2023 Chapter and Group Elections

Voting is now closed.

The Sierra Club is a democratic, grassroots, volunteer-driven, environmental advocacy organization. The San Francisco Bay Chapter, with more than 33,000 members, is a powerful voice for the environment in our region. The Chapter is made up of eight regional groups: Delta, Marin, Mount Diablo, Northern Alameda County, Southern Alameda County, San Francisco, Tri-Valley, and West Contra Costa County.

The Sierra Club is a unique national organization where members make key decisions. Our continued success depends on the strength of our membership.

What Are Sierra Club Executive Committees?

The SF Bay Chapter and its 8 groups all have Executive Committees (Ex Coms) that represent their community’s Sierra Club members in deciding local conservation policies, endorsing political candidates, and administering programs and activities. The Ex Coms perform essential functions that require a substantial, sustained commitment from its volunteer leadership.

Key responsibilities: Each Executive Committee member is expected to be actively involved in an aspect of the chapter or group’s work — from administration and conservation to fundraising and outreach. Executive Committee members at either the chapter or group level must attend regular meetings, help determine local Sierra Club positions on critical environmental issues, and take an active part in making the chapter or group function well.

Chapter Executive Committee: The Chapter-wide Executive Committee supervises the Sierra Club SF Bay Chapter’s essential functions from fundraising to conservation. It oversees a sizable annual budget and nine full- and part-time staff, as well as facilitating the work of hundreds of volunteers.

Group Executive Committees: The San Francisco Bay Chapter is divided into eight regional groups — Delta, Marin, Mount Diablo, Northern Alameda County, Southern Alameda County, San Francisco, Tri-Valley, and West Contra Costa County — that address environmental issues at a more local level within our neighborhoods, parks, and streets. Group Executive Committees supervise the work of the Group Conservation and Political Committees. Groups make endorsements for candidates and ballot measures, speak up to and keep tabs on local city councils, school boards, and other decision-making bodies. Groups can sponsor events and actions in their regions, and host gatherings so members can share interests and issues. Learn more about the regional groups here.

The graphic below depicts all seats that are up for election this year.

Chapter elections open seats chart



Voting Instructions:

All members of the Sierra Club who live in Alameda, Contra Costa, San Francisco, or Marin Counties, and who were registered as a member of record in the Club database as of November 1st, can — and are encouraged to — vote. Each Bay Chapter member can vote in the Chapter-wide Executive Committee election and in the election for the Executive Committee of their local group (see below for finding your group affiliation).

All ballots must be received by Wednesday, December 13th at 11:59 pm.

Questions? Contact the Chapter office at (510) 848-0800 or email the Elections Committee at elections@sfbaysc.org.

Vote by Mail:

You may choose to vote by paper ballot or online. If we receive both electronic and paper ballots for the same membership number, only the electronic ballot will be counted. 

Your paper ballot is in your Winter 2023-24 Yodeler. Once you have made your selections, cut out the page, place the ballot in a stamped envelope, and mail it to: Ballot Submission, Sierra Club SF Bay Chapter, P.O. Box 2663, Berkeley, CA 94702. Paper ballots sent by fax or email will not be counted. The mailing label printed on the reverse of your ballot, which includes your unique membership number, will indicate it’s valid. 

Vote Online:

The Chapter will also email a link to the online ballot to all members whose email addresses we have on file. If you do not receive this email but wish to vote electronically, vote here

What group do I belong to?

To determine which group you belong to, look at the mailing label on this Yodeler. If you are a Bay Chapter member, a three-digit number beginning with “10” should appear in the line above your name, following your eight-digit membership number. This number designates your local group: 100 = No group membership; 102 = Marin; 103 = Mount Diablo; 104 = San Francisco; 105 = Delta; 106 = West Contra Costa County; 107 = Southern Alameda County; 108 = Northern Alameda County; 109 = Tri-Valley.

What if I have a joint membership?

Just after your group number, your mailing label also indicates whether your household has a single (SNGL) membership or a joint (JNT) membership. Each section of the ballot has two columns for votes. If you have a single membership, mark only in the first column. For joint memberships, each member makes their selections in one column. Both members in a joint membership must vote in the same medium (either paper or electronic ballot).

What can “spoil” my ballot?

Your ballot will be considered spoiled and will not be counted if:

  • you vote in the incorrect group election (spoils group vote);
  • you vote for more candidates than the maximum indicated;
  • your ballot is illegible; or
  • you already cast your ballot online.

2023 Chapter Elections Calendar

Below are key deadlines and dates for the 2023 elections cycle. **Please note that this calendar and all elections deadlines are fixed. Applicants who do not adhere to deadlines may jeopardize their ability to run in this election**

Wednesday, July 19th – Nomination period opens. Candidate packets available on Chapter election webpage.
Thursday, August 31st – Candidates must be registered as Sierra Club members. (Not a member? Register or renew.)
Monday, September 11th – Nominations period closes (deadline for return of applicant-candidates’ questionnaires). All applications must be received by 11:59 p.m. 
Monday, September 18th – All applicants are contacted to inform them whether they have been nominated by committee.
Friday, October 13th – Deadline for receipt of petitions from applicants for nomination by petition. 
Candidate photos and statements are due. For petition candidates they must be submitted with your petitions. Click here for Candidate Statement and Photo Guidelines.
Tuesday, October 18th – Petition candidates notified if their petitions are approved or not.
Tuesday, October 31st – Date by when you must be registered as a member in the Sierra Club database to vote in the election. Not a member? Register or renew. Please note that it can take some time for your membership to be processed, so we encourage you to sign up early. If you have questions about your membership status, email zephir.omeara@sierraclub.org
Thursday, November 9th – Yodeler with ballot scheduled to be mailed to members (anticipated to land in mailboxes). Electronic ballot goes live on website.
Wednesday, December 13th – Election closes; all ballots must be received. 
On or before the weekend of December 16th - 17th – Ballots counted. Contact the Elections Committee if you want to help out or observe: elections@sfbaysc.org. All members are welcome to join in or observe. 
Monday, December 17th or as soon as counting is complete – Chapter ExComm and Candidates are contacted with ballot results.

Chapter Elections Guidelines

Review our Election Rules and Guidelines.

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