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The fracked gas Mountain Valley Pipeline just keeps racking up damages and hazards to our environment and public health -- but Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and JP Morgan Chase and other major banks keep funding construction.

It’s 3 years behind schedule and $3 billion over budget, been fined millions of dollars in environmental violations, lacks multiple federal permits and is still nowhere near complete. This pipeline is harming endangered species habitat, national forests, clean water and communities along the pipeline route and if completed would be a climate bomb -- Resulting in the same amount of greenhouse gas emissions as 37 coal fired power plants!

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U.S. taxpayers spent billions bailing out @BankofAmerica, @WellsFargo, @Chase - only for them to pursue fracked gas pipelines that wreck public health and the environment. Tell them to drop the fracked gas Mountain Valley Pipeline now! sc.org/DivestMVP #noMVP #DivestMVP

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Mountain Valley Pipeline could be a COVID superspreader if developers get their way--to bring thousands of workers into vulnerable communities at the height of the pandemic. Tell Banks to stop funding MVP, protect communities! sc.org/DivestMVP #noMVP #DivestMVP

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Tell @BankofAmerica, @WellsFargo, and @Chase to get their priorities straight, their greed is out of control and they're putting millions at risk, endangering water, and our climate - by funding the fracked gas Mountain Valley Pipeline. sc.org/DivestMVP #noMVP #DivestMVP

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Why would @BankofAmerica, @WellsFargo, and @Chase want to fund the fracked gas Mountain Valley Pipeline, it's under a federal criminal investigation, 3 years behind, with 350+ clean water violations, over $2 million in fines and $3 bil over budget. It's a loser. Tell the banks! sc.org/DivestMVP #noMVP #DivestMVP

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Fracked gas Mountain Valley Pipeline would be a climate disaster: If completed, it would emit almost 90 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually; equivalent to 37 average U.S. coal plants. Tell banks to stop funding MVP and invest in clean, renewable energy! #noMVP #DivestMVP

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Action: Personally Divest From Banks

A great way to send a strong message to these banks is for current customers to move their money and tell them you’re doing it because you oppose their support of MVP! 

Follow this at https://powhr.org/divestmvp/ to personally divest from the Mountain Valley Pipeline and fossil fuels! Learn more about the banks behind the MVP. After you do, share this post on social media and encourage others to do the same.

I just quit my bank because they support the Mountain Valley Pipeline, an environmental and climate disaster. Join me and #DivestMVP https://powhr.org/divestmvp/ 


Sample Letters to the Editor

To the editor:

Part of running any successful business venture or investment strategy is knowing when to cut your losses and get out of a bad deal. You would think that the big banks would understand that concept, but Bank of America, Wells Fargo and JP Morgan Chase are still throwing good money after bad with their risky bet on the fracked gas Mountain Valley Pipeline.

The MVP is three years behind schedule, and with an ever-increasing price tag of $6 billion, nearly twice as expensive now as it was originally budgeted to be. It has also drawn millions of dollars in penalties after committing over 350 violations of commonsense clean water protections. On top of all that, it’s the subject of a federal criminal investigation, is nowhere close to finished, and still lacks crucial permits needed to complete construction. 

No one needs the gas in this pipeline, and clean, renewable energy is affordable and abundant right now and a much better bet than any fossil fuel. At this point, it’s purely a business decision for Bank of America, Wells Fargo and JP Morgan Chase -- it’s time to cut your losses on the fracked gas Mountain Valley Pipeline.



To the editor:

In 2020, we saw record-breaking wildfires, record-breaking high temperatures, and a record-breaking hurricane season. Clearly, the threat of climate change is not some far-off worry for the characters in a dystopian movie, but something that we are all dealing with right now. 

It defies belief, then, that we continue to use the very fossil fuels that are causing this climate crisis. Building projects like the Mountain Valley Pipeline lock us into decades of dependence on climate-disrupting fracked gas. Methane, the primary component of fracked gas, is a greenhouse gas 87 times more potent than carbon dioxide over its first 20 years in our atmosphere. Thinking we can hold off climate change by burning fracked gas instead of coal is like thinking we can put a fire out with gasoline instead of lighter fluid. 

If we want to get serious about protecting our communities from the threats of the climate crisis, we need to invest in the clean, renewable energy sources that are affordable and abundant right now, instead of wasting money on obsolete projects like the Mountain Valley Pipeline.



To the editor:

They say water is the building block of life. If that’s true, then our tolerance of Mountain Valley Pipeline repeatedly polluting our water shows that we must not value life very much. To date, observers have documented over 350 instances of MVP violating common sense water protections, while our state has let them off with barely a slap on the wrist.  

If we want to get serious about protecting our water, then we need to get serious about punishing Mountain Valley Pipeline. 




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