermore

1/10/2018 - East Bay Times: Lawsuit seeking to overturn Oakland coal ban headed to trial next week

1/8/2018 - The Salt Lake Tribune: Utah’s top coal producer is fighting to reverse a California city’s ban on exporting coal and open new markets for local mines

1/5/2018 - East Bay Times: Labor and environment groups gathering in Bay Point for health, safety policy push

12/21/2017 - San Francisco Examiner: Protect the true riches of Treasure Island

12/20/2017 - East Bay Times: El Cerrito celebrates first Filipino-American and LGBT mayor

12/20/2017 - East Bay Express: Enviros battle developers over Richmond hills open space 

12/18/2017 - Richmond Confidential: Driving electric in Richmond

10/20/2017 - Marin Independent Journal: ‘Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity’ for Marin

10/15/2017 - Watch Marin Group chair Max Perrey on The Michael Killen Report (start at 17:45)

10/15/2017 - San Francisco Examiner: Gap should stop funding anti-climate US Chamber of Commerce

10/4/2017 - East Bay Times: My Word: Sierra Club opposes tidelands swap at Encinal Terminals proposal

10/1/2017 - 48 Hills: Big changes at Ocean Beach

10/1/2017 - Castro Courier: How public input can positively affect environmental review process

9/27/2017 - Public News Service: Public comment ends today on effort to weaken water protections

"Arthur Feinstein, a board member with the Sierra Club's San Francisco Bay chapter, said California's seasonal streams and vernal pools are crucial to animals, plants and people alike."

9/25/2017 - The Independent: Land purchase could provide access to Doolan Canyon

9/24/2017 - The Independent: State Parks urged to request funding for the purchase of Tesla area

4/20/2017 - East Bay Express: Federal judge rules against Oakland, allows coal terminal lawsuit to proceed

4/14/2017 - Richmond Confidential: Sun raining jobs on Oakland, Richmond

4/6/2017 - San Franicsco Examiner: Eye on the State: Environmental care part of smart housing policy

4/1/2017 - Marin Independent Journal: More delays for Marin coastal regulations update

3/21/2017 - The Daily Californian: San Luis Obispo’s Board of Supervisors deny a request to build oil-receiving terminal

3/12/2017 - Marin Independent Journal: Novato voters to decide fate of green belt

'“We would absolutely support [the Urban Growth Boundary] going longer — as long as possible,' said Max Perrey, chair of the Sierra Club Marin Group. 'If that’s in perpetuity, excellent. If it’s more than 20 years, excellent. We just want to extend it as long as possible.'”

3/3/2017 - The Mercury News: Trump’s planned EPA cuts: Zero dollars for Bay Area program

3/2/2017 - Berkeleyside: Op-ed: Delivering affordable housing solutions to Berkeley — Kate Harrison for Berkeley City Council

3/1/2017 - San Francisco Chronicle: SF Supervisor Aaron Peskin named to California Coastal Commission

2/21/2017 - East Bay Express: Bay Area might adopt world’s first regional oil-refinery emissions caps

2/21/2017 - San Francisco Chronicle: Bay Area seeks ways to manage anxiety in age of President Trump

2/14/2017 - East Bay Express: Town Crier: Hundreds of trees in search of takers in Oakland

1/31/2017 - The Nation: This Bay Area proposal would strike a huge blow to the dirtiest forms of oil production

"... a coalition of groups, including Communities for a Better Environment (CBE), the Sierra Club, 350 Bay Area, the Asian Pacific Environmental Network, the California Nurses Association, and numerous others, are pushing to make the San Francisco Bay Area the first place in the world to place limits in oil refineries’ overall greenhouse gas (GHG) and particulate matter emissions. The proposal would prevent oil corporations from making the Bay Area a center of tar sands refining by enforcing a cap based on historic emissions levels."

1/26/2017 - The Independent: Maps to help Open Space Committee determine which lands would meet preservation goals

1/25/2017 - East Bay Times: Berkeley: Candidates for vacant council seat differ on approaches

1/17/2017 - San Francisco Chronicle: Natural Areas Management Plan appealed to Board Of Supervisors

"'It's a shame that the golf course redevelopment is part of an otherwise sound plan,' said Arthur Feinstein of the Sierra Club's San Francisco Bay Chapter. 'We support other elements of the Natural Resources Management Plan, so we're asking the Board of Supervisors to take out the golf course redevelopment, and let the rest of the plan go forward.'"

1/12/2017 - East Bay Times: Sierra Club volunteers busy greening Montclair

1/12/2017 - Oakland Magazine: The making of a mayor

12/12/2016 - High Country News: Plans falter for West Coast coal terminals

12/9/2016 - KTVU: Developer sues Oakland over coal shipment ban

12/9/2016 - San Francisco Examiner: Attacking Sierra Club won’t solve housing crisis

12/8/2016 - San Francisco Chronicle: Governor’s friend sues to lift coal-shipping ban in Oakland

"The Sierra Club, which backed the Oakland ordinance, denounced the lawsuit. 'Private developer Phil Tagami wants to overturn the will of the people so that he can make a profit on coal, which poses a health, safety and climate risk to Oakland,' said Jessica Yarnall Loarie, a lawyer for the environmental group. 'We plan to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the city to make sure that this terminal never ships coal.'"

12/8/2016 - East Bay Times: Oakland: Coal terminal developer Phil Tagami sues city

12/8/2016 - East Bay Express: Coal terminal developer suing City of Oakland, seeking to overturn ban on fossil fuel exports

12/2/2016 - Marin Independent Journal: Marin communities asked to endorse refinery emissions caps

11/30/2016 - SF Examiner: Sierra Club launches new partnership with focus on housing displacement

“One of our core values at Sierra Club is that all people deserve a clean and healthy environment to call home,” wrote Mike Brune, executive director of the Sierra Club. “Right now in Oakland displacement is forcing longtime residents out of their homes and severing the social connections that help to create thriving, sustainable communities. Displacement also contributes to increased suburban sprawl, longer and more polluting commutes, and a greater disconnect between communities and the land.”

11/29/2016 - East Bay Times: Alameda County, environmental groups sue to stop expansion of Carnegie off-road park

11/22/2016 - East Bay Times: Five ways to give back to the earth this holiday season

11/17/2016 - EcoWatch: This city just banned fossil fuel extraction in light of Trump presidency

"'The Sierra Club applauds San Francisco for once again leading the country in the fight to protect our clean air and water from fossil fuel operations,' said Lena Moffitt, director of Sierra Club's Beyond Dirty Fuels campaign. 'It is especially heartening to see the city set a transition plan to ensure our workers are looked out for—we cannot complete the transition to 100 percent clean, renewable energy without them.'"

