February 2023

New Times: The oil industry puts its profits ahead of your health, again

January 2023

New Times: The spell cast by opinions

December 2022

New Times: Big Oil can only get you to reverse state law by lying

November 2022

New Times: Tell SLO County Supervisors that their Paso planting Ordinance is bunk

Sierra Magazine: Chumash Resume Their Obligation

October 2022

New Times: A Project Proposed by Los Padres National Forest Will Impact Habitat & Species

September 2022

New Times: Time's Up

August 2022

New Times: Oaks and Affordability

July 2022

New TimesR.I.P. affordable housing

Sierra Club California responds to San Diego Tribune on Diablo Canyon

Gov. Newsom’s false narrative on Diablo

June 2022

An Oil Protest

Cambria is About to Run Out of Water

New TimesDiablo's Long Goodbye

May 2022

New TimesTake This Advice

April 2022

New TimesWind Across the Sanctuary

March 2022

New TimesHappy Birthday Community Choice

Diablo Safety Inspection: "Unacceptable Negligence"

February 2022


January 2022

New TimesVery Necessary Protection: Chumash Heritage National Marine Sanctuary

December 2021

New Times: Diablo Scare Tactic

November 2021

New Times: The District You Save

October 2021

New Times: The Oil Next Time

September 2021

Development could be banned on 288,000 acres of Central Coast

New TimesCCE's Long Journey

California lawmakers back marine sanctuary designation

August 2021

Clams vs. Cars at Oceano Dunes

New TimesWhat '30 by 30' is Not

July 2021

New TimesExxon Approaching 

June 2021

New Times: Cambria vs. Reality

May 2021

New TimesLet's Get Beautiful 

April 2021

March 2021

February 2021

TribuneOff-Roading May be Banned at Oceano Dunes.
Would SLO County’s Economy Survive?

New Times: Flag on the field

Community Choice Energy ramps up the power

January 2021

Carbajal introduces California Land Protection Act

December 2020

New Times: Georgia on your mind?

November 2020

Oceano Dunes: At the breaking point

Oceano Dunes: “Bizarro Beach”

October 2020

Chumash Marine Sanctuary nomination renewed

The risk of unplugged oil wells

California re-defines environmental impact of driving

September 2020

Phillips closing Nipomo refinery, converting to biofuel 

August 2020

Santa Barbara says no to offshore oil and Exxon trucking plan

New Times: Take Back the Dunes

Big Gas Strikes Back!

What you don’t know about Diablo Canyon

July 2020

Bad news for Exxon’s SB/SL Oill Trucking Plans

June 2020

State Parks’ plover suppression at Oceano Dunes  

3 Supervisors say "No" – again - to Community Choice Energy

May 2020

A quantam Leap - New Times Article by Chapter Director Andrew Christie

Sierra Club Comments on Sustainability Plan for the Paso Robles Basin

Voter Suppression Goes Viral

Big Gas Muscles SLO

April 2020

Meanwhile, let's save the world

March 2020

Fred Collins Chumash Heritage National Marine Sanctuary – NOAA ONMS Five –Year Review

Oceano Dunes Alliance letter to Governor Newsom

Trumping Pumping

February 2020

West Cuest Ridge Restoration Project 

Let's Get That Marine Sanctuary

January 2020

Sen. Feinstein calls for designation of Chumash marine sanctuary

What is environmental justice? 

December 2019

Don't go into that tunnel

November 2019

On Becoming a Climate Leader

Bad air on Nipoma Mesa

Governor Newsom acts to protect public health from oil drilling

October 2019

SLO County can save 12,000 acres of Diablo lands

Still no choice -- SLO County's sorry record on Community Choice Energy

No, Diablo's closure won't hamper greenhouse gas reduction

Trump opening public lands to gas leases, fracking

September 2019

What’s really killing plovers in the Oceano Dunes


August 2019

Oceano Dunes Heading South

Yes, SLO should transition to all-electric homes


July 2019

Here’s who won’t discuss Community Choice Energy

State groups weigh in on Oceano Dunes

L.A. Times: Oceano Dunes “Wild West”

Oceano Dunes fight only about fun and money?

