Legislation to require radon mitigation in new residences

Passive Radon Mitigation to be included in building codes

A bill - HF2491 - has been introduced in the Iowa House that would update the building codes to require passive radon mitigation in single-family and two-family homes.

Radon is the leading cause of environmental lung cancer in Iowa.

Radon gas is released when uranium breaks down.  Uranium is a natural chemical found in Iowa’s soils and rocks.  Outdoor levels of radon are low.  However, radon levels can build up inside a building.  Radon is an odorless, tasteless, and colorless gas.  The only way you know if you have high levels of radon is to test for it.

71.6% of Iowa homes are above the Environmental Protection Agency recommended action level.  Iowa has the largest percentage of homes in the United States that above the EPA threshold for taking action to remediate radon levels.

Given the high levels of radon found within the state, it is sensible to require new residences to have radon mitigation systems already built in.  The best way to do that is to make installing passive radon mitigation required through the building codes.

What you can do

Ask your State Representative to support HF2491.


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For more information on radon, see Iowa Department of Public Health