50 Ways 100% Clean Energy Won In 2017

We'd never argue that 2017 was a great year, but some really great things did happen! Here are 50 ways (yes, 50!) that clean energy kept winning in 2017 despite Trump's attempts to roll back the country's progress.


1. The Republican Mayor Championing 100% Renewable Energy in Louisiana

Republican Mayor Greg Lemons made his small town of Abita Springs the first municipality in Louisiana to commit to 100% clean energy. Mayor Lemons said his 100% renewable energy vision for Abita Springs, which has a population of 2,900, aligns with the conservative values of his community -- and it has made him a trailblazer across Louisiana. Read more about Mayor Lemons: https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/z4k85y/meet-the-republican-mayor-fighting-for-renewable-energy-in-louisiana


2. Madison and Abita Springs Committed to 100% Clean Energy on the Same Day!

On March 21, Madison, Wisconsin and Abita Springs, Louisiana became the 24th and 25th cities in the country to commit to 100% clean energy. Last year, more than 70% of voters in Madison cast ballots supporting Hillary Clinton, while in St. Tammany Parish, where Abita Springs is located, more than 70% of voters supported Donald Trump. They agree on one thing, at least -- the need for 100% clean energy. Learn more: https://www.ecowatch.com/cities-commit-renewable-energy-2324917492.html


3. Solar Created Even More Jobs Across America

A new report released this year by The Solar Foundation showed that in 2016, the number of solar jobs increased in 44 of the 50 states, and more than 260,000 Americans now work in solar. In several major metro areas, the solar workforce grew by 50% or more. The New York Times ran a major piece in April, which pretty much sums it up: "Today's Energy Jobs Are in Solar, Not Coal." Read it here: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2017/04/25/climate/todays-energy-jobs-are-in-solar-not-coal.html?_r=0


4. Chicago Committed to Power All Municipal Buildings with 100% Renewable Energy by 2025

In April, Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced that by 2025, all 900-plus buildings operated by the city, Chicago Public Schools, Chicago Park District, Chicago Housing Authority and City Colleges will be powered entirely by renewable sources. In 2016, those buildings used nearly 1.8 billion kilowatt hours of electricity -- equal to the energy needed to power about 295,000 homes. Read more:  http://chicagotonight.wttw.com/2017/04/10/chicago-commits-renewable-energy-900-plus-government-buildings


5. U.S. Mayors Announced New National Drive for 100% Clean Energy

Mayors from across the United States teamed up with the Ready for 100 campaign to announce Mayors for 100% Clean Energy, a new effort to engage and recruit mayors to endorse a goal of transitioning to 100% renewable energy in cities across the country. Read more:  https://www.eenews.net/greenwire/stories/1060053626


6. 100% Clean Energy at the People's Climate March

A contingent of 100% clean energy activists representing communities from coast to coast joined hundreds of thousands of people marching in the People's Climate March in Washington, D.C. on April 29. See highlights here:  https://www.sierraclub.org/pennsylvania/southeastern/peoples-climate-movement


7. Atlanta Committed to 100% Clean, Renewable Energy

Atlanta became the largest city in the South to commit to running entirely on clean energy. The city then took it to the people  to learn through a series of #CommunityConversations why Atlanta is #ReadyFor100. Atlantans are helping shape the plan, set to be released next year -- and they've even got some superhero support. Read more: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/atlanta-renewable-energy_us_5907ca45e4b05c397681b81b


8. More Companies Bought Into 100% Clean Energy

Around the world, a record number of big corporations, ranging from Anheuser-Busch to Kellogg, committed to going all-in on 100% clean energy. Collectively, their energy footprint is greater than all energy consumed in the state of New York. Corporate demand for renewable energy is helping drive a shift away from fossil fuels and bringing more renewable energy online. Google declared it now buys enough wind to cover 100% of its energy use. Read more: https://www.greentechmedia.com/articles/read/large-corporations-are-driving-americas-renewable-energy-boom


9. Even Puppies Love 100% Clean Energy

And what's more uplifting than puppies? Engage: https://www.instagram.com/p/BXUA_0ghudH/


