Press Release: Sierra Club Georgia Chapter Celebrates as EPA Strengthens Soot Standards

ATLANTA — On February 7th, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released a long-awaited new standard to limit air pollution from soot. The new National Ambient Air Quality Standards for fine particulate matter (PM2.5) — commonly known as soot — will lower the annual standard from 12 mcg/m3 to 9 mcg/m3. Nationally, this new standard is expected to prevent up to 4,500 premature deaths, 290,000 lost workdays per year, and result in as much as $43 billion in net health benefits in 2032. 

Evidence shows exposure to soot pollution increases the risk of asthma, heart attacks, stroke, cancer, and even premature death. An estimated 63 million people in the United States experience unhealthy spikes in daily soot pollution, and communities of color are disproportionately exposed to higher-than-average levels of this dangerous pollutant.

The EPA will now determine areas of the country that do not meet the new standards and will release those results within two years. States that do not meet the new standards will have 18 months to develop and submit plans to comply.

In response, Sierra Club Georgia Chapter Director G Webber released the following statement:

“The Biden Administration’s actions to reduce harmful soot pollution are most welcome here in Georgia, which has one of the highest childhood asthma rates in the nation. This new air quality standard will help protect our families and our communities from the serious health risks associated with soot pollution, and we’re incredibly encouraged to see the EPA take this step.”

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