About Us

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We were founded in the fall of 1970 by a local group of dedicated, inspired environmental activists. We are all volunteers and are led by our local Executive Committee and many other volunteers. 


We present programs each month. Speakers discuss diverse subjects on nature, conservation, and the environment. Our programs are posted on our calendar and on our Meetup site.


Outings are an integral part of the Sierra Club. We lead several local hiking, kayaking, or other outdoor activities each month. All of our activities are posted on our calendar and on our Meetup site.

Conservation and Environmental Activism

We lobby and work actively to promote smart energy, preserve and increase our public lands, and promote a healthy community.

Executive Committee

The Sierra Club is the largest nationwide volunteer-driven environmental organization in the United States. To accomplish its mission with a consistent voice, our Club has been carefully organized into bylaws-governed chapters.
Our Northeast Florida Chapter is one of 16 Chapters in Florida, each of which is administered by an elected Executive Committee (EXCOM) composed of environmentally conscious Club members willing to provide leadership as we pursue the Club’s goals at the local level.
Our elected Executive Committee members develop and facilitate execution of an overall strategy to grow and engage our membership and strengthen the chapter, and provide support to our chapter’s local entities to carry out the Club's mission of exploring, enjoying, and protecting the planet.

See our 2020 - 2022 Strategic Plan.


Our Northeast Group is extremely active in helping with the Sierra Club's mission to Explore, Enjoy, and Protect the Planet.
Our accomplishments include conducting regular, free nature outings, educating and communicating on environmental and conservation topics, fighting against inappropriate development, advocatiing for the environment in the political and legislative arena, and taking on issues to "Fight the Good Fight" on behalf of our planet.
See what we are doing here.

See our recent awards from the National Sierra Club and previous awards from the city of Jacksonville.

TED Talk
Watch this wonderful TEDxJacksonville talk, Belonging to the Universe, by one our Sierra Club members, Warren Anderson. A local environmental attorney, Anderson has devoted himself to environmental protection, served in varoius positions within our Sierra Club, and founded the Public Trust Environmental Legal Institute of Florida.

Please join us to Explore, Enjoy, and Protect the planet!

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