MBTA Solar Parking Canopies

MBTA Solar

MBTA Solar Garage 2

Sierra Club applauds the MBTA for approving a plan to install solar panels at 37 parking facilities. 

The solar panels will be canopies over the parking areas, providing protection from the elements and reducing the heat island effect. The canopies have LED lights that are more efficent and emit significantly less light pollution than traditional streetlights. The T is expected to save aproximately $5 million in savings through electricity, snow removal and light maintenance costs. 

The T is the largest singe consumer of electricity in the Commonwealth. "This is a great step forward by the MBTA," said Emily Norton, Massachusetts Chapter Director. "It demonstrates the Commonwealth's commitment to renewable energy, and will serve as a visible reminder to thousands of commuteres every day -- hopefully spurring more residents and businesses and municipalities to invest in solar for their own electricity needs."

Garage locations to recieve solar panels include Alewife, Beverly, Braintree, Lynn, Quincy Adams, Route 128 Station in Westwood, Wonderland, and Woodland Stations. The MBTA surface parking lots include Abington, Ballardvale, Bradford, Canton Center, Canton Junction, Cohassett, East Braintree/Weymouth Landing, Franklin, Gloucester, Halifax, Hamilton/Wenham, Hanson, Haverhill, Hyde Park, Monserrat, Norfolk, North Scituate, Norwood Depot, Readville, South Action, South Weymouth, Southborough, Wakefield, West Hingham, West Natick, Westborough, Whitman, Wilmington. 

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Photos used with permission of the MBTA