2018 November/December

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The Last Stand of the Last Great Wilderness

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is in jeopardy as never before

By Brooke Jarvis

November 1, 2018

Is Bringing New Wolves to Isle Royale National Park "Restocking the Zoo"?

Sometimes wilderness just can't take care of itself

By Conor Mihell

November 2, 2018

A Group of Young Afghan Women Reach New Heights Trekking in Nepal

Three teens from Kabul reach personal summits while mountaineering

Text and photographs by Wendy Becktold

November 2, 2018

Military Moms Find Camaraderie, and Peace, in the Outdoors

Adventure therapy can help veteran mothers transition to civilian life

By Katie O'Reilly

November 2, 2018

Learning How to Speak with My Ancestors

I learned Alutiiq, my native tongue; now I am a whole person

By Alisha Drabek

November 9, 2018