Internship Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in interning at the Sierra Club Massachusetts Chapter!

Update about 2023 Internships: We have now closed applications for our Spring 2023 internships. If you applied, thank you! You will be hearing from us soon. Though we are currently unable to offer internships at this time, interested folks are welcome to complete our short interest application. We will contact applicants about future internship opportunities as they become available.

Equity, Inclusion, and Justice at the Sierra Club

At the Sierra Club, we believe in the power of togetherness. Together, we remain committed to the fight for a healthy climate built on a foundation of environmental, racial, economic, and gender justice – a future where all people benefit from a healthy, thriving planet and a direct connection to nature. As the climate crisis and deeply entrenched systemic racism all fuel inequity, we will continue to fight for a bold, transformational agenda that recognizes the interconnectedness between our planet, our humanity, and our democracy. By recognizing that our destinies are tied, we continue to name that all things are fundamentally connected, and the overlap between ecology, race, gender, and representative government will move to either advance our collective humanity or to oppress it. (Click here to learn more)

Employment at the Sierra Club is based upon qualifications and competency. The Sierra Club does not discriminate against anyone in treatment, hiring, training, assignment, compensation, promotional opportunities, employee benefits, recall from layoff, discharge and discipline, or any other term and condition of employment on the basis of race, religion, sex, age, national origin or ancestry, color, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, marital status, parental status, veteran's status, union activity, political affiliation, physical or mental disability unrelated to an individual's ability to perform the job with or without reasonable accommodation, or any other basis prohibited by law.

Sample Internship Responsibilities

For most internships, the responsibilities and objectives of the position revolve around whatever issues and events we are working on at the time. You will gain a thorough knowledge of some of the issues we have prioritized, and be asked to participate in a variety of ways. Our office hours are from 9:00 to 5:00 PM, although your schedule will sometimes involve weekend and evening activities instead of in-office time. Interns need to bring and use their own laptop computers. Office dress is casual except for pre-scheduled meetings that require business attire. Here are some examples of activities performed by past interns:

  • Attend and take notes at hearings and meetings at the State House and elsewhere with legislators and other elected officials

  • Attend planning and strategy meetings with other environmental organizations and allies; occasionally represent us well-prepared at meetings by yourself

  • Assist with or organize an event and gain experience with all the many details involved

  • Attend outings to wind turbines, solar farms, National Park Service sites, rooftop gardens, electric vehicle (EV) test drive events, tree plantings, or film screenings

  • Be a team member who engages the public behind the Sierra Club table at concerts, festivals, EV events, or town sustainability fairs

  • Attend and participate in meetings in various parts of the state bringing legislators and constituents together to discuss specific issues

  • Make phone calls to our membership requesting they attend a specific town meeting or call an elected official

  • Write a letter to the editor (LTE) or blog post

  • Write and learn how to send an advocacy email to thousands of people across Massachusetts

  • Produce graphics work (if you have the tools and knowledge) such as a gif, meme or video

  • Work an event by greeting and checking in attendees, or work the room and make conversation to make people feel welcome

  • Perform research

  • Assist a committee or group with a short-term project

  • Help with data entry

  • Compile and work with data

  • Answer the chapter office phone, take messages, and connect to the public

  • Read articles

  • Post to social media for the chapter all the time, and especially during hearings, events, rallies

  • Make posters and signs for an upcoming rally or protest

  • Participate in peaceful rallies and protests

  • Enjoy the beautiful Leventhal park directly across the street from our office at lunchtime offering live classical music, a soothing fountain and free fitness classes

  • Collaborate and share experiences and lasting friendship with six or seven other summer interns who share your interests and passions about our beautiful world

Hear what our interns have to say!

