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The mission of the California  Agriculture Committee is to educate and advocate for social equity for family farmers and farm labor, regeneration of soil health for resilience to extreme weather, and improvement in agricultural sustainability and profitability, water conservation, food quality, animal welfare, and ecosystem biodiversity.

One Goal 2023-2024

To plan and support a multi-year campaign accelerating transition away from high-risk pesticides to safe pest control practices in California focusing on: 

  • environmental justice, 
  • healthy communities, and 
  • biodiversity conservation and expansion

California Agricultural Pesticide Use


Our current actions are to:

Related priority issues we may pursue: 

  • biodiversity on farms and gardens including hedgerows, riparian habitat, and wildlife corridors,
  • an effective Healthy Soils Program that minimizes toxic inputs and incorporates robust measurements of outcomes, and
  • water infiltration measures on grazed, clear-cut and plowed area

The Sierra Club network of committees, teams and chapters we work with:

Take Action

We can all take action to transform California’s agricultural system. Whether you are a farmer, rancher, restaurant owner, policy maker, or citizen who loves delicious and sustainable food, find out what action you can take today

Join Us and Support Transformation in California Agriculture

The Agriculture Committee advocates for state funding and policies that promote food and farming that is safe and healthy for farmers, farmworkers, consumers and the climate. We network with organizations with a similar mission.

We welcome volunteers and people wanting to collaborate. For more information, contact us here.

Explore these resources and lists


Roadmap to an Organic California 

California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) a non-profit certifier first-of-its kind report on how organic is a solution to California’s toughest challenges from pollution to environmental injustice to the climate crisis.

Benefits Report online. Buy a printed copy HERE.

Policy Report online. Buy a printed copy HERE


Roadmap Off of Hazardous Pesticides 

A California Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) stakeholder Work Group created the SPM Roadmap. Released in January 2023, webinars introduce how it will reduce pesticide use. 


Agricultural Environments (Spanish, English)

Urban Environments (Spanish, English)

More resources:

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