10. Entire Town of Hanover Voted Unanimously for 100%

At a town meeting on May 9, residents of Hanover, New Hampshire voted to get off of all fossil fuels by 2050. This is the first community in the country to adopt a goal of 100% clean, renewable energy voted on and approved by the residents of the community. Learn more: http://www.greenenergytimes.org/2017/06/23/hanover-pledges-to-go-100-renewable/


11. Clean Energy Spiked In California and Texas

In California and Texas this year, clean energy like wind and solar set new records for energy generation. On May 13, renewable energy supplied 67% of all power in California. And wind broke records across the country, especially in Texas where 54% of grid electricity came from wind at one point on October 27, breaking a previous 50% record set on March 23. Read more: https://www.treehugger.com/renewable-energy/california-got-50-percent-its-electricity-solar-power-one-day-march.html


12. A Movement of Mayors Across Florida

Florida mayors are leading the way towards 100% clean, renewable energy. Over 40 mayors from across Florida have joined Mayors for 100% Clean Energy, the most of any state in the country. Although the Sunshine State gets less than half a percent of its power from the sun, Floridians beat back previous utility-backed efforts to limit solar energy in the state. Now clean energy advocates and dozens of mayors say they deserve better. Read more: http://www.news-journalonline.com/news/20171126/cities-get-behind-promise-to-end-use-of-fossil-fuels


13. Pueblo, Colorado Committed to 100% Clean, Renewable Energy

The city of Pueblo, Colorado committed to running entirely on renewable energy by 2035. City council is now exploring options for how they can cut ties with an uncooperative utility, protect low income rate payers, and move to 100% clean energy for all. Read more: http://www.coloradoan.com/story/news/2017/02/14/pueblo-commits-100-percent-renewable-energy/97903720/


14. A Mother's Clean Energy Vision for Her City

On Mother's Day, Mayor Heidi Harmon of San Luis Obispo, California, who is also a proud mom of two, shared her vision for 100% clean energy in her community. Citing the safety and health threats that climate change and pollution will pose to children, Mayor Harmon sees a solution: transitioning San Luis Obispo to run on 100% clean energy. Ask your mayor to create a healthy future for the next generation -- Take action: https://sierra.secure.force.com/actions/ClimateParents?actionId=AR0078588&id=70131000001ui39AAA


15. Oregonians Committed to 100% Clean, Renewable Energy

On the same day that Donald Trump withdrew the U.S. from the Paris Climate Agreement, the Portland City Council and Multnomah County Commission voted to transition to 100% renewable energy by 2050. Thanks to organizations like Verde and Opal, these commitments also represent a strong commitment to racial and economic justice and will ensure that communities of color and low income communities define, lead, and share the economic, social, and environmental benefits of a renewable energy transition. Read more: http://www.oregonlive.com/portland/index.ssf/2017/06/portland_multnomah_county_set.html


16. Energy Experts Agreed: 100% Renewable Energy is Possible

In a global survey, more than 70% of the world's energy experts agreed that powering the globe with 100% renewable resources is achievable. Read the 2017 REN21 Renewables Global Futures Report here: http://www.ren21.net/future-of-renewables/global-futures-report/


17. Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto to Trump: the Steel City Will Move to 100% Clean Energy

Just hours after Donald Trump claimed to represent the voters of Pittsburgh in his decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement, Mayor Bill Peduto announced his support for a goal of powering Pittsburgh entirely with clean and renewable energy by 2035. Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/pittsburgh-paris-agreement-trump-renewable-energy-2017-6


18. Edmonds and Whatcom County Were the First Washington Commitments to 100% Clean Energy

In June, the city of Edmonds became the first community in the state of Washington to commit to 100% clean, renewable energy. Edmonds set the goal of achieving a 100% transition by 2025 shortly after the U.S. Conference of Mayors annual meeting in June. Whatcom County became the sixth county in the country to move towards 100% renewable energy. Read more about Edmonds's leadership: http://myedmondsnews.com/2017/07/climate-change-resolution-commits-edmonds-100-percent-renewable-energy-2025/


