About Us

The Sierra Club Cumberland Chapter was formed over 50 years ago to explore, enjoy, and protect Kentucky. We were formed when Kentucky’s Red River Gorge was under threat of being flooded from a dam proposal in the 1960’s. That dam was stopped and thousands of people from around the world come to visit the famous unique geological area that can still be enjoyed to this day.

The work this chapter performs brings hundreds of citizens annually to the outdoors with our certified volunteer leadership outings program.  These outings are introducing children in cities to nature in the outdoors.  

In addition to our outings, we directly work on activism and advocacy with a grassroots, citizen-based leadership.

We are citizens of Kentucky who are organized, strategic, and goal-driven to hold our state and local government accountable for the public interest, which itself echoes across future generations of Kentuckians who expect our decisions and actions today to represent their interests for a protected and sustainable Commonwealth in the future.