Kavanaugh: No investigation, no hearing, no vote

We’re still waiting to hear a good explanation of why Brett Kavanaugh appeared to dissemble at least five times under oath in his Supreme Court confirmation hearings. And we’re still waiting to see millions of records from his time as a political operative in the Bush White House.

But here's what we know beyond a doubt, from the ample public record of his rulings on the D.C. Court of Appeals: he sides with corporate polluters and against clean air, water, and communities. It is clear that the environment is unlikely to survive 30 years of a Kavanaugh majority on the Supreme Court.

And if Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s charge of sexual assault is true – and his denial is false - he shouldn’t be serving on any court.

Last night, Dr. Blasey Ford announced she wants a complete investigation before she testifies to the committee.

So do we.

Senator Grassley has scheduled a hearing for September 24 and invited Dr. Blasey Ford and Brett Kavanaugh to testify. Many Senate Democrats and over 114 House Democrats are demanding a delay until an investigation is complete. Several Republican senators are now calling to delay the vote.

Per Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune, “Brett Kavanaugh’s extreme record is already disqualifying for a lifetime position on the Supreme Court, but these serious allegations demand the Senate proceedings immediately stop until the investigation is completed.”

We are:

Generating 22,708 calls and 94,000 emails to senators and counting.

Running digital ads in all 50 states and promoting this video.

Sierra Club staff and volunteers are mobilizing with allies in states.


What Can You Do

  1. CALL your senators and tell them to reject Brett Kavanaugh 202-224-3121
  2. Amplify on social media:  @demandjustice #StopKavanaugh  #SaveSCOTUS #BelieveChristine