Become an Outings Leader

Outings Leader Sammy at Charlie Elliot Wildlife Center

Pictured: Sammy Padgett leads a hike at the Charlie Elliot Wildlife Center in Mansfield, GA.

Do you like spending time in the outdoors? Like seeing new places and meeting new people? If you have ever thought about leading outings, then this is the perfect volunteer opportunity for you! The Sierra Club has been offering outings for over 100 years, furthering the Sierra Club's conservation goals around the country. We can give you the preparation you need for certification by the Chapter or your local group as a qualified leader of safe, enjoyable outings.

Minimum Requirements for Sierra Club outdoor trip leaders:

  • Sierra Club Membership and be at least 18 years old
  • Complete a basic (or more advanced) first aid class
  • Complete the Sierra Club Outing Leader Training 101 (offered locally or online: Read the Learner's Guide and Take the OLT 101 Quiz)
  • If you are interested in leading overnight outings away from cars, take OLT 201 (offered locally).
  • Possess skills appropriate for the activities of the trip
  • Complete additional training as required by your Outings Chair
  • Be an assistant leader on a trip
  • Receive approval to lead outings from the Outing Chair or delegated authority of the entity sponsoring the outing

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Leading Youth Groups

Special considerations are needed for activities including minors (under 18). Youth unaccompanied by their parents and participating in Sierra Club activities demand special attention to particular state and federal laws, waivers and parental consent forms, transportation, Child abuse training and background checks for leaders. The Sierra Club maintains particular protocols managing youth that affect planning, leadership, and treatment of minors throughout the club for the enhanced safety of all.

You can lead youth-oriented outings through a local Inspiring Connections Outdoors group or through your Local Outings group.

Additional Requirements to lead trips specifically for groups of youth:

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