11/2/2016 - Marin Independent Journal: Marin’s redevelopment plan for coastal areas needs more work

10/25/2016 - Antioch Herald: Burgis endorsed for Supervisor by leaders fighting Delta Tunnels

10/21/2016 - East Bay Times: Carnegie off-highway park expansion decision set for Friday

10/20/2016 - San Francisco Chronicle: 25 years later: Oakland hills ripe for another firestorm

“Eucalyptus are highly flammable, so, essentially, we have huge plantations of fire-creating materials,” said Norman La Force, chair of the Sierra Club’s East Bay Public Lands Committee.

10/20/2016 - The Independent: BART seeks approval of bond measure to finance upgrades of system

10/20/2016 - The Independent: Alameda County affordable housing bond measure on November Ballot

10/14/2016 - The Daily Californian: City stakeholders weigh in on importance of endorsements

10/9/2016 - Marin Independent Journal: Rodoni the best pick in ‘pivotal’ election

9/26/2016 - Half Moon Bay Review: Watershed too important to risk unmanaged public access

9/23/2016 - East Bay Times: FEMA pulls most of East Bay hills fire prevention grant

9/22/2016 - California Magazine: Fire fight: FEMA yanks fuel reduction funds after conservation group wages legal battle

9/22/2016 - California Patch: Lawsuit outcome: No mitigation in Oakland Hills Fire area

9/20/2016 - Richmond Confidential: As Oakland rejects coal, it’s business as usual for Levin-Richmond Terminal

9/19/2016 - Earth Island Journal: Another port proposal for San Francisco Bay sparks opposition

9/16/2016 - Oakland Magazine: Feds pull millions in funding for tree trimming in East Bay Hills

“'FEMA’s decision is inexplicable and makes the hills area more fire dangerous, which is contrary to what they’re supposed to be achieving,' said Norman La Force, chair of the Sierra Club East Bay Public Lands Committee. 'The people who made this decision in Washington, D.C. won’t be around for the next big fire, and there will be another great fire.'”

9/15/2016 - San Francisco Examiner Op-Ed: Sierra Club consistently focused on protecting environment, building community

9/12/2016 - Bay City News: Peninsula watershed access plan heads to vote

9/8/2016 - The Mercury News: Commentary: Hetch Hetchy system’s Bay Area watersheds are in danger

9/6/2016 - Oakland Magazine: The Battle for Point Molate

8/31/2016 - East Bay Times: Commentary (Sen. Loni Hancock): California continues leadership in environmental protection

8/26/2016 - East Bay Times: Gov. Jerry Brown signs bill banning state funds for coal projects

8/26/2016 - East Bay Express: Gov. Jerry Brown signs Sen. Hancock's ban on state funds for coal projects

"Brittany King, the conservation program coordinator for the Sierra Club's San Francisco Bay Chapter, said the new law shows that coal has no place in California's existing power system, or its export economy."

8/19/2016 - East Bay Times: Utah scraps $53 million plan to ship coal to city

7/29/2016 - Sputnik News: Gotta have faith... and a well organized plan

7/20/2016 - San Jose Mercury News: Alameda County first in Bay Area to ban fracking

7/19/2016 - San Jose Mercury News: Bay Area lays out welcome mat to once-shunned mountain bikers

7/15/2016 - SF Examiner: Redesigns surface for marina at Treasure Island's Clipper Cove

7/6/2016 - SF Examiner: SF looks to buy South of Market half-acre site for $10M for new park

“'Parks are an integral part of The City’s infrastructure just as much as housing and transportation,' Sierra Club representative John Rizzo said last week. 'Our population is growing but unlike the national park system, our local park system has not been expanding. This is a rare opportunity.'”

7/1/2016 - CityLab: How Oakland defeated coal

6/29/2016 - Salt Lake City Times: Coal priorities

6/28/2016 - New York Times: Oakland votes to block large shipments of coal

6/28/2016 - Los Angeles Times: Oakland bans coal shipments in a blow to planned export facility

6/28/2016 - Huffington Post: Oakland votes to ban coal shipments, could end export plans

6/28/2016 - East Bay Express: Stopping a climate change and pollution nightmare in the East Bay

"In response to this threat of ramped-up oil-industry pollution emanating from the East Bay, a coalition of environmentalists — including 350 Bay Area, the Sierra Club, Asian Pacific Environmental Network, CBE, the Sunflower Alliance, and Steelworkers Union Local 5 — have pushed for "caps" on regional emissions since 2012, as a step toward deeper local cuts."

6/28/2016 - Earth Island Journal: Oakland City Council votes to ban coal exports in big win for local advocates

6/28/2016 - Utah Political Capitol: Oakland/Sacramento decisions put hold on Utah plans to ship coal

6/27/2016 - East Bay Times: Oakland council bans coal

6/27/2016 - Albuquerque Journal: Potential coal facility splits West Oakland

6/27/2016 - East Bay Express: Oakland poised to ban coal

6/26/2016 - AP: Coal terminal plan pits jobs against environmental concerns

6/25/2016 - East Bay Times: Harmful coal may become California's next export

6/24/2016 - KQED News: Study backs Oakland's case for blocking coal terminal

6/24/2016 - SF Chronicle: Oakland official backs ban on coal handling, citing health risk

6/15/2016 - East Bay Times: Cap on oil refinery emissions debated at Bay Area air board


"The Sierra Club, Communities for a Better Environment and other groups say a cap proposal will prevent refinery pollution from increasing if the plants use dirtier crude oil with the potential to produce more emissions."

6/14/2016 - KPFA: Environmental activists demand a cap on oil refinery emissions in the Bay Area

6/13/2016 - East Bay Times: Diverse native landscapes are best bet for fire safety in the East Bay hills

6/2/2016 - Livermore Independent: Convert off-road use

6/1/2016 - Bay Area Monitor: On the path to balanced watershed use

"Rather than allowing 'uncontrolled' access to the Peninsula Watershed, the local Sierra Club and other environmental groups favor expanding the docent program. 'When there are more people, wildlife diminishes,' Feinstein said."

5/24/2016 - KQED News: Pipeline at center of Altamont Pass oil spill also ruptured last September

5/24/2016 - ABC News: 20,000 gallons of oil spilled near Tracy

5/24/2016 - San Jose Mercury News: Alameda County fracking ban moves forward

5/23/2016 - San Francisco Chronicle: Matier & Ross — Coal war

5/17/2016 - The Bold Italic: The problem with building up in San Francisco

“'It’s the job of environmentalists and affordable-housing and good-government advocates to look at every proposal really carefully and to demand the best for the people of San Francisco who live here now and for future generations,' said Sue Vaughan, Sierra Club’s San Francisco representative."

