Sierra Club and EV Match

Sierra Club and EVmatch have teamed up to charge up your Electric Vehicle

As the Airbnb of electric vehicle (EV) charging, EVmatch is the app every EV driver needs to find reliable, reservable, and affordable places to charge all across the U.S. Whether you're looking for more charging options or dependable charging near your home, or would like to make money by providing access to charging, EVmatch has you covered. 

Host Your Own Charging Station Or Outlet  

With a peer-to-peer network of shared chargers, the EVmatch app opens up private charging stations for public use, immediately increasing the number of reliable charging places without requiring expensive new installations. Anyone can list their home or business charger for rent on EVmatch to earn extra money and help others confidently drive electric. People who rent out their chargers on EVmatch can set custom availability and prices so sharing is easy and tailored to their needs. No sign-up fees. All charger types accepted. EVmatch offers the most affordable charging solution for apartments, hotels, businesses, and more.

For every new user that signs up EVmatch will donate to the Santa Lucia Chapter of the Sierra Club, $10 for drivers and $20 for hosts.

Watch an EVmatch video and Learn all about it at .

EVmatch Video     Download the Free App from the  AppStore or Google Play.