19. Mayor Steve Benjamin of Columbia, South Carolina Is a Clean Energy Champ

Columbia, South Carolina Mayor Steve Benjamin, Co-Chair of Mayors for 100% Clean Energy, is #ReadyFor100. Mayor Benjamin's leadership paved the way for Columbia to commit to 100% clean, renewable energy in June. As a local and national leader, Mayor Benjamin is sharing his vision far and wide. Learn more about his story: https://www.citylab.com/equity/2017/05/when-a-red-state-mayor-goes-green/525081/


20. Wind is Winning Across America

Wind power reached new heights in 2017! Earlier this year, American Electric Power (AEP) announced that it would make a $4.5 billion investment in the nation's largest wind energy project, and local advocates like Nancy Moran spoke out in support. The wind farm will provide power in Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas, and is expected to save customers $7 billion over the next 25 years. In Texas, wind power became a bigger source of electricity than coal. Take action:  https://twitter.com/SierraClub/status/890672848905281540


21. U.S. Conference of Mayors Approved Historic 100% Clean Energy Resolution, Proving That Mayors Are #ReadyFor100

The 85th U.S. Conference of Mayors  approved a resolution establishing support from the nation's biggest cities for an equitable and just transition to 100% clean energy by 2035. Clean energy activists celebrated the mayors' vote by taking part in an aerial art action on the beach. Is your mayor signed onto Mayors for 100% Clean Energy? Check here: https://www.sierraclub.org/ready-for-100/mayors-for-clean-energy


22. One of the Country's Biggest Bus Fleets Will Be 100% Electric by 2030

This summer, the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro), voted to transition its fleet of over 2,200 buses to zero emission electric buses by 2030. Transitioning to all electric buses will help improve air quality, fight climate change, enhance social equity, and improve rider experience. Additionally, with policies that encourage local manufacturing, the transition can create good local jobs in disadvantaged communities. Congratulations to the Sierra Club's My Generation campaign and local partners in Los Angeles who worked hard to achieve this major victory. Learn more:  https://impact.vice.com/en_us/article/9kky48/la-wants-to-switch-to-electric-buses-to-make-you-healthier


23. Orlando's 100% Clean Energy Commitment is Already Having an Impact

In August Orlando became the largest city in Florida to commit to 100% renewable energy. The city plans to stop using fossil fuels by 2050. Orlando's commitment to clean energy is already having an impact: Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer indicated that the city's 100% renewable energy goal is a key factor in determining who will become the next CEO of their city-owned utility. Read more: http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/os-ouc-seeks-new-manager-20171116-story.html


24. The Path to 100% Clean Energy Is Saving Hawai'i Money

The Hawai'i House of Representatives found this year that Hawai'i residents have already saved over a quarter of a billion dollars as a result of the state's progress toward achieving its goal of 100% renewable energy by 2045. The state called on other states and the federal government to replace fossil fuels with renewable energy, citing that it makes economic sense today. Hawai'i has a detailed plan to hit its goal five years ahead of schedule. Learn more: http://www.capitol.Hawai'i.gov/measure_indiv.aspx?billtype=HCR&billnumber=113&year=2017


25. Faith Leaders Asked Boise's Mayor to Endorse a 100% Clean Energy Future

Boise Faith Leaders representing 20 different faith communities delivered a letter to Mayor Dave Bieter to urge him to support a goal to make Boise the first city in Idaho to commit to 100% clean energy. The Idaho chapter of the Sierra Club has been building grassroots support and asking Mayor Dave Bieter to commit to a 100% clean energy goal. Read the letter here: https://www.sierraclub.org/sites/default/files/sce-authors/u7661/RF100_FaithCommunity.pdf


26. In the Coal-Dependent State of Utah, 100% Is Trending

In a state that still gets nearly 70% of its electricity from coal-fired power plants, municipalities have begun to say "no more." This year, Summit County and Moab, Utah committed to transition to 100% clean, renewable energy. Salt Lake City, which is also in the 100% club, released Climate Positive 2040, a plan to achieve its goal to run on clean energy by 2032, reduce carbon pollution, and take the lead on climate action. Learn more: https://www.ksl.com/?nid=148&sid=45567153


