Diversity Statement

Sierra Club Diversity Statement, Equity, and Inclusion Statement   (Board of Directors, April 2013)

The Sierra Club embraces, values and respects a variety of social and cultural characteristics including, but not limited to race, class, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, mental/physical ability, religion and age. In order for the Sierra Club to fulfill its mission and be a leader in the progressive movement, we commit to celebrating diversity, ensuring inclusion and working towards equity in all we do. We believe diversity, inclusion and equity are essential to our mission because:

§         Diversity is a conservation necessity and social imperative that will enable the Club to remain a leader in the environmental movement.

§         Inclusion fosters involvement of all persons and organizations that share our vision for a healthy planet.

§         Environmental equity ensures that everyone has the right to experience nature and access to clean water, clean air, clean soil and a safe environment.

We acknowledge that in order to be a truly diverse and inclusive organization we will exercise commitment to these goals within issue advocacy, the way we do business and how we interact with one another and our external partners. In support of the mission of the Sierra Club, we strive to be accessible and inclusive, and to recruit, engage, support and cultivate leadership from all communities in our work and activities. Our vision is for our volunteers, leaders, members, staff and supporters to reflect the diversity of our nation's communities. In an ongoing effort, we will build and integrate our commitment to diversity and inclusion into our conservation initiatives, program strategies, membership, workforce, structure, budget, business practices, communications and overall culture of the Sierra Club.

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