Andrew, Summer 2022 Intern

"While I have always been passionate about climate issues and local advocacy, I had the opportunity to learn in depth the nuances and difficulties of advocacy and policy-making at the state level. At Mass Sierra Club, I got to integrate my interests in energy and policy by means of writing and communications. Working with my supervisor made the experience so enjoyable and insightful, and our weekly meetings and flexibility made my summer internship both independent and collaborative. Not only was I able to practice my design and writing skills in media projects, but I could explore other mediums of advocacy through photography and research. My experience at the Sierra Club demonstrated how complex the climate issues are, but also how exciting and crucial it is."
-Andrew, Stanford University

Dan, Summer 2022 Intern"Working at Sierra Club has been such a rewarding experience. As a legislative intern, I was able to plan meetings with legislators, organize and attend rallies across the state, and delve deeply into energy policy. The staff at the Massachusetts Chapter prioritized my growth as an intern, while allowing me to take on real responsibilities within the chapter. The skills I learned in organizing, policy, and advocacy have been invaluable. I would highly recommend anyone interested in environmental advocacy to intern or volunteer for Sierra Club Massachusetts!"

Corrin Moss, Summer 2021 Intern"As a young professional looking to change careers, my internship with the MA Sierra Club was invaluable. Through hands-on learning experiences like researching municipal climate actions, creating a website and networking tool for municipal leaders, and connecting with local officials, I gained important insights into local climate policy and advocacy work. I also got to learn about a wide range of issues by collaborating with the amazing Chapter staff. One of my favorite parts of the internship was working with the Climate Research volunteer team - it was awesome to connect with like-minded people while working on important climate issues! My work at the MA Sierra Club made me more confident in my decision to pursue a career in climate issues, and I’m so grateful to everyone who made my experience so rewarding."


Taalin, Intern Summer 2021

"For the past few years, I have been passionate about both environmental issues and local advocacy. Working with the Mass. Sierra Club this summer has given me the opportunity to combine those interests. Focusing on the chapter’s climate justice advocacy in Boston, I got to work on news media publications, volunteer outreach and organizing, research projects, and policy analysis. Not only that, but the people here really made me feel like part of a team, and I loved the weekly meetings during which we discussed our progress. Looking back at this summer, this internship was extremely rewarding — I gained valuable insights into the policy-making process at the local level, which I will surely keep with me in college and beyond."
-Taalin, Duke University


Headshot of Julia, Summer 2018 intern"I have always been more focused on the science side of environmental studies, but it is so interdisciplinary that one needs to also focus on policy. I had little experience in this field, but everyone at the office was so helpful and approachable. I was able to learn all aspects of the Massachusetts legal system by attending state house hearings and writing articles about certain bills being passed in the senate and the house. In addition, everyone in the office really cares about the interns individual passions. I love design and art, so Aileen gave me projects such as designing an invitation for an upcoming fundraiser or formatting the new brochure for the chapter. My work was valued by everyone and I was working on major projects. I am so fortunate to have had this opportunity and I now feel like a member of the Massachusetts Chapter Sierra Club community."
- Julia, Williams College


Intern Anne Marie, 2018"Working at the Sierra Club was such a well-rounded and invaluable experience. I was exposed to so many different aspects of environment work: policy, media/communications, event planning and of course, advocacy. As a political science major with a concentration in environmental studies, I especially enjoyed attending hearings at the State House and following the legislative session at Beacon Hill. I would highly recommend that any college student interested in a career in advocacy or environmental work in general apply to the internship program- it was a great summer!"
- Anne Marie, Boston College


Intern Eric, 2018"As a rising high school senior interested in studying environmental policy/economics, my summer internship at the Sierra Club was a great experience. My manager Aileen kept me busy contributing to a wide range of assignments that included attending State House sessions on energy and climate issues, enlisting support for environmental legislation, researching and writing about conservation efforts, and developing other communication materials for environmental advocacy. It was also a great opportunity to learn from Sierra Club staff and other interns interested in the field. Together, these experiences really helped clarify the areas in which I would like to focus in college and beyond. Thank you for providing me with such a valuable experience."
- Eric, Wellesley High School


Savannah Whaley

"From the day I started at Sierra Club, I was immediately involved in the fundraisers, campaigns and everything else the chapter was working on. I was able to pursue my interests while also getting a more general idea of how nonprofits work. Everyone on staff was incredibly welcoming and motivated to ensure that I was having a good learning experience, while also being flexible with my schedule as a student. Working with my supervisor Aileen Kelley was a pleasure, and overall this experience has strengthened my commitment to environmental issues and my desire to spend my career addressing them."
- Savannah, Harvard University



