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Join the Santa Lucia Chapter Political Committee!

We work in conjunction with Sierra Club California and adjacent Sierra Club Chapters to screen and endorse pro-environment candidates for US Congress, State Senate, State Assembly, county and municipal offices, and local elected governing boards. For legislative and congressional endorsement actions with new multi-county district boundaries, we collaborate with our counterparts in Ventana (Monterey and Santa Cruz counties) and Santa Barbara-Ventura Chapters.  Endorsed candidates may publicize our support on their webpages and in their campaign literature. Candidates are evaluated through a process involving written local issue questionnaires and interviews usually conducted via Zoom. Criteria for endorsement include campaign credibility (strategy, name recognition, campaign funding, and other assets needed for victory) and candidate record and positions on a diverse platform of environmental, equity, and good-government issues.  We always need more interview panelists to bring their local issues expertise from our various cities and communities! Interview panelists initiate recommendations for endorsements, which are considered by the Political Committee, Executive Committee, and state or national Sierra Club volunteer leaders. Without your participation, we aren't able to add your community to our endorsement list!  For more information and to get involved contact the Political Committee Chair Alex Mintzer.

Help support local green candidates for public office!

Each election, Sierra Club members do what we can to support the campaigns of endorsed candidates. That’s where you come in. The California Sierra Club Political Action Committee (PAC) raises funds for candidates running for state and local offices. A portion of donations made by residents of San Luis Obispo County are set aside specifically for SLO County candidates. Thanks to recent donations to the PAC, we were able to send a generous check to help Jimmy Paulding win his election to the SLO County Board of Supervisors. 

Your donation now to the California Sierra Club PAC will help us support local endorsed candidates in the November election. Every dollar helps!

Click here to help endorsed green candidates

You may also mail a check (payable to “California Sierra Club PAC”) to:
California Sierra Club PAC
3250 Wilshire Blvd #1106
Los Angeles, CA 90010

Contributions to the California Sierra Club PAC (PAC ID 1399719) require that Donor name, address, employer and occupation information be provided.
Donations to the California Sierra Club PAC are not tax-deductible; they support our effective, citizen-based advocacy and lobbying efforts.

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