May 2019

Hundreds bash Trump’s oil fracking plan in SLO

Supervisors do antique subdivision shuffle

April 2019

Want to fix the affordable housing crisis?

March 2019 

Tribune on the Oceano Dunes: Last chance, State Parks

20+ enviro organizations weigh in on Plains oil pipeline project

On the Oso Flaco Campground Project

February 2019

Scoping hearings for oil pipeline begin

Take the deal

January 2019


December 2018

November 2018

New Times: Use the Force

Clean Water Act exemption/fracking sought for SLO County oil field

October 2018

Letter to Ocean Protection Council: CA offshore wind projects

September 2018

August 2018

Sierra Club  resolution on Diablo Canyon Lands

After Diablo: Back to the land

July 2018

SLO County response to State Parks’ plan for Oceano Dunes

June 2018

Our comments on ODSVRA public works plan

Carbajal Announces Support for Chumash Heritage National Marine Sanctuary Designation

California proposes regional energy expansion

May 2018


April 2018

New Times: Sign here for clean energy, air, and water

March 2018

Secretary Laird supports Chumash Marine Sanctuary

New Times:  Risky business: The SLO debate of Trump’s offshore oil proposal

New Times: Drill, Donnie, Drill

New Times: Ready for That Marine Sanctuary?

February 2018

Tribune: Supervisors silent on offshore oil

Big plans for Diablo Canyon lands

New Times: This Island SLO

January 2018

Former Fish & Wildlife staff on gutting the Migratory Bird Act

SLO must fight the PUC for Community Choice Energy

Trump’s offshore oil plan threatens Central Coast

SLO Tribune: Supervisors hit new low, reject Community Choice Energy

One offshore oil meeting is not enough

December 2017

Turn back an environmental assault at the SLO Board of Supervisors

November 2017

Sierra Club comments on petition for ODSVRA abatement order

October 2017

New Times: Sierra Club weighs in on Community Choice study

Sierra Club to Supes: Vacation rental ordinance can’t come soon enough

Correcting the Community Choice Energy study for the Central Coast

Phillips 66 oil train project comes to the end of the line

September 2017

Tribune, 9/24: Save our Sanctuaries!

Supervisor Peschong tries to explain himself

Coastal Commissioner Padilla sums up the ODSVRA

Leaked report: Trump attack on national monuments

August 2017

We’re ready for 100% renewable energy

APCD to Coastal Commission: How to fix the Oceano Dunes dust problem

July 2017

Sierra Club comments on SLO Froom Ranch Plan

June 2017

Oceano Dunes SVRA gets notice of violation

California to Trump: You have no authority to revoke national monuments

Marine sanctuaries must be protected from drilling

Rep. Carbajal on the Carrizo Plain National Monument

May 2017

Capps & Carbajal: Protect Carrizo from Trump

Health Commission demands action at Oceano Dunes

Save the Ontario Ridge Trail again

Sierra Club comments on County Cannabis Ordinance

Sierra Club comments on Eagle Ranch Draft EIR

SLO opposes Trump offshore oil plan

April 2017

We must fight any effort to take away our national monuments

March 2017

Phillips 66 loses SLO oil trains lawsuit

Sierra Club et al to SLO Board of Supervisors: Deny the Phillips 66 project

Coastal Commission weighs in on Phillips 66 oil trains project

February 2017

We urge you to withdraw your subpoenas

Cambrian: Alternative facts spread to sanctuary debate

New Times: Balancing act at Oceano Dunes

L.A. Times: State agencies feud over offroading at Oceano Dunes

January 2017

January 12 Tribune: Sanctuary and Chumash maritime cultural heritage

December 2016

Coastal Commission asks for designation of Chumash sanctuary


November 2016

SLO Park & Rec Plan: Implement first, review later

October 2016

Coastal Commission to Cambria: Re-do your desal plant EIR

Monterey Aquarium supports Chumash Sanctuary

September 2016

Our comments on the EIR for the Oceano Dunes Dust Control Program

Rep. Capps receives Sierra Club’s Distinguished Service Award

SLO County leaders should support Diablo’s retirement

County Planning Commission: Deny the Phillips 66 Rail Spur Extension Project

County Supervisors: Pass the Marijuana Urgency Ordinance

August 2016

Sierra Club files Diablo protest at PUC

County Supervisors: Pass the Marijuana Urgency Ordinance

Ensuring 20 more years of happiness in SLO

July 2016

Comments of the Santa Lucia Chapter of the Sierra Club on the Proposal to Retire Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant

16 years ago: The promise to preserve Diablo Canyon Lands

CPUC: Reject SDG&E's Proposal to Market Against Community Choice

June 2016

An evening with Jean-Michel Cousteau

Chumash Sanctuary: Last remnants of "wild" in the wild west

May 2016

Rep. Capps Supports Chumash Heritage Sanctuary Designation

April 2016

CA Attorney General destroys oil train project's legal argument

March 2016

Sierra Club comments on nuclear plant decommissioning

Now that the Paso water district is dead, how about something that can work?

February 2016

2/25 Letter to SLO Planning re the Phillips 66 project

County planners: We need a vacation rental ordinance

New Times: Coastal Commission Under Water

January 2016

Our Clean-Coast Economy: Put It at Risk or Preserve Our Lifeline?

"False Advertising:" The Shredder & Sierra Club call out Phillips 66

SLO City Council: Deny Monterey Heights building permit

New Times: Wading into the tar pit

Report: Recreation at marine sanctuaries boosts economy

December 2015

Defenders of Wildlife supports Chumash sanctuary

November 2015

Blog: Insulting Alberta

Tribune: Chumash marine sanctuary proposal sparks debate

Tribune: Why you should support the Chumash marine sanctuary

October 2015

Jean-Michel Cousteau supports Chumash marine sanctuary

Marine Sanctuary passes hurdle

September 2015

SeaWorld’s orcas: A letter to the Coastal Commission

Oppose the Phillips 66 project: comments to the Grover Beach City Council

Oppose the Phillips 66 project: comments to the Arroyo Grande City Council

In defense of local marine sanctuary study

August 2015

Chumash Sanctuary nomination deemed sufficient by NOAA

Our comments to NRC on preparation of Environmental Impact Statement for Diablo Cyn license renewal

Our comments on the adjudicated Los Osos Basin Plan

July 2015

New Times: Shredder’s bad arguments for oil trains

Tribune: Marine sanctuary opponents and their “facts”

June 2015

Chumash letter to Port San Luis Harbor Commission

Sierra Club/LOSG comments on Los Osos Basin Plan

Lucia Mar Teachers Association oppose Phillips 66 project

CA Teachers oppose Phillips 66 oil train project

May 2015

New Times: Crude Protection – National marine sanctuary = no oil spills

Santa Lucia Chapter supports extending Diablo independent review panel

Phillips 66 project opposed in Pismo Beach

April 2015

Santa Lucia Chapter supports funding Emergency Services at Diablo

Sierra Club Appeals California Flats Solar Project

In support of a national marine sanctuary

March 2015

SLO should support Community Choice

Timing is right for Chumash national marine sanctuary

Water basin boundary considerations for the Groundwater Sustainability Program

Clean up the Port San Luis fish cleaning station!

Clean up the Morro Bay fish cleaning station!

February 2015

SLO City to County: Reject the Phillips 66 project

Chumash council nominates coast for sanctuary status

January 2015

Phillips 66 oil train project affects millions

December 2014

New Times: Hold on to this ocean of a chance

Sierra Club's friend of the court brief on Oceano Dunes dust rule

November 2014

Sierra Club et al on the Phillips 66 rail spur project EIR

New Times: Testing the Waters -- a look at the proposal for the Chumash Heritage National Marine Sanctuary

