Press Release: EPA's new vehicle standards will make Georgians healthier

ATLANTA — This week, the Environmental Protection Agency announced that new cars and certain light and medium-duty trucks will need to meet new tailpipe pollution standards starting with model year 2027. These new emission standards are estimated to eliminate more than 7 billion metric tons of climate pollution and provide significant health benefits to our communities.

The transportation sector is the biggest source of climate pollution both nationwide and in the state of Georgia.

In response, Sierra Club Georgia Chapter Director G Webber released the following statement:

"Anyone who has been stuck in traffic on I-75 with the windows down knows how detrimental breathing in car exhaust can be. These new tailpipe pollution limits will help curb this climate-altering pollution while significantly improving the health of our communities. This week’s announcement is particularly welcome news here in Georgia, which has one of the highest rates of childhood asthma in the U.S.  We’re excited to see another solution for pollution from President Biden and the EPA and look forward to continuing this momentum with more strong policies to protect our health and our planet."

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