Legislative Committee

2018 Capitol Conservation Day

Pictured: Staff and volunteers at the Georgia Water Coalition's 2018 Capitol Conservation Day

The Sierra Club Georgia Chapter works every legislative session to keep Georgia's state lawmakers accountable to people and the environment. Our staff and volunteers actively advocate, lobby, and build relationships with state legislators to ensure the environment is a priority under the Georgia Gold Dome.

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We believe that state level legislative advocacy is one of the most rewarding and enriching volunteer experiences, and is one of the most impactful ways to protect the environment and advance environmental and social justice. We’d love for you to join us!

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Want to get more involved and learn how to lobby? We regularly have lobbying trainings and resources. Visit our calendar to RSVP for an upcoming training.

For Existing Volunteers:

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Bills We Are Tracking

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Be sure to sign up for emails from the Sierra Club to stay informed. Another good option is to sign up for alerts from Protect Georgia. Managed by the Georgia Water Coalition, this system notifies members of opportunities to take action on critical issues as they arise.

What is the Legislative Liaisons program?

If you’re looking to get even more involved and have a few hours to spare each week, consider signing up to become a Legislative Liaison. Our Legislative Liaisons program encourages Georgia volunteers to make connections with their state lawmakers, which includes meeting with them, speaking over the phone, and exchanging emails. This type of relationship building is at the core of the program, and having these conversations helps ensure lawmakers know that environmental issues matter to their constituents.

Meetings with legislators typically take place close to home (in your district) at locations like coffee shops and libraries. During the COVID-19 pandemic, constituents and legislators can set up video conferences or phone calls to connect safely.

Lead Legislative Liaisons are expected to represent the Sierra Club Georgia Chapter with integrity. It is also a higher time commitment than joining our general Legislative Campaign. If you are interested in becoming a Lead Legislative Liaison, please review the role description here.

Interested in becoming a Lead Legislative Liaison? Fill out the interest form here.

How does the Georgia Legislature work?

Navigating how laws are created and passed in the Georgia Legislature can seem nebulous and confusing. Here are several helpful articles from trusted sources that can help demystify the process.

What is the Legislative Committee?

Our Legislative Committee works to keep Georgia's lawmakers accountable to the people and the environment. The committee, in concert with the Executive Committee, takes positions on bills and advocates for their passage or organizes in opposition. Members of the Legislative Committee are appointed by the Georgia Chapter Executive Committee.

Interested in learning more? Contact Mark Woodall, Legislative Committee Chair, at woodallmark8@gmail.com.

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