5/16/2016 - Bay City News: Charter tweak would guarantee parks funding

5/12/2016 - Think Progress: Bay Area voters will decide next month if they want to pay to adapt to sea level rise

5/11/2016 - Pleasanton Weekly: Lund Ranch backers sizzle at GOP message to vote 'No'

5/9/2016 - San Jose Mercury News: Alameda County eyes ban on fracking

"Rebecca Franke, a Sierra Club member on the Alameda County anti-fracking coalition, said 'We want to make sure that regardless of changes in technology or where the price of oil goes," she said, "this is not an appropriate activity.'"

5/9/2016 - San Francisco Chronicle: Vast new limits urged for proposed Oakland shipping terminal

5/2/2016 - East Bay Express: Oakland official handling coal controversy personally invested in fossil fuels

"The people of Oakland have been waiting for over a year for the city council to protect their health and safety by banning coal exports," said Brittany King of the Sierra Club’s San Francisco Bay Chapter.

4/25/2016 - The Scribe: Sierra Club Tree Team "greens" Oakland's concrete jungle

"Determined to restore her neighborhood’s much-needed greenery, Jung reached out to the Sierra Club Tree Team—a program in partnership with local nonprofit Keep Oakland Beautiful—for help."

4/21/2016 - The Guardian: Oakland's coal war pits economic survival against environmental justice

“It could ship 10m tons of coal annually, which, when burned, is the equivalent of seven average-sized power plants in a state that does not burn coal,” said Jessica Yarnall Loarie, a Sierra Club attorney involved in the anti-coal campaign. “California’s climate leadership is on the line with this project.”

4/20/2016 - San Jose Mercury News: Albany: Suit refiled over off-leash dogs at beach

4/16/2016 - Marin Independent Journal: Ballot measure will deliver bay restoration for Marin

4/15/2016 - Courthouse News Service: Dogfights among humans in Bay Area

4/14/2016 - The Independent: Measure AA would fund shoreline projects

4/11/2016 - East Bay Times: Oakland coal war: health impact debate heads to Sacramento

4/6/2016 - East Bay Express: Alameda County stalls on proposed fracking ban

"Fracking would be a disaster for Alameda County, said Sierra Club volunteer Rebecca Franke. 'Alameda is the fastest growing county in California,' she said, adding that much of that growth is taking place in the Tri-Valley area in the eastern part of the county where oil extraction operations could conceivably expand using fracking methods. 'There’s a lot of agricultural production — vineyards, fruit and nut farms and cattle ranching — worth more $46 million in 2014. We believe oil production as a whole is incompatible with agriculture,' said Franke."

4/3/2016 - Sacramento Bee: California, clean fuel leader, weighs oil, coal trains

4/2/2016 - Bay Crossings: "Clean Coal" is a Dirty Lie

4/1/2016 - Truthout: Will Oakland become largest West Coast transport center for dirty coal?

3/30/2016 - KALW Your Call: Utah coal stirs up concerns in Oakland

3/27/2016 - The Salt Lake Tribune: Proponents buried coal’s role in Oakland export terminal; now questions remain

3/26/2016 - Deseret News: Coal story: It's about Utah, California and what lies ahead

3/25/2016 - San Francisco Chronicle: Oakland coal-shipment dustup grows: What will Brown do?

3/25/2016 - San Francisco Chronicle: Developer planning Oakland coal shipment an ally of governor

3/25/2016 - The Davis Enterprise: First oil, now coal: More fears of trains coming through Davis

3/20/2016 - National Parks Traveler: Cattle grazing at Point Reyes National Seashore challenged in lawsuit

3/20/2016 - RP&E Journal: Communities unite to fight coal in Oakland

"The first time the word 'coal' appeared on a public document, 'We got together and started talking about what we might do to stop it,' said Michelle Myers, president of the Sierra Club’s San Francisco Bay Chapter. Initial efforts included door-to-door canvassing in West Oakland, because, 'it was important for us to start this campaign in communities that would be most impacted.'”

3/14/2016 - San Francisco Chronicle: Supervisors seek to expand public access to Peninsula Watershed

3/14/2016 - KQED: Utah legislators approve bill to get coal to market via new terminal in Oakland

"The Sierra Club's Brittany King says [coal at] the new terminal will increase air pollution in an area that has high asthma rates. 'They're already experiencing a lot of health effects. So to bring in a project that would worsen the health impacts on the residents and potentially the workers — we're opposed to that.'"

3/11/2016 - Contra Costa Times: Oakland reacts to Utah's move to invest $53 million in a coal terminal

"'It's up to the Oakland City Council to act quickly to stop this dangerous proposal to ship coal through Oakland,' Cesia Kearns of the Sierra Club's Beyond Coal campaign said in a statement. 'Unless Governor Brown's administration and the Oakland City Council act, legislators in Utah will be dictating California energy policy and Oakland air quality.'"

2/23/2016 - Mission Local: SF Supes adopt deal for commuter shuttle program

2/22/2016 - The Potrero View: Giants batting against continuing opposition to development

2/19/2016 - Oakland Tribune: Oakland: Sen. Hancock introduces four bills to restrict coal exports

2/19/2016 - Oakland Post: Clergy warn of dangers of coal

2/17/2016 - San Jose Mercury News: Sierra Club poll: Most Oaklanders opposed to shipping coal


"This poll clearly demonstrates what we've learned from our conversations on the ground with Oaklanders," Brittany King of the San Francisco Bay Chapter of the Sierra Club said in a statement. "Oakland residents do not want dirty coal exports in their city."

2/17/2016 - East Bay Express: Coal opponents claim small victory at Oakland City Council

2/16/2016 - CBS: Residents protest plan for coal train from Utah to West Oakland

2/11/2016 - The Independent: Sharp criticism for Tesla project and its environmental review

"The comments of Janis Turner of the Sierra Club were representative of those made by several groups. She charged that the Draft EIR 'does not address the extensive evidence submitted (at an earlier stage of environmental review) about sensitive biological and cultural resources in the expansion area.'"

2/4/2016 - Contra Costa Times: Carnegie Off-Road Vehicle Park expansion plan gets airing at public hearing Friday

2/3/2016 - Kensington Outlook: Reduce Kensington’s high carbon footprint by supporting community choice energy programs

1/28/2016 - KTVU: Hazmat officials find last week's train car derailment concerning

1/22/2016 - San Francisco Chronicle Opinion: Stop S.F. commuter shuttles until we know their effect

1/21/2016 - KRON4: Tank cars full of sulfuric acid derail off tracks in Martinez, hazmat crews at the scene

"'I consider this a very frightening near-miss.' Ratha Lai is a conservation coordinator for the Sierra Club. He has big problems with trains carrying toxic materials on railways. 'This was right under a bridge. If this had been explosive crude oil we could be having a very different conversation.'"

