North South Rail Link

The North South Rail Link is a proposed pair of 1.5 mile-long tunnels that would connect the MBTA's North Station and South Station.  The Massachusetts Sierra Club has been a strong advocate for construction of a direct link between these two stations for many years. Such a connection would allow for the through running of Amtrak and commuter trains, eliminating the wasteful backup moves that are now a major cause of congestion and air pollution at both terminals.

MassDOT’s current plans for South Station Expansion (SSX) as a stub-end terminal is an inefficient “solution” to its growing congestion. SSX would only provide temporary relief, because it will likely suffice for just a couple decades as happened after the station was expanded from ten tracks to thirteen in the mid-1990s to accommodate the opening of Old Colony service to the South Shore. Any SSX funds should be dedicated to early action on the Rail Link such as underground platforms along the tunnel alignment.

Map showing gap in transit thanks to lack of NS rail link

As former Governors Weld and Dukakis put it in an August 2015 Boston Globe op-ed, "Permitting this one-mile gap to continue — more than 100 years after a legislative commission first proposed that the two stations be connected — isn’t worthy of a state whose rail and transit system should be the best in the nation."

According to the Rail Link's 2003 Draft Environmental Report/Major Investment Study, the Rail Link would result in over 55,000 auto trips diverted daily onto public transportation (pages ES-33 and ES-34). An expanded South Station with a connection to North Station is the optimal path forward for traveler mobility and reduced greenhouse gases. 

A first step is to build underground station platforms at South Station as Phase 1 of the North-South Rail Link, thereby accommodating service on Amtrak's electrified Northeast Corridor while allowing the tracks to be extended north at a later date.


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