Sequoia Circle Benefits


Sequoia Circle members are fully vested partners in every environmental win we celebrate. To ensure a partnership that caters to a wide variety of member preferences, we’ve shaped a benefits program that you can customize. Here’s what you can expect:

Personalized Support
Staff Liaison
Every member of Sequoia Circle is assigned a dedicated steward who can provide you with tax receipts, connect you with programs and issues you care about, or make sure your mail preferences are tailored to you—whether reducing your physical mail or switching to email only communications about those issues that matter most to you.

Insight Panels (starting in July 2023)
Every member of Sequoia Circle and Summit Circle is invited to participate in monthly feedback forums, helping Sierra Club improve its programs to reflect members’ advice and collecting stories about the impact of Sierra Club in each member’s life.

Quarterly Updates
Sierra Forums
With invitations to four online forums each year, you’ll meet the team—leadership staff and volunteers, as well as the program staff your donations support. Each quarterly forum will share an insider briefing on different aspects of Sierra Club’s work, from our Environmental Law Program to Military Outdoors to the importance of Chapters at Sierra Club.

Impact Reports
You’ll receive regular program updates, including impact reports offering updates on campaigns and strategies for next steps. You’ll also receive our digital annual report sharing victories, progress, and partnerships across the country as well as Sierra Club Foundation’s audited financials.

Sierra Club’s Classic Communications
Wilderness Wall Calendar
In the 1950s, when Ansel Adams was on the Sierra Club Board of Directors, the Sierra Club pioneered the strategy of sharing large-scale photographs in an effort to convey the magnificence of nature. Today, we honor Adams’ contribution to our work and the photographers who capture the magic of the places we’re saving with our Wilderness Wall Calendar. It will be sent to you as a complimentary gift to thank you for your membership. If you prefer not to receive the calendar, or would prefer to have it sent to someone else, you can contact your steward to let them know.

Sierra magazine
At the beginning of each season, you’ll receive a print edition of the magazine, sharing news from the environmental front, features about the people and places you’re supporting, and spectacular photographs of nature. If you prefer to go paperless, your steward can switch you to a digital subscription and you can enjoy most of the same content online.

Join Sequoia Circle Today
Make a donation of $1,000-$9,999 to any of these programs and be part of Sequoia Circle’s community of committed environmental champions.

Make Your Sequoia Circle Annual Donation

Sierra Club
Columbia River Gorge
While donations to Sierra Club are not tax deductible, these important advocacy funds allow Sierra Club to push for strong policies at both state and federal levels.
Sierra Club Foundation
Make a tax-deductible donation to the Foundation and support all of our charitable programs. Your support of the Foundation helps us to build a just and healthy society for people and nature through the power of public education, advocacy, organizing, research, strategic communications and litigation.
Environmental Law Program
Join the John Muir Society
If you’d like to direct your investment into our legal work, you may make a tax-deductible donation to The Environmental Law Program. If you’re wondering what your support pays for, find our most recent case updates here.
Monthly Giving
Join the John Muir Society
Join Sequoia Circle as a monthly donor to Sierra Club or Sierra Club Foundation, with your monthly donation of $83.33 or more.

For more information, please contact the Sequoia Circle Stewardship team member in your region:

Michael Ahn
West Coast donors from Washington to California
Cory TenBrink
Serving donors from Ohio to Nevada and everywhere in between (Hawaii and Alaska as well)
Robert Kowsaluk
Serving the East Coast donors from Maine to Florida