Wildlife crossings and roadkill

Iowa Wildlife Crossings & Roadkill

Citizen Science: collecting data on animal crossings and roadkill

We are inviting Iowans to add observations of roadkill or successful animal crossings across Iowa roads. This will help us in demonstrating the need for wildlife corridors and safe sites for animal crossings (underpasses and overpasses) Iowa.

What participants do

Record the location of roadkills or unexpected live animal crossings in Iowa as animals move from one area to another.  The link to the project is https://anecdata.org/projects/view/1254.  To use it you need to set up an account on Anecdata, but it’s free.  Anecdata was created by the Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory to allow scientists and organizations to create Citizen Science Projects.

To learn more about wildlife corridors, see the Iowa Chapter's webpage on wildlife corridors.