Protect Public Park Open Space Along the Peoria Riverfront

Peoria Riverfront Park

Please phone the Peoria City Council members listed at the end of this article and let them know you are opposed to the sale of public parkland at the Peoria riverfront for the development of a privately owned apartment complex.

Nortrh Canton Mine VictoryVictory in Eight-Year Battle to Stop Canton Coal Strip Mine

Thanks to the years of dedicated efforts by Heart of Illinois Group Sierra Club and the local Fulton County group Canton Area Citizens for Environmental Issues, the proposed North Canton coal strip mine Permit No. 385 is ended.

Solar PanelClean Jobs Legislation a Top Illinois Sierra Club Priority

Thank You Senator Dave Koehler for being a sponsor of SB 1485! Your leadership for this bill is critically important for more clean energy jobs that will be a great asset to our area and the state.

Jubilee-Brimfield RoadReduced Mowing in Peoria County in 2015

Last year the Peoria County Highway Department conducted a pilot program to assess the impact of reduced mowing along its rural Right of Ways (ROW).


HOI Group Meeting - Grand Canyon Rim to Rim Hike

March 18, 7pm
Forest Park Nature Center

Dr. Michael Bentley will be showing slides of his trip last year to the Grand Canyon. He will tell us about his hike from one side of the canyon to the other. It promises to be an exciting and visually stunning program.

HOI Group Meeting - What's Up with Clean Power?

April 15, 7pm
Forest Park Nature Center

Caroline Wooten, Illinois Chapter Sierra Club Associate Conservation Organizer, will have the latest news and updates on the Illinois Clean Power Plan and what is happening from Chicago to Springfield to Carbondale on efforts to increase clean power for our state.

HOI Group Meeting - Electric Vehicle Day

May 20, 7pm
Forest Park Nature Center

At least 5 EV (Electric Vehicle) owners will talk about why they bought their vehicles, how the vehicles have performed, what conditions they have been driven in, and the positives and negatives about owning a particular EV.