Making the Transition to Clean and Renewable Energy

Climate change is here.

Global climate disruption caused by the buildup of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere threatens to devastate our planet and way of life. We are already seeing the terrible consequences of our dependence on fossil fuels, including sea-level rise and coastal flooding, longer wildfire seasons, melting glaciers, heat waves and severe drought, extreme weather events, disruption of food supply, and the loss of coral reefs.

So what can we do about it?

The only way to avoid the worst effects of climate disruption will be to transition quickly to a 100% clean and renewable energy economy. A key Chapter priority is the pursuit of clean energy solutions right here at home.

The Bay Area has long been a climate leader, and innovations that begin here will spread rapidly across the nation and globe. Here are some important clean energy campaigns we are engaged in now:

Building Electrification

As the electricity sector transitions towards 100 percent clean energy, we must turn our attention to using this clean electricity to drive down fracked-gas use in our homes and buildings. By replacing polluting gas appliances with clean, electric alternatives, we can improve air quality and safety in our communities, lower energy bills, use local clean energy resources, and help mitigate the worst impacts of climate change. Learn more about the dangers of gas appliances and the benefits of switching to electric on our Building Electrification page.

Community Choice Energy

The Bay Chapter is actively engaged in the development and expansion of Community Choice energy programs throughout the Bay Area and beyond, empowering local communities take control of their energy futures. Community Choice is a game-changing alternative to the investor-owned utility model that enables cities and counties to pool electricity customers and form a local power agency. Because Community Choice programs are locally owned non-profits, ratepayer funds are reinvested in the local economy to develop renewable energy resources, create jobs, and encourage other local benefits.

Nearly every electricity customer in the Bay Area is now served by a Community Choice energy program. Click here to find your local Community Choice energy program and learn more!

Solar Power

We work to promote policies and programs that reduce local barriers to the installation of solar-power systems. Our goal is to get solar panels installed on every appropriate home in California!


We're committed to reducing energy use by building sustainable transportation and land-use systems. Learn more on our Transportation and Compact Growth issue page.

Time-of-Use Rate Plan

California’s electric customers will begin moving to a Time-of-Use (TOU) rate plan, risk-free, to support our state’s ongoing commitment to clean energy. Time-of-use rates mean the price of energy varies based on the time of day. By shifting some electricity usage to non-peak hours when energy costs less (and is typically less polluting), you can lower your bill and support a healthier environment. Learn more on our Time-of-Use page.

Feed-in Tariffs

A policy of guaranteed prices for renewable-energy producers can quickly increase the percentage of our electricity produced from clean, renewable energy sources — what's not to love? 


We support campaigns to encourage divestment from fossil-fuel investments and investment in the clean energy industry.


Join the clean energy movement!

If this fires you up, help us in our campaigns to transition Bay Area communities to clean and renewable energy. For more information or to attend a meeting of the Chapter's Energy and Climate Change Committee, reach out to that committee's chairs. Or, fill out the form on the Volunteer page and we'll be in touch with ways you can help out.


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