Clean Energy Committee

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Affordable clean energy, powered by Georgia's ample solar and wind resources, has the potential to create tens of thousands of lasting jobs and produce a majority of our state's energy needs. Coupled with low-cost, energy-efficient technology, renewable energy can drive Georgia job growth, keep electricity rates low, and protect our families and natural resources from harmful pollution.

Once the dominant source of Georgia’s electricity (and still the dirtiest), coal produces nearly one third of the state's energy needs today. The three remaining coal-fired power plants operated by Georgia Power include the single dirtiest coal plant in the nation: Plant Scherer in Juliette, Georgia. The pollution from Georgia's dirty coal fleet is the primary threat to our state's invaluable air and water resources as well as the health and well-being of our children and families. It's time for Georgia's energy economy to move into the 21st century! The Clean Energy Committee works to stop the development of proposed dirty, dangerous energy sources like coal and nuclear plants and scale up investment in clean, safe energy, such as solar and wind.


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Get Involved!

Are you passionate about stopping climate change, keeping our air and water clean, and pushing for more renewable energy for a sustainable future for Georgia? We are looking for enthusiastic, dedicated leaders to participate in the Clean Energy Committee and to help with our Beyond Coal Campaign. Join us to be sure Georgia has a clean energy future! Please visit our calendar for the next meeting date.

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