27. 100% Clean Energy Unleashed in Capitals

U.S. lawmakers introduced bills in both the Senate and House of Representatives this year that would move the entire country to 100% renewable energy. Senators Jeff Merkley and Bernie Sanders announced their landmark "100x50" act with community leaders in April. And clean energy supporters from California to Massachusetts have been pushing state lawmakers adopt 100% renewable energy, but many of these efforts are still in progress. Stay tuned! Learn more: https://www.merkley.senate.gov/100by50


28. 150 Mayors for 100% Clean Energy

The Sierra Club's Mayors for 100% Clean Energy initiative reached a major milestone: 150 mayors from across the country signed onto the campaign and pledged to power their communities with 100% clean, renewable energy. Civic leaders from across the country are stepping up to make it known that they care about the health of their residents and the strength of their local economy by advocating for 100% clean, renewable energy. Learn more: https://www.sierraclub.org/compass/2017/09/milestone-150-mayors-endorse-100-clean-energy


29. Local Clean Energy Advocates Rallied for Community Choice

In support of a clean energy future for California, community members rallied in September to protect Community Choice energy programs, like Alameda County's East Bay Community Energy. Community Choice gives cities and counties the chance to take control of their electric power supply and offer renewable energy to residents and businesses. Learn more about Local Clean Energy Alliance here: http://www.localcleanenergy.org/policy-platform/community-choice


30. North Carolina Counties Went All-In On Renewable Energy

While cities across the country continue to commit to 100% clean energy, some North Carolina communities are going even bigger. Orange County and Buncombe County, North Carolina this year became some of the first counties in the country to commit to 100% clean, renewable energy. Read more about Buncombe County's journey to 100%: http://www.citizen-times.com/story/news/local/2017/12/18/buncombe-county-sets-total-renewable-energy-goal-25-years/942285001/


31. Pueblo's Movement for Energy Justice Featured in Sierra Magazine Profile

In a profile published in Sierra, Michael Tannahill's story reveals the connections between economic and environmental justice -- and highlights why the community of Pueblo, Colorado is pushing back hard against high utility costs and dirty fuels to get to 100% clean energy. Read the feature here: https://www.sierraclub.org/sierra/2017-5-september-october/feature/electric-utility-ratepayers-are-fed-expensive-dirty-energy


32. Portland's Commitment to 100% Clean Energy Pushed Portland General Electric (PGE) to Invest in Renewables

PGE acknowledged that Portland and surrounding Multnomah County's 100% renewable energy goals are shaping its future energy investments. After the Oregon Public Utility Commission rejected PGE's proposal to expand a gas-fired power station in August, PGE issued a proposal to develop renewable energy and energy storage. Learn more: https://thinkprogress.org/portland-100-percent-renewable-natural-gas-denied-3c775ad4e05a/


33. St. Louis Became the Largest Midwest City to Commit to 100% Clean, Renewable Energy

On October 27, the St. Louis Board of Aldermen unanimously approved the city's commitment to transition to 100% by 2035. St. Louis, a longtime coal capital home to Arch Coal and Peabody Energy, represents the largest city in Missouri and across the Midwest to establish a goal of transitioning entirely to clean, renewable energy. The city will develop a plan by December 2018 to meet the goal and conduct a transparent and inclusive stakeholder process. This includes community members and representatives from organizations representing labor, faith, social justice, environmental justice, frontline communities and those most impacted by our current energy systems, among others. Learn more: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/st-louis-long-coal-capital-votes-get-all-its-power-n814861


34. In Cleveland, the Community Wants Clean Energy for Everyone

Through a series of Community Dialogues in Cleveland, Ohio, Ready for 100 organizer Jocelyn Travis has been helping residents of "the Rock and Roll Capital of the World" envision a 100% clean energy transition in their city. The Dialogues have helped Cleveland's diverse communities connect with each other, learn about clean energy solutions, and build a movement for a healthy and just clean energy transition. Ohioans, take action here:  https://www.addup.org/campaigns/cleveland-is-readyfor100-percent-clean-energy


