Planned Giving

Planning an estate gift to Sierra Club’s Kentucky Chapter is an affordable way to sustain our environment for decades to come and to inspire the next generation of activists like you. 


Because most planned gifts are given after your lifetime, your current budget isn’t affected. Many gifts are easy to make. The most popular gifts—beneficiary designations or including us in your will—can be made by updating a form or adding a sentence to your will. Scroll down to find out more.  No matter the size, your gift to Sierra Club makes a world of difference. Your generosity strengthens our mission to protect and restore the natural world, while giving you the joy of making a powerful impact on our movement to foster safe communities for all. Read about how Kenny decided to make Sierra Club Kentucky a part of his legacy. 




Is a Planned Gift Right for You?

It’s easy to align your legacy giving goals with your financial and estate planning. Here are just a few examples:

Include a gift to Sierra Club’s
Kentucky Chapter in your will or living trust.
Support Sierra Club’s Kentucky 
Chapter through your retirement account. 
  • ​​​​​​Your benefits:  Retain control of your assets and have the flexibility to change your mind at any time. Because this gift doesn’t go into effect until after your lifetime, your current budget isn’t affected. 
  • How it works: This can be as simple as including a sentence in your will or living trust (see example below). 
  •  Your benefits: This is a tax-wise way to support the planet and to leave less heavily taxed assets to your loved ones. By designating your chapter as a beneficiary through Sierra Club Foundation, these assets pass to us tax-free. 
  • How it works: Simply update the beneficiary designation form provided by your account administrator with the following information: Sierra Club Foundation, FBO Sierra Club's Kentucky Chapter, tax-ID number 94-6069890. 




If you are ready to leave a gift to support your Sierra Club chapter in your will, ask your attorney to add this suggested wording to the document: 

“I give [amount or percentage] to Sierra Club, tax-ID number 94-1153307, a California nonprofit corporation, currently located at 2101 Webster Street, Suite 1300, Oakland, CA 94612 (Attention: Gift Planning Program), to be used to support the activities of Sierra Club's Kentucky Chapter. In the event that the Kentucky Chapter (or its successor) ceases to exist as a Sierra Club entity, then the Board of Directors of Sierra Club shall have sole authority in administering the funds." 


Making a gift to Sierra Club’s Kentucky Chapter is easier than you may think. To learn more about the benefits of gift planning and explore giving options that could work for you, contact Julia Curtis today. 

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