State Parks



  • To advocate for the preservation and protection of the natural and cultural resources of California's State Parks.
  • To ensure that all Parks are open and available for public use and that there is adequate funding for operations and maintenance.
  • To ensure equitable access by all Californians to our state parks.
  • To support the expansion of State Parks where appropriate.
  • To coordinate with the Sierra Club Off Highway Vehicle Taskforce on OHV issues in State Parks.


Alan Carlton  and  Lynne Paulson


Patricia Matejcek, Arthur Feinstein, Peter Rauch, Mark Faull, Lynne Paulson, Julie Verran, Lorraine Unger, Barbara Williams, Vicki Lee, Cynthia Denny, Judy Anderson, Norman LaForce, Mesonika Piechuch, Dale Stocking, Stacy Goss, Marilyn Jasper, Grant Weseman, Victoria Brandon, Ron Mackie, Ron Roy, Eric Diesel, Nancy Okada

2022 Goals

  • To lobby the legislature for adequate funding for State Parks
  • To encourage passage of the Parks Bond
  • To attend and participate in the State Parks Commission meetings
  • To consider local issues as they arise