35. Community Choice Can Help San Diego Reach Its 100% Clean Energy Goal

A City of San Diego study released this year determined that Community Choice Energy can help San Diego achieve its goal of 100% clean energy at a cost competitive rate with the local utility. San Diego is the largest city in the country to have adopted a legally binding 100% renewable energy goal, which the city plans to achieve by 2035. San Diego's Republican Mayor, Kevin Faulconer, is a co-chair of Mayors for 100% Clean Energy. Read the city's study here:  https://www.sandiego.gov/sustainability/clean-and-renewable-energy


36. 100% Clean Energy Won Big on Election Day

Across the country, from East Lansing, Michigan to St. Petersburg, Florida, 100% clean energy champions won big on Election Day, reaffirming that local communities want more clean energy! Read more: http://statenews.com/article/2017/09/no-chance-in-hell-aaron-stephens-in-pursuit-of-city-council


37. U.S. Climate Leadership is All About Local

During the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP23) in Bonn, Germany, U.S. cities and mayors joined other local leaders to stand behind the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement. Mayors affirmed #WeAreStillIn by doubling down on local support for bold climate action. The aggregate climate actions of We Are Still In signatories and other non-federal U.S. actors are being quantified through America's Pledge, an initiative spearheaded by UN Special Envoy for Cities and Climate Change Michael Bloomberg and California Gov. Jerry Brown. Engage: https://twitter.com/wearestillin/status/931110705838919681


38. The Sierras Went All-In On Renewable Energy

South Lake Tahoe, Nevada City, and Truckee, California all committed to 100% clean, renewable energy this year, leading the way for other communities across the Sierras. Mountain towns in the West have been leading a move to clean energy to save their snow and the tourist industry. Learn more about the Sierra Nevada Alliance's work in the "Range of Light": http://sierranevadaalliance.com/clean-energy/


39. Ready for 100 Released 2nd Annual Case Studies Report

The Ready for 100 campaign released a new report in English and Spanish highlighting 10 cities across the U.S. that have committed to 100% renewable energy and the steps they are taking to get there. Featured cities span from coast to coast, and include tiny towns and large metropolises. This is the second case studies report issued by Ready for 100, following a 2016 release. Take the report to your mayor here: https://sierra.secure.force.com/actions/National?actionId=AR0094956


40. What Do an Eagle Scout, a Colonel, and a Utility Company Have in Common?

They all support 100% renewable energy! Community members packed a town hall in Breckenridge, Colorado, in support of the town adopting a goal to achieve 100% renewable energy by 2035. Testimony included fifth-grade Boy Scout Eli Larson, who stated, "If this global warming keeps up, we might not even have a winter." And a U.S. Colonel testified that there was a mandate from the community to go renewable. Six Colorado cities in total have committed to 100%, including Nederland and Lafayette this year. An Xcel Energy spokesperson acknowledged that the utility would do everything it can to help cities achieve their goals. Read more: https://www.denverpost.com/2017/09/06/denver-greenhouse-gas-emissions-renewable-energy/


41. Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski is #ReadyFor100

Since Salt Lake City committed to 100% renewable energy last year, Mayor Jackie Biskupski has been on a mission to get other mayors on board. A co-chair of Mayors for 100% Clean Energy, Mayor Biskupski has rallied support for 100% everywhere from Twitter  to the U.S. Conference of Mayors. Learn more about Mayor Biskupski: https://www.outsideonline.com/2264541/jackie-biskupski-salt-lake-city-utah-mayor-takes-climate-change-public-lands


42. Two Massachusetts Cities Committed to 100% Clean, Renewable Energy

Cambridge and Amherst, Massachusetts passed resolutions in 2017 committing to 100% clean, renewable energy. As the first municipalities to do so in Massachusetts, the cities are leading the way in the Bay State. Read more: http://www.gazettenet.com/Amherst-adopts-zero-energy-building-bylaw-passes-charter-school-resolution-13627961