1/18/2016 - Contra Costa Times: Gun club report submitted as fate of Chabot Park shooting range hangs in balance

1/6/2016 - SF Chronicle: Parking meter rates going up in S.F. for first time since 2009

12/17/2015 - East Bay Express: Air Board okays new refinery rules, but does not block tar sands

12/16/2015 - Contra Costa Times: Can Chabot Park gun range stay open? New deadline issued

12/14/2015 - Contra Costa Times: Chabot Park gun club future debated with deadlines nearing

12/14/2015 - Los Angeles Times: How Utah quietly made plans to ship coal through California

12/2/2015 - San Francisco Chronicle: Oakland making its move in dustup over coal trains

11/25/2015 - Earthjustice Blog: Community groups dismiss Oakland coal exports case while working with City to exclude coal from project

11/24/2015 - Utah Public Radio: Utah mineral impact money could go to CA

"An increasing number of residents and public interest groups say Utah has essentially hijacked funds meant to alleviate the local impacts of oil and gas drilling."

11/16/2015 - Sierra Magazine: Big Coal comes to Oakland

11/12/2015 - The Press: Bay Area Air Quality Control Board bans indoor wood burning

11/12/2015 - East Bay Express: Legal battle over coal in Oakland is heating up

11/9/2015 - Oakland Tribune: Can Oakland stop the coal trains?

"Activists also aren't sure Tagami would kill a project he spent millions on by anchoring himself to coal, said Jess Dervin-Ackerman, conservation manager at the San Francisco Bay chapter of the Sierra Club, which helped expose the coal plan. 'He's developed monumental projects that are significant to the community,' she said. 'Is coal the last thing he's going to fight for?'"

11/3/2015 - KSL-TV: Utah coal brings Oakland activists to a boil

11/3/2015 - Cache Valley News: Environmental groups oppose Utah money for California coal terminal

11/3/2015 - Public News Service: Enviros oppose Utah money for California coal terminal

Enviros. Oppose Utah Money for Calif. Coal Terminal - See more at:
Enviros. Oppose Utah Money for Calif. Coal Terminal - See more at:
Enviros. Oppose Utah Money for Calif. Coal Terminal - See more at:

11/2/2015 - Washington Times: Environmental groups protest Utah loan to coal terminal

11/2/2015 - Deseret News: Groups want proposed loan for Oakland coal shipping port declared illegal

11/2/2015 - Salt Lake Tribune: California coal terminal not a legitimate use of Utah millions, groups say

11/2/2015 - KQED: Behind Props. G and H, dueling S.F. ‘green’ energy ballot measures

11/1/2015 - Contra Costa Times: Sun may be setting at gun range at Chabot Regional Park

"Norman LaForce, chair of the Sierra Club's East Bay public lands committee, said it's time to pull the plug on the range. 'Keeping the gun club open will only make the lead contamination worse and the clean-up costs higher,' LaForce said."

10/28/2015 - San Francisco Examiner: Dirty energy initiative tries to hijack initiative process

10/21/2015 - San Francisco Examiner: Prop. D policies set bad precedent

10/20/2015 - KALW: Oakland torn between coal cash and good health

10/20/2015 - Richmond Confidential: Environmental groups clash over East Bay eucalyptus

10/18/2015 - Wall Street Journal: Oakland Coal Terminal Becomes a Political Flash Point

“'We are hopeful that [Governor Brown] won’t let his hometown of Oakland become a thoroughfare for dirty coal,' said Jessica Dervin-Ackerman, conservation manager with the local chapter of the Sierra Club."

10/16/2015 - Oakland North: Lawsuit asks for new environmental review of terminal that would ship coal

10/14/2015 - San Francisco Chronicle: How Prop. D could pave way for Giants’ huge Lot A development

"Sue Vaughn of the local chapter of the Sierra Club said what the Giants are offering in terms of affordable housing and parks is not enough to justify developing high-rise buildings on precious waterfront property. She said the Giants should have taken a cue from Pier 70 developer Forest City, which capped heights at 92 feet."

10/13/2015 - CUNY Murphy Institute Blog: Unprecedented? Unions and community unite to halt plans to build coal export terminal in Oakland, California

10/13/2015 - Grist: With the threat of coal exports, Oakland piles more pollution on a polluted community

"The campaign, 'Coal Free Oakland,' led by the Sierra Club and others, brought together a very broad coalition (more than 80 organizations), with significant union participation, including the Alameda Labor Council, which passed a resolution calling on the city to reject the coal export plan."

10/7/2015 - East Bay Express: Coal Attorneys Investigate Oakland City Council

10/7/2015 - San Jose Mercury News: Albany Bulb transition plan presented to council

10/7/2015 - San Francisco Chronicle: Aaron Peskin trades vinegar for honey in race for supervisor

10/5/2015 - San Francisco Business Times: Environmentalists sue developer and Oakland to block potential coal shipments

The city could cite "imminent threat and harm" to the community as a reason to revoke the entitlements, [said Jess Dervin-Ackerman, conservation program manager at the Sierra Club]. "We hope the council will take action. Our objective here is to ensure that no coal goes through this terminal."

10/4/2015 - Contra Costa Times: Environmentalists file lawsuit to stop coal being shipped through Oakland

10/3/2015 - CBS: Oakland sued by environmental group over plan to ship coal through Army Base

10/2/2015 - East Bay Express: Coal opponents file legal action in state court seeking new environmental analysis

10/1/2015 - KRON4: Appeals court upholds environmental study of artificial turf at Golden Gate Park soccer fields

10/1/2015 - Bay City News: Beach Chalet fake grass survives appeal

10/1/2015 - Waste Dive: Recology victorious in new San Francisco landfill agreement

9/30/2015 - Contra Costa Times: SF rejects appeal of Altamont landfill contract over objections from Contra Costa, Solano counties

"I think it's unconscionable for San Francisco not to look at what we're doing to those communities," said Arthur Feinstein, leader of the Sierra Club's Bay Chapter.

9/30/2015 - Livermore Patch: Altamont landfill rejected: San Francisco garbage headed for Solano County

9/28/2015 - Care2: East Bay unions don't want your coal

9/27/2015 - 48 Hills: A big, odd, garbage battle at City Hall

9/25/2015 - VICE News: Oakland residents say proposed coal exports could worsen public health and climate change

"Jess Dervin-Ackerman, the conservation manager for the Sierra Club's San Francisco Bay chapter, said that coal was originally not part of the conversation surrounding the terminal. 'We actually sat down with the developer himself, and he said to us at that meeting, and in his newsletter, in December of 2013, that he definitely wasn't bringing coal through this terminal, and that we were misguided in thinking so,' Dervin-Ackerman told VICE News."