"I started my Sierra Club Electric Vehicles internship in my last semester, at a point in my college career (studying energy and environmental analysis and policy) where I was beginning to feel disillusioned with the current state of environmental policy. When I applied to intern with the Sierra Club, I hoped that it would restore the passion that drove me to study the environment. Gladly, it far exceeded my expectations. The first thing I noticed about the office was the open, welcoming atmosphere created by its friendly staff. My supervisor Kevin provided me with diverse assignments that tested my creativity and resourcefulness. Questions were always encouraged and with every answer I received, I felt more confident about my ability to explain and discuss complicated environmental and political issues. I then exercised this confidence at electric vehicle conferences around the Greater Boston Area. My experience at Sierra Club showed me that there are scores of people out in the field finding solutions to the most pressing issues of our day and truly enjoy their work. This has taken much of the fear out of graduation and replaced it with eager anticipation for a fulfilling career.
- Matt, Boston University


Intern Dian, outdoors at the beach

"Interning at the Sierra Club allowed me to deep dive into research on crucial issues such as carbon pricing, building electrification, and Boston’s climate action plans. I got real world exposure to government and activist by attending State House hearings, rallies, and community activist training. I learned about collaboration with other local environmental groups. This internship has helped me to understand the path I want to explore when I graduate next year. "
- Diane, UMass Boston


Intern Michael"As an aspiring environmental lawyer, I wanted to work with an organization with a history of environmental work from a legal standpoint, and I’m glad I chose the Sierra Club. I was assigned to research the Sierra Club’s past cases and write short pieces on them for the website. Being given access to the archives was like letting loose a kid in a candy store; I pored over every single document. There were affidavits, correspondences between opposing lawyers, lists of evidence presented in court, and a host of other legal documents to browse. I even had the opportunity to interview a real environmental lawyer who worked on these cases. Overall, my internship with the Sierra Club was a lot of fun and gave me a better insight into my chosen career path of environmental law."
- Michael, Washington University


Intern Sonali"I’m so glad I applied for an internship at the MA Sierra Club. The people here are some of the most genuine, kind-hearted, and passionate people I’ve ever met, and they showed me the positive side of grassroots organizing. I’ve attended rallies and lobby days, made calls, made posters, and have done a ton of research and writing. But really, my favorite thing about this internship is that you can make it as fun as you want. We’re pushed to work on issues we’re really passionate about and do projects we enjoy doing. I’ve also learned so much about environmental issues that I’d never even heard of before, and they've interested me so much that I’m considering adding environmental studies as a second major. Plus, you get a lot of swag. My favorite has to be the tshirt (which I wear far too often) but the clean energy fans are a close second. A massive thanks to the Sierra Club for giving me valuable experience and a great way to spend my summer.​"
- Sonali, Vassar College


Julia"My internship with Sierra Club gave me invaluable and unforgettable experiences! I was able to take on projects independently and work in a professional, real-world environment. I met so many wonderful and inspiring people, from Michael Brune to all of my fellow interns; everyone was so passionate about the work they were doing, it only made my job easier! I’ll miss working with everyone, but I feel blessed to have met and connected with people I may never have met otherwise. It was truly a rewarding experience working on media marketing that benefits a good cause. It opened my eyes to a whole other side of my field, and I was able to improve my skills so much through creating content for the Sierra Club. Thank you for a wonderful summer!"
- Julia, Emerson College, multimedia intern


Emma"My internship with the Sierra Club has been an extremely rewarding experience. In my short time here, I’ve learned the importance of grassroots organizing and how it can empower diverse communities to make change. I was able to contribute to many different projects ranging from volunteering at Warped Tour, lobbying to pass bills, event planning and taking part in my first environmental protest at the State House! Working for the Sierra Club has also taught me so much about the power of local government and how it can lead to significant changes at the federal level. I’m so grateful to the wonderful people in this chapter that have made this experience so fulfilling. I’m very proud to have been part of this community. Thank you so much and I cannot wait to continue to my career in environmental policy!"
- Emma, Lawrence University


