Action Alerts

Action Alert System

This system is designed to help you, the Sierra Club member, keep informed on issues pertaining to our local Chapter as well as ones involving State and National. Simply log onto each Action Alert Site then select the issues that speak to you. You may act on all, some, or none of the issues. You are welcome to browse. The site will change periodically and be updated with new issues and categories.

If you decide to act,  just click on the issue and a pre-written letter appears with the correct e-mail or fax address. Simply send the pre-written letter, or modify it to make it more personal. Try it--it's easy. Instructions are given on the site.

National Action Alerts

Sierra Club National Take Action Network

State Action Alerts

Sierra Club California Legislative Take Action Network

Note: You may or may not have to log into each site, but you can use the same username and password.

Local Chapter Action Alerts

Our Local Chapter maintains an e-mail alert notification list for important issues on the Central Coast. If you would like to be added to our list, send an e-mail to the Santa Lucia Chapter of the Sierra Club at asking to be put on the list. Please note that your name must be in our database as a current Sierra Club member in order to be added to the e-alert list.