Chapter Structure


The San Francisco Bay Chapter is the local arm of the Sierra Club, America's largest and most effective grassroots environmental organization. The Bay Chapter is comprised of the nearly 40,000 Sierra Club members who live in Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, and San Francisco counties.

The Bay Chapter has a rich and vibrant history of environmental leadership going back to our founding in 1924. We have played a big role in shaping the Bay Area — and California — that you know and love. Read about some of our biggest successes on the Chapter History page.


Chapter Structure

Volunteer Leadership:

The Sierra Club is grassroots, volunteer-driven environmental advocacy organization. View the current chapter, group, and issue committee leadership roster. You can find upcoming meetings for the Chapter Executive Committee, Group Executive Committees, and Conservation Issue Committees on our calendar.

Chapter Executive Committee:

An executive committee composed of volunteers oversees essential functions for the entire chapter. Nine members are elected for two-year terms through annual elections by Chapter members (five to be elected in odd-numbered years and four in even-numbered years), plus one representative from each group selected annually. No at-large member may serve as a voting member of the ExCom for more than six consecutive years. Among other responsibilities, the Chapter Executive Committee sets local conservation policy, endorses political candidates, and administers programs and activities. 

Local Groups:

The Bay Chapter is divided geographically into eight local groups within our four counties. Groups are the smallest geographic units of the Sierra Club, so each group’s volunteer leadership and individual members are critical to ensuring that we know what’s going on in our neighborhoods, parks, and streets. Groups also help us keep tabs on our city councils, school boards, and other decision-making bodies. 

Each of the Bay Chapter’s eight regional groups is represented by an Executive Committee elected by Club members from that area for two-year terms. Group Executive Committees respond to conservation issues contained within their region and advise the Chapter Executive Committee on issues that have impacts beyond group borders. In addition, group Executive Committees can organize outings and educational programs and make endorsement recommendations. Find out what group you’re a part of and learn how you can get involved at the local level on our Groups page.

Issue Committees:

The Bay Chapter's issue committees consider policies, legislation, and ideas related to their particular topic areas. They advise the Executive Committee, advocate for Club positions, and educate members, elected officials, and the public. Club members are welcome to attend meetings and bring issues to the attention of the committees: Transportation & Compact Growth, Federal Parks, East Bay Public Lands, Zero Waste, Water, Energy & Climate, Climate Literacy, and Food & Agriculture.

Read Conservation Issue Committee Standards for information on chapter conservation issue committee powers to take and communicate positions and actions, as well as rules for structure, leadership, meetings, and more.

Activity Sections:

In addition to the work of our committees, the Bay Chapter has many activity sections offering outings and training in hiking, backpacking, kayaking, bicycling, service work and more for all ages and skill levels. We are looking for new outing leaders to join us. Training, mentorship, and a Wilderness First Aid course is provided. Click here to learn more about becoming an outings leader. Find upcoming outings and other events on our calendar.

Chapter Elections:

Voting in the Chapter and Group Executive Committee elections is a powerful way for each individual member to influence policy and decision-making at the local level. Elections are held each year in the fall and ballots are available online and in the print edition of the chapter newsletter, the Yodeler. Find out more about chapter elections and how to run for an ExCom position on our Chapter Elections page.