Sequoia National Forest

Sequoia Task Force 2023


To preserve, protect, and restore the ecological integrity of the Sequoia National Forest and the Giant Sequoia National Monument through monitoring, education, and advocacy.



Carla Cloer, Ara Marderosian, John Rasmussen, Marcia Rasmussen

We always are interested in new advocates for the sequoia ecosystem and protection of the Sequoia National Forest.  Contact us!

2023 Goals: 

• Defend the burned sequoia groves against aggressive so-called restoration projects that destroy natural regeneration and interfere in the natural processes that created and have sustained the groves for millennia.    

• Work with attorneys and other environmental groups to use all available options to prevent or modify Forest Service attempts to create giant even-aged plantations in burned groves. 

• Monitor and fight administratively and via lawsuits aggressive so-called “hazard-tree” removal projects that destroy forest elements that support the endangered Pacific fisher 

•Continue to educate, monitor, give input, and challenge bad post-fire projects: emphasize the value of post-fire habitat, the value of standing snags and natural stages of succession. 

• Rally opposition to attempts to circumvent environmental laws such as National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and the Endangered Species Act (ESA) under the guise of ‘restoration’ or fire prevention. Impacts of climate change are being used by pro-logging elements to weaken legal protections. The “Save Our Sequoias Bill,” introduced by Kevin McCarthy, poses significant threats to environmental laws and would create a precedent to enter official wildernesses and to use helicopters to facilitate crews to plant thousands of non-native trees in several sequoia groves. 

• Oppose the planting of tree species not native to forests and/or cloned or genetically modified in widespread experiments to ‘save’ forests from drought and/or climate change. 

• Work with the Forest Service and provide public information regarding projects purporting to ‘restore’ from drought.