9/25/2015 - San Francisco Examiner: Sierra Club group sends out mailers opposing Recology landfill agreement

9/22/2015: UC Berkeley Law Blog LegalPlanet: The coal export wars reach Oakland

9/22/2015 - Environment & Energy Publishing: How a major terminal to ship Utah coal to the Far East sneaked into Oakland

9/22/2015 - East Bay Express: Live: Oakland City Council hearing on coal

9/22/2015 - Rockridge Patch: Hearing on coal experts from port draws hundreds

9/21/2015 - SF Bay News: Coal shipments fuel heated Oakland debate

"[T]he pro-coal speakers fizzled out about three hours into the meeting while opponents went on for hours longer."

9/21/2015 - CBS: Oakland residents weigh in on proposed coal train terminal

9/21/2015 - NBC Bay Area: Pollution, health concerns over plan for coal exports at Oakland port

9/21/2015 - KQED: Oakland City Council moves to block coal at new port terminal

9/21/2015 - San Francisco Business Times: Developer and activists ready for showdown over coal shipping at Port of Oakland

9/16/2015 - Oakland Tribune: A showdown over coal in Oakland

"For months now, the Sierra Club and other opponents have been calling on Oakland city officials to ban coal exports."

9/8/2015 - Berkeleyside: The Sierra Club’s eucalyptus management policy is the right approach for East Bay Hills

9/2/2015 - East Bay Express: Environmental groups say Oakland can and should ban coal exports

9/2/2015 - Contra Costa Times: Closer look at the facts argues for tree-removal project

9/2/2015 - East Bay Express: "Build it green": Oakland's Army Base redevelopment should support the community, not greedy men looking to make a profit.

8/27/2015 - Berkeley Times: Trouble over trees, citizens burn their Sierra Club cards; Sierra Club responds

8/27/2015 - Marin Independent Journal: Marin OKs farm-friendly coastal policies

8/27/2015 - Daily Californian: Local environmental activists fire up to protest East Bay tree removal

8/18/2015 - Contra Costa Times: EBMUD eyes easing ban on mountian bike access to its watershed trails

8/17/2015 - KPFA: Debate rages over East Bay hills fire plan

8/12/2015 - East Bay Express: Activists push successfully for Bay Area climate rules

7/30/2015 - KQED: A dustup in Oakland over plan to ship coal through new terminal

7/25/2015 - San Francisco Chronicle: Opponents of Oakland coal shipping target governor’s pal

"Meanwhile, the Sierra Club and others are stepping up their opposition, calling on the city to ban the coal exports as a danger to both the environment and the health of West Oakland residents."

7/23/2015 - NRDC Switchboard Blog: #CoalFreeOakland: Californians rally for protection from carbon pollution

7/23/2015 - Oakland Post: Rally says: “No Way, No Coal”

7/22/2015 - East Bay Express: Opposition grows against proposed coal exports from Oakland Army Base project

7/22/2015 - KQED Forum: Activists, residents fight plan to ship coal through Oakland

7/21/2015 - CBS: Plan to send coal through Oakland met with protests

"We shouldn't use hundreds of millions of dollars of public funds to invest in a fuel of the 20th century. We need to move forward, not backwards," says Jess Dervin-Ackerman of the local Sierra Club chapter."

7/21/2015 - San Jose Mercury News: Plan to ease steelhead barriers stirs concerns about frogs in Little Yosemite

"The Sierra Club said it was disturbed by the water department's 'seriously flawed' conclusion that the project will have no significant environmental impacts."

7/21/2015 - Business Wire: Waste Management lawsuit: San Francisco’s Department of the Environment improperly steering $130 million trash disposal contract

7/17/2015 - Inside Bay Area: Oakland City Council to have public hearing on exporting coal

"California doesn't use any coal for electricity," said Jess Dervin-Ackerman, conservation manager for the San Francisco Bay Chapter of the Sierra Club. "This is a coal-free state, and exporting coal in Oakland would take us backward from that for sure."

7/17/2015 - CBS: Public will weigh in on bringing millions of tons of coal to Bay Area

7/13/2015 - CBS: Oakland may be backpedaling on keeping coal facility out

7/10/2015 - Oakland Post: Schaaf: “We will not have coal shipped through our city.”

7/9/2015 - Contra Costa Times: BART woes build day after day

7/7/2015 - KQED: City's CleanPowerSF program central to upcoming ballot battle

“Voters have seen through previous attempts to preserve California’s dirty energy monopoly, just as they will see through this disingenuous measure,” said Michelle Myers, director of the Sierra Club San Francisco Bay Chapter.

7/6/2015 - KQED: Oakland mayor, port developer in dispute over plan to ship coal

7/1/2015 - CBS: Billion dollar project will bring millions of tons of coal to area next to Bay Bridge toll plaza

6/24/2015 - San Francisco Appeal: Environmentalists, transit enthusiasts push for voter-approved downtown Caltrain extension

"Howard Strassner, the San Francisco transportation chair at the Sierra Club, said he agrees that the extension would help battle climate change by getting more commuters to their final destinations faster, encouraging more people to leave their cars at home."

6/24/2015 - East Bay Express: East Bay hills tree removal plan still sparking debate

Bay Chapter activists at a press conference for the No on Prop 32 campaign6/23/2015 - Contra Costa Times: Alameda County Supervisors oppose expansion of Carnegie off-highway park near Livermore

"'The current Tesla Park area is home to hundreds of native plants, some are threatened species, birds and eagles,' said Janice Turner, representing the Bay Chapter of the Sierra Club. 'An infestation of off-road vehicles would kill many of them and scatter others to unfamiliar habitats.'"

6/23/2015 - Stockton Record: Sierra Club would block Port of Stockton rail expansion

6/22/2015 - KQED: Coal train dust worries Richmond residents

6/19/2015 - Contra Costa Times: Alameda County Supervisors weigh opposition to controversial Carnegie off-highway expansion

6/10/2015 - East Bay Express: Our local green future

"'Advocates have really been the drivers for this,' said Bruce Jensen of the Alameda County Planning Department, referring to the a coalition of community organizations, unions, and environmental groups, including the San Francisco Chapter of the Sierra Club, who have been organizing for more than a decade to establish CCA in the East Bay."

6/2/2015 - ABC News: $4 million fire-prevention grant ignites passions in Oakland

6/1/2015 - ABC 7 News: Oakland Hills vegetation hot topic in East Bay

5/29/2015 - Wildfire Today: Sierra Club argues against FEMA’s plan for the eucalyptus trees in Oakland’s East Bay Hills

5/28/2015 - Courthouse News Service: Greens want Bay Area eucalyptus yanked

"Federal plans for wildfire protection in California's East Bay Hills unwisely fail to deal with eucalyptus trees — explosively flammable, non-native hazards that should be replaced, the Sierra Club claims in court."

5/27/2015 - East Bay Express: Activists work to stop East Bay coal exports

5/20/2015 - Contra Costa Times: Richmond council votes to oppose coal transport in city

"As more states have shut down coal-burning plants, we are seeing companies increasingly exporting their coal to countries where there are less regulations," said Ratha Lai, a conservation program coordinator for the Sierra Club.

