Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles - affordable, powerful, energy efficient, clean, and fun to drive

Now is a good time to purchase and electric vehicle.

Iowans, as well as drivers across the globe, have discovered that owning an electric vehicle is fun, energy efficient, and clean-running.  It is not just cars that have been electrified.  Electric motorcycles are now available.  Electric buses, even school buses, are also available. 

With respect to charging stations, several sources listing charging stations and offering trip planners can be found on-line.  Among them are www.chargehub.com and www.plugshare.com

Electric vehicles are quiet and easy to drive.

A car running on battery power is very quiet.  It is comfortable to ride in. 

Electric vehicles reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other harmful pollution.

Recharging the battery is more energy efficient than burning gasoline.  Consequently, driving an electric vehicle reduces fossil fuel emissions, including greenhouse gases.   

By reducing the amount of fossil fuels that are burned, amounts of other harmful pollutants that result from an internal combustion engine, such as ozone and particulate matter, are reduced.  Some electric vehicle owners charge their cars using solar energy, meaning that their vehicles discharge no greenhouse gases and harmful air pollutants. 

In the United States, transportation is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions.  By adopting electric vehicles, that source of emissions will begin to decline - a benefit to all of us.

Electric vehicles run farther on a gallon of gas or use no gas at all.

Some electric vehicles run totally on batteries.  Others have a plug-in rechargeable battery and a small gasoline engine.  The gasoline engine reduces range-anxiety, the fear that a driver will run out of charge before reaching the next charging station or before reaching the destination.  The gasoline engine also helps with long-distance travel, in that the driver can plan to travel longer distances between charges.  Both types of electric vehicles are good options for reducing greenhouse gas emissions as compared to only driving a vehicle with an internal combustion engine.

Pre-owned vehicles are readily available.

Purchasing a pre-owned vehicle is an economical way to become an owner of an electric vehicle.

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Zero-emission buses are a smart choice for communities.

The total cost of ownership, including fuel costs and maintenance, of an electric bus is significantly lower than diesel or compressed natural gas.  Plus the reduced air emissions make an electric bus a smart choice.  To learn more, see Electric Buses

EV charging station, Cedar Rapids, Iowa