State legislative issues

Issues to discuss with legislators

  1. Tell your legislators that you do not want hazardous liquid pipelines to be given eminent domain authorization.
  2. Ask your legislators to pass laws that restore felon voting rights.
  3. REAP is a state law that provides funding to protect Iowa’s natural areas, soil conservation, water quality, historical resources, parks and recreation areas, and roadside vegetation.  Ask your legislators to extend REAP beyond 2026, fully fund REAP at $20 million, and keep the funding formulas as they are.
  4. While you are at it, ask the legislators to pass a 3/8 Cent Sales Tax for the Natural Resources & Outdoor Recreation Trust Fund with no changes to the funding formulas.  In 2010, 63 percent of Iowa voters gave overwhelming support to a constitutional amendment that would allow increased investment in Iowa’s parks, recreation and clean water through a 3/8 cent sales tax.  All that is needed is for the sales tax to be approved.  Expanding funding for Iowa’s parks and natural areas is good for all Iowans. The Trust would provide significant funding for wildlife habitat, parks, nature preserves, trails, REAP, lake restoration and other free recreation opportunities to ensure the next generation of Iowans could enjoy open spaces and outdoor recreation.   Low-income families have fewer options for recreation than higher income families.  State parks currently are free and charge nothing to park a vehicle.  The Iowa Legislature has exempted a number of items from sales tax, including food and medical equipment, resulting in a less regressive sales tax.  Because the necessities of life are exempt from sales tax, this tax is fair.
  5. Ask your legislators to support eliminating the research activities tax credit.
  6. Ask your legislators to support a moratorium on building new or expanding existing confined animal feeding operations.  Across the state, Iowans feel they are under siege from an industry that is polluting the air, polluting the water, and destroying peaceful existence in rural areas.  That industry is confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs).  Currently Iowa has 3 million people and over 24 million hogs.  It is time for a moratorium on building and expanding CAFOs.