Bay News: Sanctuary Would Give Big Economic Boost

Sierra Club Comments on Port San Luis Harbor Terrace Project

October 2014

Cambrian: CSD's grim record on water projects

Coastal Commission opens Ontario Ridge

September 2014

STUDY: economic impacts of a marine sanctuary on the central coast

Pismo city council candidates rewriting history

Dear Ms. Bianchi: the history of the Cambria CSD is not a red herring

Groups investigating timing of Diablo safety reports

August 2014

Supervisors: How to save the Los Osos Basin

July 2014

Sierra Club comments on SLO LUCE Update

SLO City News: Feedback Window Ticking on Land Use

June 2014

Katcho's Reality Problem

Letter of opposition to AB 2453, Paso Basin Water District

Comments to the State Mining Board on Los Pilitas/Oster Quarry

May 2014

Victory against super-toxic rat poison

Coastal Conservancy: Fund the Pismo Preserve

Sierra Club pans Paso Robles water district bill

April 2014

Let's Not Kill Off Local Power

Comment to Board on McDonald's drive-thru for Los Osos.

SLO County Commemorates 50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act

March 2014

Letter to SLO City Council: Don't move the URL on Righetti Hill

February 2014

Letter to Katcho: Not this Paso water district

Coastal Commission should halt offshore fracking

January 2014

Our comments on the Phillips 66 Santa Maria Refinery Rail Spur project

December 2013

Comment on NRC's “waste confidence” rule

Thanks to Senator Boxer for her tenacity on Diablo Canyon

November 2013

Tarica wrong on Diablo

Morro Bay: Comments on draft options for new water reclamation facility

October 2013

There is an answer to the Diablo question

Comments on Paso Robles' draft Climate Action Plan

September 2013

Letter to the State Lands Commission on offshore surveys

August 2013

New Times: Let's not beat around the basin

Our comments on the Laetitia ag cluster development

On Chevron's SLO Tank Farm Remediation project

Sierra Club report: California doesn't need Diablo's energy

July 2013

Sierra Club to State Water Board: Uphold the Ag Order

Sierra Club sues to halt Spanish Springs

June 2013

New Times: OHV still wants County's land in Oceano Dunes

Las Pilitas Quarry: Comments on the Environmental Impact Report

May 2013

Letter to Supervisors on the sale of County land in Oceano Dunes

U.S. Forest Service: We want wilderness in the Los Padres

April 2013

Sierra Club intervenes to ban d-CON rodenticide

Santa Lucia Chapter wins Anthony Grassroots Prize

Comments to Coastal Commission on Ag Policy Workshop

Our comments on the Keystone XL Pipeline EIS

Letter to SLO City Council:  What is "community input"?

March 2013

Letter on the Morro Bay/Cayucos wastewater reclamation project

Comment to the BOS on sewage sludge ordinance

February 2013

The President Needs to Hear It from You

January 2013

City of SLO goal setting process: Letter to the City Council

Morro Bay Sewer project: Letter to the Coastal Commission

December 2012

Avila Valley Bird Sanctuary: Letter to AVAC

November 2012

Comments to the Board of Supervisors on Ag Cluster Ordinance

October 2012

Sierra Club at SLO Board of Supervisors on denial of Diablo Canyon seismic survey permit

Hearing a Lot About Proposition 37?

September 2012

Central Coastal Seismic Imaging Project - Request for permit denial

The County must act on Level of Severity III finding for Paso Basin

August 2012

Comments on the County Ag Cluster Ordinance Amendments

Sierra Club still loves the ocean

July 2012

Sierra Club and fishermen seek Diablo Canyon seismic hearing in SLO

How Mr. Havlik Made Us Happy

The Kind of Enemy You Want to Have

Let's Clear Up a Few Things About National Marine Sanctuaries

June 2012

Sierra Club comment on SLO draft Climate Action Plan

Sierra Club comments on Laeitia Ag Cluster RDEIR

May 2012

Marine Sanctuary Vote is Good News for SLO County

How Dare We? The 2012 Board of Supervisors race

Sierra Club's comments to State Lands Commission on PG&E Seismic Survey EIR (PDF)

Rep. McCarthy, have you no shame?

March 2012

Sierra Club Secures Oil Line Clean-up Program for Central Coast (PDF)

January 2012

Eat food? Sign here.

June 2011

Putting Community Choice Energy in the Climate Action Plan

Jan. 6? That would be in line with the rotation. 

Then it would be Feb. 3, March 2 and 30, April 27, May 25, and June 22

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