Transportation Committee

Transportation Committee

The Transportation Committee advocates for transportation choices, such as mass-transit and biking, and transit-oriented development in Georgia. We believe that traveling by car should be just one of many options available to Georgians.

In 2015, Americans drove enough to travel to Pluto and back 337 times. Burning oil is the #1 source of climate-disrupting pollution in the U.S., and most of that comes from cars with only one passenger. Burning oil to power vehicles harms our air quality and public health. That's why our goal is to cut oil use in half in Georgia by 2030.

We work to reduce dependence on cars and trucks by securing more funding for sustainable transportation choices like mass transit, biking, walking, and electric vehicles. We encourage walkable community development for a better quality of life in Georgia and oppose bloated road projects. Visit APTA for more on the benefits of public transit.

Active Campaigns

Check out what we are working on! Please reach out if you're interested in being a part of these efforts!

  1. Get on Board Georgia (statewide passenger rail)
  2. Gwinnett Transit Expansion
  3. Cobb Transit Expansion
  4. Electrify Georgia (promote EVs)

Past Campaigns

We've been active on transportation for a long time in Georgia. Check out the impact we have recently made on transit expansion in the metro Atlanta area.

  1. Atlanta T-SPLOST and MARTA Expansion
  2. Clayton County MARTA Expansion

Connect with Us

Attend the next meeting! This committee meets quarterly on the fourth Monday of the month to discuss progress on each campaign. Smaller campaign teams meet more frequently. Please visit our calendar for the next meeting date!

Find the Transportation Committee on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on the latest transportation-related issues!