About the Santa Lucia Chapter of the Sierra Club

Welcome! The Santa Lucia Chapter serves all of San Luis Obispo County. We have over 2500 members and our operations are dependent on a core group of volunteers who help our members stay informed, get outdoors, take action on conservation issues, engage with elected officials, and keep our Chapter running. Our leadership team is presented below. If you are interested in joining us, be sure to fill out our Volunteer Questionnaire. Our local newsletter, the Santa Lucian, is published six times a year. Articles range from club news, outings, and activities to local conservation issues and legislative alerts.

Chapter Director
Andrew Christie (retiring 12/31/2023!)

Executive Committee
Chair – Mila Vujovich-LaBarre
Vice-Chair – Ranel Porter
Member – Janine Kennel Rands
Member – Stephanie Carlotti
Member – Julie Lang
Member - Gianna Patchen
Member – Robert Garfield
Secretary – Barbara Babka
Treasurer – Julie Lang 

Committee Leadership
Conservation Committee Chair– Sue Harvey
Outings Chair– Lisa Ludovici & Chuck Tribbey
Political Committee Chair - Alex Mintzer
Development and Fundraising Chair– Stephanie Carlotti
Membership – Ranel Porter
Budget Committee –  Stephanie Carlotti, Mila Vujovich-LaBarre
Communications Team – Carole Mintzer, Gianna Patchen, Andrew Christie
Newsletter Editorial Team – Carole Mintzer, Carolyn Miller
Environmental and Social Justice Chair – Stephanie Carlotti
Legal Coordinator – (vacant)
Council of Club Leaders – Carole Mintzer, delegate; Stephanie Carlotti, alternate
California Conservation Committee Delegates – Sue Harvey & Alex Mintzer
California Conservation Committee Alternates:  Dolores Howard & Lisa Ludovici
Zero Waste Task Force – Janine Rands
Nuclear Power Task Force – Rochelle Becker, Linda Seeley
Public Lands Task Force – Holly Sletteland
Webmaster – Stephanie Carlotti & Alex Mintzer
Facebook Administrator – Kim Ramos

Santa Lucia Chapter Bylaws

Volunteers are the backbone of the Sierra Club. We are always looking for new volunteers to help with many local projects and activities.

Contact Information

Correspondence should be sent to: Santa Lucia Chapter of the Sierra Club, P.O. Box 15755, San Luis Obispo, CA 93406.
• Office hours by appointment M-W afternoons. Email SierraClub8@gmail.com
• Questions or input regarding the website, email stephanie.carlotti@santalucia.sierraclub.org.

Questions about your membership? Please go to myaccount.sierraclub.org.  You can find your membership status, donation history, and contact preferences there.  You'll need to create an account if you haven't done so already.