Comments on Pipeline Eminent Domain Reform

House passes eminent domain reform bill

Sierra Club Iowa Chapter issues the following statement:

Sierra Club Iowa Chapter applauds Iowa Representatives for amending and passing HF2664 today.  The bill levels the playing field for landowners throughout the eminent domain process by creating a declaratory order process and removing bonding requirements for appeals of the Iowa Utilities Board final order.

"We've been at the capitol every single week for 3 years.  It's time the Senate gets its priorities straight and quits kowtowing to Summit, Wolf, and Bruce Rastetter." said Jess Mazour, Conservation Program Coordinator for the Sierra Club Iowa Chapter.

The bill now heads to the Senate for consideration.  Sierra Club Iowa Chapter and landowners impacted by the carbon pipelines call on Senator Whitver and Senator Brown to stand with 78% of Iowans who oppose eminent domain for carbon pipelines and pass the bill.   Update: The Senate did not pass this bill.

Carbon dioxide pipeline activists at the Iowa Capitol