5/20/2015 - San Francisco Chronicle: Trash Recology's garbage plan

5/14/2015 - Post News Group: McElhaney puts damper on Tagami's coal plan

5/14/2015 - Rising Tide North America: Oakland residents deliver "coal" to developer to protest coal export plan

5/14/2015 - Oakland City Councilmember Lynette Gibson McElhaney e-newsletter: Oakland says "NO!" to coal shipments at the Oakland Army Base

According to Jess Dervin-Ackerman of the Sierra Club San Francisco Bay Chapter, "West Coast ports are rejecting proposals like this because coal, no matter where it is burned, is a dirty fuel that has global impacts in terms of climate change. California has worked hard to be a coal free state, and it should stay that way." 

5/8/2015 - Oakland Post: Tagami's behind-the-scenes deal to bring coal to Oakland draws opposition

5/7/2015 - The Independent: Garbage rates to go up in Livermore

4/30/2015 - KPFA Afternoon: Bay Chapter organizer Ratha Lai talks to host Andrés Soto about coal trains in Richmond

"Richmond, and the whole Bay Area, are being targeted by Big Coal. And it's hurting our communities' health and our property values. We need to build a community-wide resistance movement to fight back."

4/30/2015 - San Francisco Foghorn: Sierra Club invites USF students to fight for renewable energy

4/28/2015 - AllGov: Utah wants to send trainloads of coal to California ports

4/24/2015 - Contra Costa Times: Unlikely partners: Utah investing $53 million to export coal through Oakland port

"We know Oakland doesn't want coal coming through the city," said Jess Dervin-Ackerman, conservation manager for the San Francisco Bay Chapter of the Sierra Club. "We're ramping down the use of coal in the U.S. because we recognize it's a horrible source of pollution, and it contributes to climate change. This is city-owned land, and to us, it's the responsibility of the city to not let coal be exported."

4/23/2015 - San Jose Mercury News: State Parks releases long-awaited plan to more than double Carnegie off-highway area

4/21/2015 - Contra Costa Times: Earth Day: East Bay groups help the world, one plastic bag or planted tree at a time

"Political change is a long-term thing; it doesn't happen in one day," the Sierra Club's Dervin-Ackerman said. "And overall, more people are seeing the effects of climate change, and that is probably having an effect."

4/19/2015 - People's World: Berkeley demonstration for $15 at site of 60’s Free Speech Movement

4/17/2015 - KTVU TV: San Mateo County: Project to control water at golf course could harm frogs

4/9/2015 - Bloomberg: Sierra Club refutes claims that environmentalists are to blame for water shortages caused by California drought

"''In this time of extreme drought, I think we need to be smarter consumers, with better irrigation techniques, while making communities more resilient by capturing storm water and actually recycling the water that they use, rather than investing outrageous sums of money on infrastructure projects like dams,' said Michelle Myers, director of the Sierra Club San Francisco Bay Chapter."

4/3/2015 - San Jose Mercury News: Movement for Peninsula Watershed access picks up steam

4/2/2015 - The Independent: Grant requests to purchase Tesla land would be welcome

4/2/2015 - East Bay Express: Activists push for more affordable housing in Coliseum Area Plan

"Many speakers at the meeting Tuesday agreed with Sierra Club staffer Jess Dervin-Ackerman when she said the city council should 'add a strong community oversight component to the list of community benefits.'"

3/23/2015 - East Bay Express: East Bay residents push for tougher refinery regulations

3/17/2015 - East Bay Express: Alameda residents rally to provide new home for harbor seals

3/16/2015 - Sierra Club Compass Blog: Small town beats big oil

3/4/2015 - The Alamedan: Council considers lease for ferry maintenance facility

2/24/2015 - Socialist Worker: On strike against the next "accident"

"Solidarity for striking oil workers is growing. In Martinez, climate justice activists and union members mobilized for a picket in solidarity with Local 5 sponsored by the Bay Area chapter of the Sierra Club on February 22--which is part of growing list of climate justice groups organizing support for workers."

2/18/2015 - The Alamedan: Council throws support behind Crab Cove expansion

2/17/2015 - TriplePundit: Shareholders to Chevron: Bar all political contributions

2/17/2015 - Moyers & Company Blog: In Richmond, we would not let democracy be bought

2/13/2015 - Reuters: Environmentalists in Calif. target Chevron election spending

"'Chevron has spent millions of dollars to try and roll back state and federal regulations to the detriment of our climate, our environment, our communities, and even the safety of their own workers,' said Sierra Club San Francisco Bay Chapter Director Michelle Myers. 'We support the community of Richmond and Chevron shareholders in calling for Chevron to stop corrupting our democracy.'"

2/13/2015 - E&E News: Green investor group pushing Chevron to halt campaign contributions

2/13/2015 - Bay City News: Group calls on Chevron to stop spending money on politics

2/12/2015 - Bay Area News Group: Richmond's Progressive alliance supports an end to Chevron's election spending

2/8/2015 - San Francisco Examiner: Bill seeks to legalize Google bus program statewide

2/6/2015 - WCET: Fracking puts California governor, environmentalists at odds

2/3/2015 - The Daily Californian: California's leaders must mend cracks formed by fracking

12/16/2014 - KPFA, The Pacifica Evening News: Save Knowland Park Coalition launches referendum petition (starts at 51:55)

12/16/2014 - Contra Costa Times: Referendum sought on Oakland Zoo expansion

11/7/2014 - San Francisco Examiner: Construction at Beach Chalet irks anti-turf activists

11/6/2014 - San Francisco Chronicle: Former soccer mom stages sit-in to stop Beach Chalet soccer field construction

11/5/2014 - San Francisco Business Times: Pier 70 victory shows way forward for waterfront developers

11/5/2014 - Contra Costa Times: Landslide defeat for Measure T in Dublin

10/22/2014 - Reuters: Exclusive: California getting more Bakken crude by barge than rail

"Our end goal is to leave these more dangerous, unconventional fuels in the ground,” said Jess Dervin-Ackerman, conservation manager for the San Francisco Bay Chapter of the Sierra Club.

10/21/2014 - Sacramento Bee: Sacramento crude oil transfers halted; air quality official says permit was granted in error

10/20/2014 - Richmond Confidential: Air quality board plans on cutting refinery emissions

10/17/2014 - San Francisco Examiner: Air-quality district approves resolution to further reduce emissions from Bay Area refineries

"'For too long, the Bay Area's five oil refineries have been polluting our air and water and pouring money into local politics to ensure they can continue these dirty, harmful practices,' Jess Dervin-Ackerman, lead organizer at the Sierra Club San Francisco Bay Chapter, said in a statement. 'Communities here in the Bay Area and around the world are rising up and demanding bold and immediate action to combat climate disruption.'"

