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About Our Endorsement Process:

The Sierra Club understands the importance of political endorsements and we take our process seriously. We have a completely independent, volunteer-run process.

The Sierra Club's San Francisco Bay Chapter is responsible for endorsements of candidates and ballot measures in Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, and San Francisco Counties. Endorsements at this level must receive the affirmative support of the volunteer members of each of at least four Sierra Club decision-making bodies: the local Group, the SF Bay Chapter’s Political Committee, the Chapter Executive Committee, and the Sierra Club California Northern California Candidate or Ballot Review Committee. At several of those stages, a two-thirds threshold is needed for an endorsement recommendation to move to the next level of review.

Read more about the Bay Chapter's endorsement process in our political bylaws or contact our Political Committee.

Sierra Club California, the legislative and regulatory advocacy arm for Sierra Club chapters in California, is responsible for state legislative and statewide office endorsements.

The national Sierra Club is responsible for federal election endorsements.


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