Jonathan"The Sierra Club provided me with the opportunity to work with communities that are of great importance to me. Granted the autonomy to connect with stakeholders from partner organizations and community members to draft a report on the potential for community solar. The report served as the basis for a foundation grant to work on community solar with low-income communities and communities of color. As a Clean Energy Fellow via the Mass CEC, the Sierra Club supported my personal and professional growth and for that I am grateful."
- Jonathan, Tufts University



"My internship at the Sierra Club made for an exciting, rewarding, and empowering summer. My work ranged from researching environmental issues to lobbying at the State House. I learned the power of grassroots organizing, and was grateful for being able to help organized people stand up to and win against organized money. The MA Sierra Club was such a welcoming and supportive place to work and it taught me the importance of empowering ordinary people to create change and advocate for the environment in their own communities. I’m proud to be a part of an organization like the Sierra Club and look forward to continuing to fight for our planet in the Commonwealth and beyond."
- Daniel, Yale University


Robert"Interning for the Sierra Club was an incredible experience. My mentor, Aileen Kelley, taught me event planning, how to use Sierra Club databases and systems where I had the opportunity to send various informational emails to thousands of Sierra Club members and supporters across the Commonwealth. I even learned how to code HTML to automatically send action alerts to administrative bodies. My event planning skills have also been greatly enriched by taking lead roles in organizing events at Cambridge RiverFest, the Back Bay Fens National Park Service walk, and Dave Matthews Band concert. My most proud accomplishment was organizing the Braintree Solar Farm Tour + EV Test Drive Event which had 75 attendees. I recommend people apply for an internship at the Sierra Club or volunteer with the chapter to learn new skills as well as make positive changes for the future of the Commonwealth, the nation and the world."
- Robert, UMass Amherst


Amanda"My summer with the Mass Sierra Club has been everything I could have hoped for in a summer internship and more! Going into this position, I was looking forward to gaining real world experience in the field of environmental policy and nonprofit work and I have learned so much. I was able to work on my researching and writing skills as well as get more comfortable with talking on the phone. I also learned about the environmental issues and political landscape of my home state. This summer was absolutely wonderful and I could go on and on about the value of being a Sierra Club intern! Thank you for this incredible opportunity!"
- Amanda, Dickinson College


Luca"I have a better understanding of the finer points of grassroots organizing and public policy after my internship with the Sierra Club and am better prepared than ever to continue onto a career in the field of environmental policy. Thank you for the opportunity to work on projects that matter to me, go to state house hearings, use my GIS skills, lobby with a Senator, and contribute to the great work that the Sierra Club does. This summer was a great experience and one I’m proud to have been a part of."
- Luca, Tufts University


Treicy"Interning at the Massachusetts Sierra Club has been a very rewarding experience. From working with members in other states, to being involved in events and region-wide meetings, my time here has opened my eyes to the dedicated and hard work needed to make environmental progress possible. The extended network of members also helped me make connections in places I never thought I would, including my own school. Overall, it is an experience I will never forget and I can't thank them enough for allowing me this opportunity!"
- Treicy, Boston University


Michele"If I had to describe my internship with the Massachusetts Sierra Club in one word, it would be “rewarding.” In just three months at the Sierra Club I had the opportunity to attend hearings at the Massachusetts statehouse, organize my first environmental protest, write press releases, attend festivals, and work along side some incredibly committed people!  I gained so much experiential knowledge in grassroots environmental activism and legislation that I never could have learned in a classroom setting."
- Michele, Westfield State University


Jessica"Working with the Massachusetts Sierra Club taught me that when ordinary well-informed citizens are given a platform to fight for what they believe in anything can be accomplished. As I move onto my professional career, I will take the experiences, the education, and most importantly the network of people from the Massachusetts Sierra Club with me and I am beyond thankful for a wonderful summer."
- Jessica, Connecticut College


Anthony"My summer with the Sierra Club in Boston has been an invaluable experience.  I have gained experience in dealing with a wide variety of people, problems, solutions and scenarios that I will carry with me forever.  Contributing to meaningful work to safeguard the environment has been my privilege and pleasure, and the power of grassroots efforts has been made evident.  Thank you for a wonderful, worth-while summer!"
- Anthony, Harvard Extension School (masters program)