10/16/2014 - CBS San Francisco: Bay Area refineries may face new air quality rules

10/16/2014 - San Francisco Business Times: Plan could cut Bay Area oil refinery emissions by 20 percent

10/16/2014 - East Bay Express: Save Knowland Park releases poll showing strong voter opposition to Oakland Zoo expansion

10/15/2014 - Contra Costa Times: Air board wants to cut refinery emissions 20 percent

10/15/2014 - San Francisco Chronicle: Bay Area could force oil refineries to slash emissions

10/15/2014 - Press release: Air District to take historic vote to reduce Bay Area oil refinery emissions

10/12/2014 - San Francisco Chronicle: Yes on Prop. H and no on Prop. I are votes for grass playing fields

10/10/2014 - San Francisco Chronicle: Against Prop. I: Preserve your say over your neighborhood park

10/7/2014 - Press release: Board of Supervisors passes resolution urging Port of San Francisco to restrict fossil fuels

10/3/2014 - Climate One blog: Oil on Rails

9/6/2014 - Oakland Post: Zoo can expand without taking park land from the public

9/3/2014 - East Bay Express: Zoo gone wild

8/20/2014 - San Francisco Chronicle: Wall comes down (Pier 70 endorsement)

8/20/2014 - San Francisco Business Times: Sierra Club endorses Pier 70 S.F. waterfront project

7/31/2014 - East Bay Express: The dirty fight for Oakland's trash

"Ruth Abbe, a member of the Sierra Club Bay Chapter's Zero Waste Committee, said that Oakland is wrong to not to start requiring green bins next year."

6/30/14 - San Francisco Bay Guardian: Will proposal to sell Hetch Hetchy power overshadow CleanPowerSF?

6/19/14 - KPFA: Rally against AB 2145 outside PG&E offices in Oakland (minute 51:44)

6/19/14 - Next City: New California bill threatens clean energy in the Golden State

6/19/14 - Oakland Tribune: Rally at PG&E office targets bill that may threaten creation of local energy agencies

6/18/14 - ABC 7 News: Concern grows over rail transportation of oil

6/18/14 - East Bay Citizen: Oakland City Council not on board with fossil fuels rolling through

6/18/14 - Chicago Tribune: Oakland City Council votes to oppose coal, crude oil trains

"'These proposed export facilities are a serious threat to Oakland and the East Bay communities,' said Jess Dervin-Ackerman of the San Francisco Bay Chapter of the Sierra Club. 'If oil and coal companies have their way, the Bay Area will become the biggest fossil fuel export hub on the West Coast.'"

6/18/14 - Triple Pundit: Oakland City Council moves on coal transport ban

6/11/14 - East Bay Express: Oakland moves forward on fossil fuel bans

6/11/14 - East Bay Express: Alameda County Energy may go green and local through CCA

"Community Choice 'is the most effective way to reduce local greenhouse gas emissions,' said Sierra Club Conservation Organizer Jess Dervin-Ackerman, because a public energy agency can make it a priority to buy clean energy. 'With PG&E, we have no control over where our energy comes from.'"

6/25/2014 - San Jose Mercury News: Alameda leaders should prioritize rebuilding of wetlands

6/10/2014 - The Alamedan: Sierra Club seeks new wetlands at Alameda Point

6/9/2014 - San Francisco Examiner: SF voters in all neighborhoods roundly supported Prop. B waterfront measure

6/4/2014 - Earth Island Journal: Fake Turf Wars: challenging the Beach Chalet soccer-complex proposal in San Francisco

6/4/2014 - San Francisco Chronicle: S.F. voters OK Prop. B on waterfront development

5/30/2014 - San Francisco Chronicle: Article on San Francisco Proposition B campaign

5/22/2014 - Poem dedicated to Club members, "especially those living in East Bay" Berkeley Times, page 20

5/21/2014 - San Francisco Chronicle: Op-ed piece supporting San Francisco Proposition B

5/15/2014 - Point Reyes Light: Debate over Marin Local Coastal Plan

5/14/2104 - Wall Street Journal quotes Chapter staff about dangers of coal exports

5/7/2014 - Dangers of shipping fuel by rail

5/7-8/2014 - San Francisco Prop B,, and

4/29/2014 - Viewpoints on the San Francisco waterfront

4/15/2014 - Making our energy use sustainable

4/15/2014 - Politics holding back CleanPowerSF,0

4/8/2014 - Some opponents of Beach Chalet articifical-turf project launch initiative campaign

4/5/2014 - Club sues to stop unloading of oil trains in Richmond

4/4/2014 - Op-ed from Art Agnos and Quentin Kopp on Prop B

4/3/2014 - Creekside condominium project advances at El Cerrito Plaza

4/2/2014 - Sierra Club's lawsuit about Plan Bay Area

4/1/2014 - Club files lawsuit challenging shipment of crude oil by rail

3/27,30/2014 - Saving the Alhambra Hills from development and

3/13,19,21/2014 - More articles about San Francisco Measure B,

3/14/2014 - Letter to editor about Sierra Club candidate questionnaires

3/7/2014 - Chronicle editor criticizes Sierra Club's candidate questionnaires,

3/5/2014 - Lawsuit still trying to get Measure B taken off San Francisco ballot

2/27/2014 - Port of Oakland votes on a coal export terminal and

2/23/2014 - Forum on "Big Oil in Our Midst"

2/20/2014 - Off-road-vehicle fans don't want Livermore to review EIR for Tesla Park

2/20/2014 - Pittsburg City Council asks for more public input about WesPac oil transfer station

2/17/2014 - Chapter Water Committee co-chair quoted (misleadingly) about desalination For more accurate information see Sierra Club "Guidelines for Desalination Projects" and Yodeler articles about specific desalination projects.

