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Green crops growing in rows in an agricultural field with trees in the background

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Mission : To monitor and advise on state policies that will encourage sustainable and carbon-neutral agriculture and food production. Engage with the Agriculture industry in PA about impacts of climate change. Encourage a diversity of locally grown food choices. Reduce the impacts of pesticides and fertilizers on our ecosystems. 

Develop materials that educate our members about sustainable and climate sensitive food purchasing practices and at-home or community gardens. Work with the Water Quality Team on a consistent mission of sustainable food production and healthy ecosystems downstream. Support Group teams working in this space.


2022 Priorities

  1. Researching and sharing news about the climate impacts of animal farming
  2. Exploring the opportunities for alternative farming (other than mainstream dairy and corn in PA)
  3. Promoting Urban Agriculture

Meetings and Events

The SC/PA Food & Ag Team meets the 4th Monday of even months via video call. Look for "Chapter Food & Ag Team Mtg" event on  our event calendar.


Contacts - Volunteer Interest

To ask a quesiton of the Food & Ag Team, or learn how you can contribute to our team, submit this Volunteer Interest Form.

We are always looking for new volunteers. Join our next meeting (see Meetings & Events above) or connect our team leaders to learn how you can work on building our resource hub and developing educational materials for consumers and farmers in Pennsylvania.

Recent Accomplishments

PFAS In Things You Aren't Thinking About - Feb 22, 2023

Are we being exposed to Forever Chemicals (PFAS) through local farms because of contamination in the municipal sludge that farms use for fertilizer? Are we at risk from unsafe levels of PFAS in other everyday items, like our clothes? Hear how local activists testing and analyzing in places where the EPA and DEPA have been slow to investigate. Tamela Trussell from Move Past Plastic will speak about PFAS exposure from clothes, utensils, packaging and other stuff that we may not think about. Darree Sicher from the SC/PA Food & Ag team will speak about  PFAS link  between our foods and farms and the use of sewage sludge/biosolids marketed as a “fertilizer”.


Fawn Grove Test Report

Milk Longacres Test Report

UDS Level 2 Test Report

Localization and Hemp: Strategies for Addressing the Climate Crisis - June 23, 2022

Pennsylvania is an agriculture-state and was once a center for hemp production used for food, fiber and fuel. Then came a foolhardy 80 year ban, which ended with the 2018 Farm Bill, allowing the regulated cultivation of hemp. Listen to entrepreneur and sustainability advocate Judy Wicks talks about addressing climate challenges by building resilient local economies where hemp will once again be an essential part of Pennsylvania's farming heritage, producing a versatile crop that fulfills multiple basic needs, while contributing to our low-carbon future.


My journey to starting an urban farming non-profit in Pennsylvania

Speaker: Hawa Lassanah, Backyard Farming Coop
Date/Time: July 15, 2021

Description: Follow Hawa and her team as they establish an urban farming business for the benefit of the Lancaster County community. After a short video presentation, Hawa will be available to answer questions from those interested in following in her footsteps across Pennsylvania.


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PA Legislation

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Sierra Club Food & Ag Policy

The NRDC has developed a series of policy recommendations "to advance regenerative agriculture" and reduce the support of the USDA for industrial Ag. Regenerative Agriculture - Farm Policy for the 21st Century

Union of Concerned Scientists: Climate Change in Pennsylvania:  Impacts and Solutions for the Keystone State

All Together Now PA: just and resilient regional economies comprised of independent, locally-owned farms and businesses

Resources on growing hemp and using hemp to develop hemp based packaging

The Food & Ag Team thought this video from the New York Times Opinion section made us think about raising the priority of reducing GHG emissions from the animal farming industry.

Blogs on Food & Agriculture in PA