43. Ameren Missouri Proposed Wind to Help Meet St. Louis's 100% Clean Energy Goal

Ameren Missouri, the utility serving St. Louis, acted right away on the city's 100% clean energy commitment, which passed in October. The utility has invested $1 billion in wind projects and now wants to create a Renewable Choice Program for customers that would give cities and companies the option to buy wind energy. Read more:  http://www.stltoday.com/business/local/new-ameren-program-would-give-cities-and-companies-access-to/article_afb02ba5-6702-5665-9409-a4e6c97487e9.html


44. TOAD the Wet Sprocket Took Ready for 100 on Tour

TOAD the Wet Sprocket went on tour with a cause this summer. Promoting the Ready for 100 campaign at tour stops across the country, the alternative rock band encouraged fans to join the campaign and support 100% renewable energy! Learn more: http://shockwavemagazine.com/toad-the-wet-sprocket-commemorate-milestone-20th-anniversary-of-coil-on-tour/


45. Coastal California Cities Embraced 100%

This year, the cities of Santa Barbara, Monterey, Solana Beach, Chula Vista, and Goleta, California all made commitments to transitioning to 100% clean, renewable energy. To date, 14 cities across California have committed to running entirely to clean energy. Read more about Santa Barbara's commitment: https://www.independent.com/news/2017/jun/08/santa-barbara-votes-100-percent-renewable-energy/


46. Scotland Will Reach 100% Renewable Energy By 2020

The Scottish government confirmed the country is on track to get all of its energy from renewable sources by 2020. Scotland hit its 2020 emission targets five years early and has gone from delivering 10% to 60% of its electricity consumption from renewable sources over the past 15 years. For the first six months of 2017, wind power provided enough electricity to meet 118% of Scotland's national demand. Read more: http://www.greenmatters.com/renewables/2017/11/08/Z2rjgAy/scotland-2020-solar


47. Greater Philadelphia Is Sparking a Movement for 100% Clean Energy in Pennsylvania

Three Philadelphia-area communities committed to transition to 100% clean, renewable energy. West Chester, Phoenixville Borough, and Downingtown in Chester County all set goals to move entirely to renewable energy, setting the bar for Philly and other Pennsylvania cities to follow. Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney pledged support for the goal through Mayors for 100% Clean Energy this year, a great first step. Learn more: readyfor100.org/philly


48. Hawai'ian Mayors Committed to 100% Renewably Powered Ground Transportation by 2045

In December, mayors from the City and County of Honolulu, Maui County, Hawai'i County and Kaua'i County committed to transforming Hawai'i's transportation to 100% renewable fuel sources by 2045. The proclamations build off of Hawai'i's goal to transition away from fossil fuels in the electricity sector by the same date. Learn more: https://sierracluboahu.org/hawaiis-mayors-commit-to-shared-goal-of-100-percent-renewable-ground-transportation-by-2045/


49. It's Not 100% If It's Not Equitable and Just

This year California adopted legislation requiring all communities in the state to integrate environmental justice policies, objectives, and goals into their General Plans. In October the California Environmental Justice Alliance released a toolkit to help cities integrate these changes. NAACP also released a national toolkit on Just Energy Policies & Practices, a resource for energy justice advocates. And Island Press published a new book titled Energy Democracy, Advancing Equity in Clean Energy Solutions, a collection of essays from leaders across the U.S. who are winning local campaigns that demonstrate what an alternative, democratized energy future can look like. #powertothepeople. Engage:  https://twitter.com/LCEACleanEnergy/status/902999301227388929


50. Over 50 (Yes, 50!) Cities Committed to 100% Clean, Renewable Energy

The Ready for 100 campaign hit a milestone when Truckee, California became the 50th city in the United States to make a 100% commitment. The Town Council adopted a resolution to move entirely to clean electricity town-wide by 2030, as well as all energy sources by 2050. See a complete list of all cities, counties, and states committed to 100% clean energy here. Ready for your community to be next? Take Action here: https://www.addup.org/campaigns/readyfor100-percent-clean-energy



Ready for 100, a 501(c)3 campaign, does not use charitable funds to influence legislation. All Sierra Club legislative lobbying activities noted in this report were conducted by Sierra Club Chapter Committees or as part of Ready for 100 Action, a separate campaign supported by 501(c)4 funds.

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