Summit Circle

Summit Circle

Summit Circle

The Sierra Club’s Summit Circle is a community of philanthropic leaders who change the world.

United by the vision of people enjoying and exploring the world they’re working to protect, Summit Circle donors are afforded an insider’s opportunity to collaborate with the organization, and use their influence to make meaningful contributions to the causes in which they believe.

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Your gift will support efforts to protect our wild lands and wildlife, keep our air and water free from pollution, and promote a clean energy future.

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Summit Circle members get a front row seat for the unfolding adventure that is the environmental movement. More than that, we visit the places we’re working to save, like our national parks…and Congress.

Some membership benefits and opportunities include:

  • Invitations to special outings, events, and meetings, where we network with fellow environmental donors, activists, and leaders

  • Periodic Donor Forums with discussions led by senior leaders and expert campaign staff, our nation’s top policy makers, frontline organizers, thought leaders, and influential allies

  • Quarterly Impact Reports featuring our impact together

  • Complimentary annual Sierra Club membership and eligibility for all Sierra Club activities

A Coal Free Future

In 2020, more than 26 gigawatts of coal power were proposed to retire, the largest one-year total in Beyond Coal campaign history. With fewer than 200 coal plants remaining, one-third of where we started, we have the chance to end this decade coal-free.

Keystone XL Pipeline Defeated

Our thirteen-year fight against the Keystone XL pipeline came to an end when TC Energy terminated the project, marking an important turning point in our fight against climate change. Thanks to relentless activism, more and more companies are beginning to see that investing in expanded fossil fuel infrastructure doesn’t make sense.

Protecting and Preseving Public Lands

Our Arctic team continued to fight alongside our Gwich’in partners to defend the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, while our chapters in places like Washington, Colorado, and California helped draft and shape legislative package that will safeguard 2.7 million acres of wilderness and wild and scenic rivers.

Fundraising Staff

For more information, please contact the Sequoia Circle Stewardship team member in your region:

Michael Ahn
West Coast donors from Washington to California
Cory TenBrink
Serving donors from Ohio to Nevada and everywhere in between (Hawaii and Alaska as well)
Robert Kowsaluk
Serving the East Coast donors from Maine to Florida