Join a Conservation Committee!

Clean Water: The Ohio Chapter Water Committee includes members and supporters, from across the state, who work together to protect, restore, and improve Ohio's waterways.    

Forest and Public Land: The Ohio Chapter Forest and Public Lands Committee works with members and organiztational allies who have a common interest in preserving Ohio's forests and public lands for exisitng and future generations.

Nuclear Free: Help keep an eye on Ohio's nuclear power plants, by joining the nuclear committee.

Frack Free:The Ohio Chapter Gas and Oil Fracking Committee is comprised of Sierra Club members from across the state who are working to protect Ohioans from the impacts of hydraulic fracturing. 

Agriculture: We can reduce environmental and public health impacts of agricultural production by purchasing sustainable, local foods. Visit the Agriculture Committee page to learn more about our efforts and to get involved.  

Transportation: The Ohio Chapter Transportation Committee supports a well-rounded transportation policy that accommodates not just automobile users, but bicyclists, pedestrians, and transit users. 

Clean Energy: The Sierra Club Ohio Chapter Energy Committee is made up of members and supporters across the state working to promote smart energy solutions and reduce impacts of climate disruption.