Healthy Food, Healthy Earth Resource Library

This resource library is a collection of videos, texts, images, web sites, and policies that cover Sierra Club’s stance on food and agriculture and related topics as a climate issue, as well as the Kentucky Chapter’s Kentucky Thrives conference (May 21–22, 2021), which is the origin of our current campaign. You can also find a glossary of terms for those of you who are new to regenerative organic farming and/or food justice issues.


Farm Bill/ Federal Legislation 

  • What is the Farm bill and why is it so important to fix it? Agriculture as one of the main causes of climate change. The Farm Bill is called an omnibus bill. It covers food assistance, subsidies (crop insurance), forestry, and conservation all in one bill.  In many ways, the Farm Bill guides what is grown in this country and how. Therefore, it has a huge impact on the environment and what we eat.  

  • The 50-year Farm Bill:  In 2009, Kentucky poet and farmer Wendell Berry advocated for a 50-Year Farm Bill. Farm bills are usually passed by Congress every five years. But Berry says a longer-term 50-year farm bill would be more beneficial to the environment, with a focus on regenerative agriculture to heal soil and a shift away from industrial agriculture and fossil fuel use. This long-term plan would address urgent problems of soil erosion, soil and water pollution, the loss of biodiversity, and the destruction of farming communities and cultures. You can also read the opinion piece Wendell Berry co-authored with Wes Jackson for the New York Time.

  • Fair Farm Bill Policy Handbook: Recommendations towards breaking the mold of past past farm bills to create a more fair, inclusive, and competitive food and agriculture system. 

  • Farm System Reform Act: To address the history of discrimination against Black farmers and ranchers, to require reforms within the Department of Agriculture to prevent future discrimination, and for other purposes. 

Sierra Club Policies on Food and Agriculture 

Food and Agriculture
Farmworkers Policy
Biotechnology Policy
Compost Policy 
Sewage Sludge Policy
Water Policy
Public Lands Grazing Policy
Sustainable Marine Fisheries Policy
Energy Resources Policy 
Biomass Guidance

Kentucky Chapter 

Read the summary of our 2022 Annual Gathering, "Healthy Food, Healthy Earth" from the January edition of The Cumberland Newsletter. 

Kentucky Chapter’s Kentucky Thrives conference (May 21–22, 2021)