Lens on the Border Exhibit Installation Ideas

Lens on the Border

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The design of the exhibit offers flexibility to install indoors / and or outdoors.

The show can be configured to be hung with thumbtacks, or small nails in the corners of the banners. Velcro and double stick hangers for art have also been used.

The banners can also be hung using bull clips attached to a poly rope/or clothing line strung across or hung on a fence, singularly or back to back. 

Set up an area for people with art supplies to write postcards to local representatives/ share their thoughts and fears and hope for the future addressing the current issues.

Create an installation to remember the Earth and those who have crossed these landscapes.

We have included Earth from the migrant trail and created a space within a circle or blanket.

Desert plants, found objects from the trail, water jugs, personal effects, candles to Our Lady, Santo Nino, Saint Jude, pictures of loved ones and those we don’t know who’ve passed on,rosaries, people can add or Share maps and downloaded maps of the missing/dead from the http://www.colibricenter.org/

For your reception consider finding local sources for  a Mexican fiesta themed hor de vours: host a taco potluck or sampling of salsas. 

I suggest playing Mexicano /Latino old and new music; invite a cultural  group, musicians, mariachis, have an author reading series; a lecture series.