Iowa Legislature

The Iowa legislature


During the legislative session, the Iowa Chapter tracks introduced legislation and lobbies on environmental bills.

To learn more about the issues Sierra Club is supporting:

Stay in touch with your legislators

To find your legislator's contact information, hit the link below.  On the legislature's website, select the legislator and click the link to their individual web page where you will see their contact information. 


You can help by writing, e-mailing, phoning your state senators and representatives about pending bills and issues.  You are also welcome to come to the Capitol to discuss issues with the legislators.  Don’t be timid; our opposition is in regular contact with the legislators.  Legislators need to hear from all of us.  

  • It is good to communicate with your own representative or senator; however, you are free to communicate with any legislator. 
  • It is also a good idea to communicate with the committee members who are working on the issue that interests you. 
  • Don't ignore the minority party legislators and their leadership.
  • Because bill numbers frequently change as they move through the process, a good hint is to talk about the issue and your position on the issue.  Mention the bill number if it is currently before the committee on which the legislator is a member or the bill is on the debate calendar. 
  • It is a good idea to stick to one topic, bill or issue when you contact the legislator.  
  • Use your own words, state why the issue is important, be clear about what action you want the legislator to take. 
  • Also write a thank you note if your legislator voted favorably on a bill.
  • Keep issues in front of the public, your neighbors, your friends, and your relatives, including writing letters to the editor of your local papers.
  • Encourage others to contact their elected officials.   When several people make the same pitch to a legislator, it adds strength to your own message.

You can also help by attending the Legislator's public forums, coffees, and constituent meetings and asking questions about environmental issues.  To learn more about  meetings legislators hold with constituents, see "Legislator coffees, constituent meetings, and forums"  For a list of questions you can ask at forums, see the document "Environmental questions you can ask at legislator coffees, constituent meetings and forums".

Don't disappear during the interim months between legislative sessions - Between legislative sessions, you should still contact the legislators and talk to them about environmental issues.  See Issues to discuss with legislators

Learn how to be a citizen lobbyist at the Iowa Capitol

Lobbying Nuts and Bolts - where to go, how to be a citizen lobbyist