People's Climate Movement

Highlights Of The 2017 People's Climate March in DC

Photos & News From The PCM-2017

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West ChesterHundreds rally in West Chester to support the ... - Daily Local News

PhiladelphiaThousands to march Saturday in Philadelphia against climate change

PottstownActivists march through Pottstown for environmental awareness

Pump Me Up Videos

If you missed the Bus videos, or would like to see some of them again, here's the playlist:

Some other music videos to get us motivated:

Some other videos that didn't make the bus DVD cut:


Get Fired Up - then change the world

Sierra Club - Ready For 100

350/Philly - Fossil Free SEPTA

Other Ways To Stay Engaged

  • RSVP now for a special Climate Resistance Telebriefing on May 8 We'll discuss the state of the climate resistance, share some of the work going on in our communities, and launch an exciting new initiative to create local action groups we're calling Climate Resistance Circles.
  • Sign up to host a Climate Resistance Circle to build the movement in your town As a grassroots movement, our power comes from people getting together and taking action. Sign up now and join the May 8th telebriefing to learn more about the opportunity to host a Climate Resistance Circle. As a host, you'll bring together friends and neighbors to learn organizing skills and build power for the climate justice movement in your community.
  • Keep on marching on Monday to resist attacks on immigrants March tomorrow in an immigrant-led May Day rally near you to resist Trump's attacks on immigrant families who are often on the front lines of climate change. March to protect people and the planet, because a livable planet demands safe and supportive communities for all.
  • Ask your mayor to get on board for 100% clean energy Our Ready for 100 Campaign is scoring impressive victories all across the country with 26 cities committing to 100% renewable energy. Make your city the next to commit -- ask your mayor to get on board for 100% clean energy!
  • Host a Sneak Peak "From the Ashes" film screening Gather with a group, grab some popcorn, and settle in for a Beyond Coal film screening. "From the Ashes," a documentary film produced by Radical Media and Bloomberg Philanthropies, addresses the legacy of the coal industry and its future under the Trump administration. The film highlights the work of the Beyond Coal Campaign, alongside frontline communities, to move our country from coal to clean energy. Host a grassroots screening and you and your group can view the film even before its National Geographic broadcast on June 25th!
  • Deliver a postcard to your member of Congress Our climate protections are under attack by a polluter-controlled Congress. But no amount of money can change the fact that Americans want action on climate. If we work together, we can make these rollbacks so unpopular they won't stand a chance -- even in this polluter-friendly Congress. Start by delivering a climate action postcard to your member of Congress! 
  • Take action to stop the Keystone XL Pipeline The Trump administration approved the presidential permit for the Keystone XL pipeline and reversed the decision of the Obama administration. The good news is this fight is far from over and we can win. TransCanada must still get approval to route the pipeline through Nebraska and the Nebraska Public Service Commission (PSC) is taking public comments now. Submit your comment today.
  • Join the Transform Trade Volunteer Team Trump's trade agenda would benefit corporate polluters and ignore the needs of workers and communities around the globe. Our alternative vision for trade puts the needs of people and our planet before corporate profits. Join the Transform Trade Volunteer Team to get more involved in the fight for trade justice!
  • #SeizetheGrid with Sierra Student Coalition's "Spring Into Action" If you're a student, your high school or university is supporting dirty utilities that burn fossil fuels and poison our communities. You can change this. Join #SeizetheGrid, the youth-led movement for justice and community-owned clean energy. Sign up now to "Spring Into Action!"
  • Fundraise with Team Sierra YOU are Team Sierra--you care about clean energy, protecting the places we live, and you're taking action! Continue standing with us by creating a Team Sierra page and asking 5 people to donate.