2/15/2014 - Lawsuit challenges Club-supported Waterfront Initiative in San Francisco

2/15/2014 - "Not a 'Tax'" from Will Dvorak - on carbon-pollution fees: (fourth letter in the column)

2/6/2014 - Forum to discuss increased rail accidents, refinery dangers, and climate change

2/6/2014 - Op-Ed: Sierra Club says judge is in error, ruling in favor of fake grass

2/3/2014 - Signatures turned in for San Francisco waterfront ballot measure - Chronicle:, Examiner:, KGO Ch.7:, KPIX Ch. 5:, KCBS radio:, San Jose Mercury News/Bay City News:

2/4/2013 - Chapter plays key role in organizing vigil against Keystone XL pipeline

2/1/2014 - Sierra Club's role in waterfront ballot measure mentioned in article about Warriors arena/mall plan

1/31/2014 - Sierra Club's role in waterfront ballot measure mentioned in article about Warriors arena/mall plan

1/17/2014 - Livermore City Council agrees to review DEIR for the Tesla property, as the Chapter's TriValley Group had urged

1/16/2014 - Sharp Park golf course moving ahead with construction that the Chapter challenged in lawsuit

1/11/2014 - Sierra Club involved in drafting San Francisco waterfront initiative -

1/8/2014 - Chapter political chair quoted on front page of Chronicle business section about San Francisco's slowness in setting up Community Choice Energy -

12/31/2014 - San Francisco Group leader submits initiative language to city

12/17/2013 - Supervisor presses for moving forward on CleanPowerSF

12/13/2013 - Chapter staff quoted in Wall Street Journal article about San Francisco

12/5/2013 - Chapter hike leader and hiking-pole enthusiast Jayah Paley met her husband on a Chapter hike

12/5/2013 - Lawsuit blocking turf fields at San Francisco Beach Chalet dismissed,, and

11/24/2014 - Chapter voices concerns about Phillips 66 propane recovery project

11/22/2013 - Sierra Club helping to protect Tesla Park

11/20/2014 - Renaming of Eastshore State Park for Sylvia McLaughlin

11/13/2013 - Sierra Club not content with updated Warrior plans for waterfront (last paragraph)

11/12/2013 - CleanPowerSF remains mired in politics

11/10/2013 - State Attorney General Harris weighs in on property near Crown Beach (print version has quotation from Norman La Force as well)

11/8/2013 - State Attorney General Harris weighs in on property near Crown Beach in City of Alameda

11/7/2013 - Work being done to stop a public beach from being turned into a private development

11/7/2013 - Bay Area commits to 80 percent greenhouse gas reduction

11/7/2013 - Bay Area Air District moves forward with ambitious climate change goals

11/7/2013 -8 Washington critics take aim at Warriors arena

11/6/2013 - 8 Washington condo project loses big in SF

11/3/2013 - Berkeley 12-year-old bikes entire west coast to combat climate change

10/31/2013 - article on San Francisco Measures B and C mentions Sierra Club speaker in TV ad

10/24/2013 - Chapter works to keep tar sands out of East Bay

10/24/2013 - San Francisco waterfront development fight makes Wall Street Journal

10/24/2013 - Battle heats up over SF waterfront development project

10/23/2013 - Chapter chair Arthur Feinstein quoted about issues of dog-walking in national parks

10/13/2013 - Club is mentioned as opponent of Measures B and C in San Francisco (in "Waterfront warm-up" section of column)

10/4/2013 - Cliff House in San Francisco becomes latest government shutdown casualty

10/1/2013 - Letter to editor, about San Francisco Measures B and C, that mentions us:

9/24/2013 - controversy over Albany Bulb:,0

9/13/2013 - "State Parks Off-Road Unit Objects To Regional Parks Interest in Tesla":

9/2/2013 - "Fracking Bill is Not Enough" from Donald Forman: (fourth letter in the column)

8/21/2013 - "Fight over Beach Chalet soccer fields in court":

8/19/2013 - Community Groups File Legal Challenge to Bay Area Planning Agencies for a Better, Smarter Growth Plan: AND AND AND

8/19/2013 - Beach Chalet fields face pitched battle:

8/15/2013 - CleanPowerSF rate setting fails to pass muster, leaving program in peril:

8/15/2013 - Utility panel oversteps its bounds by refusing to set clean power program in motion:

8/15/2013 - SF’s Green Energy Program in Limbo:

8/14/2013 - our lawsuit challenging Beach Chalet project goes to trial:

8/14/2013 - PUC fails to set rates for CleanPowerSF:

8/14/2013 - SF Public Utilities Commission Halts Plan For Green Energy Program:

8/13/2013 - Vote Against CleanPowerSF Leaves Plan To Offer Alternative To PG&E In Limbo:

8/13/2013 - City Insider: Renewable energy rates may finally be up for vote:

8/12/2013 - S.F. renewable energy rates finally set for vote:

7/10/2013 - CleanPowerSF stalled:

6/26/2013 - "Not So Simple" from Norman La Force, commenting on "Is UC's Tree-Removal Plan Necessary?":

6/21/2013 - Nurses, Environmentalists Lead Keystone XL Protest in San Francisco:

6/17/2013 - New State Parks chief addresses local park activists

6/10/2013 - "Three Cheers for Compost" from Jessica Dervin-Ackerman: (bottom letter in the column)

6/4/2013 - Coastal Commission's rubber-stamp of San Francisco's Beach Chalet soccer complex:

6/6/2013 - "Support Supervisor Kim in CEQA Showdown" by Bay Chapter chair Michelle Myers and Mike Casey:

6/3/2013 - Canadian tar sands crude heads to Bay Area refineries:

5/27/2013 - Op ed on 8 Washington development proposal:

5/21/2013 - Open letter by Sierra Club California director Kathryn Phillips:

5/6/2013 - SF CEQA reform op-ed:

5/1/2013 - Coastal Commission staff debunks Beach Chalet project:

4/29/2013 - Editorial disagreeing with the Sierra Club over a coastal project:

4/18/2013 - Coastal distillery OK'ed despite Club's opposition:

4/12/2013 "Is CEQA Bad for Bike Projects?":

4/9/2013 - SF CEQA reform: AND

4/8/2013 - Op ed by Quentin Kopp on Supervisor Jane Kim's bill on CEQA reform:

4/4/2014 - Calling on GGNRA to ban plastic water bottles

4/2/2014 - Presidio dog-walking rules

3/26/2013 - Bottled water in federal parks: AND AND

3/25/2013 - stall in rate-setting for CleanPowerSF:

3/19/2013 SF CEQA reform:

3/11/2013 - "A better option than PG&E" from Gwynn Mackellen: (bottom letter in the column)

3/6/2013 - San Francisco Bay being named an Wetland of International Importance:

2/18/2013 Thousands protest Keystone XL pipeline:

2/17/2013 - Local TV station KTVU reported on the NoKXL rally. See the video here:

2/11/2013 - KPFA 94.1 FM in San Francisco (, 7:30 am, interview with, Chapter Director, Michelle Myers. Listen here:

2/5/2013 - Harrison Chastang, from the legendary KPOO 89.5 FM in San Francisco ( interviewed San Francisco Bay Chapter Director, Michelle Myers about the Bay Area Forward on Climate Rally in San Francisco on 2/17, for the show, "On the Spot". DOWNLOAD THE INTERVIEW 2/5/13

2/5/2013 - Car Share Parking Bill:

2/4/2013 - "Sierra Club opposes San Francisco parking space proposal":

2/2/2013 - Chevron Corporation receives fine for Richmond refinery fire:

1/29/2013 - article about Scott Wiener; San Francisco Group ExComm member Sue Vaughan quoted:,3

1/28/2013 - Sierra Club supports affordable rates for CleanPowerSF: