Forest Protection Resources

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Resource lists are updated and labeled each month. The newest items are not always the most recently published; they are the newest discoveries of the Forest Protection Team. Access the complete list of forest protection resources here. 

Let Them Grow song about saving old-growth trees, Dan Zales, composer and lead musician. Lyrics: “Let them grow, let them be, let them live for eternity…Nature work your magic ways, trees deserve another day.”

Climate Chaos & the Quabbin Woodlands, song by Don Ogden

Eastern Native Tree Society, Bob Leverett co-founder of this internet interest group:

“Natural and Working Lands” in the Massachusetts Clean Energy and Climate Plans, Stubblefield, Bouricius, Youtube, 5/23

Great Trees and Forests of the Northeast, Past and Present, Bob & Monica Leverett, 4/23, Youtube

Reference articles for Mythbusters 2:


Forest-clearing to create early-successional habitats: Questionable benefits, significant costs, Kellett, Maloof,, 1/23

The Truth about Carbon, Wildfire, & Biodiversity, Law, Hanson, Bond, 9/22,  YouTube

Intact Forests in the United States: Proforestation Mitigates Climate Change and Serves the Greatest Good,  Moomaw, Masino, Faison, 2019

Books recommended by Monica & Bob Leverett:

Forest Forensics: Reading the Forested Landscape, Tom Wessels, Countryman Press, 2010

Reading the Forested Landscape: A Natural History of New England, Tom Wessels, Countryman Press, 2005

Davis, Mary Byrd, ed. Eastern Old-Growth Forests: Prospects for Rediscovery and Recovery. Island Press, Washington, D.C.

Maloof, Joan. Nature’s Temples: The Complex World of Old-Growth Forests. Timber Press, Portland, OR 2016


Recent Articles on Forests: 

Wildlands in New England Report

The living dead: acknowledging life after tree death to stop forest degradation, 9/22

Not Just Carbon: Capturing all the benefits of forests for stabilizing the climate from local to global scales, World Resources Institute, 10/22

Creating Strategic Reserves to Protect Forest Carbon and Reduce Biodiversity Losses in the United States, Law et al., 5/22

The invasive emerald ash borer has destroyed millions of trees – scientists aim to control it with tiny parasitic wasps, 8/3/21


Recent Articles on Proforestation: 

Wildlands the natural answer to climate change, Harvard Forest report, Commonwealth, 6/1/23

 Forest-clearing to create early-successional habitats: Questionable benefits, significant costs, Kellett, Maloof,, 1/23

The role of unmanaged forests in climate mitigation and adaptation: the benefits of proforestation, Ed Faison Senior Ecologist Highstead Foundation GC3. April 7, 2020

The Importance and Co-Benefits of Natural Climate Solutions, Beverly Law, 2022

US Forest Service should let forests grow, Moomaw, Boston Globe, 12/13/22 


Recent Articles on Old Growth Forest:

Learning the Climate Lesson of Pine 58, Moomaw, Common Dreams, 3/20/21

Identifying characteristics of Northeastern Old-Growth forests, Bob Leverett

Curb climate change the easy way: Don't cut down big trees, Law, Moomaw, 4/21

Old-Growth: A Literature Review of the Characteristics of Eastern North American Forests, Vermont Natural Resources Council publication recommended by Bob and Monica Leverett


Recent Articles on Municipal Trees: 

Biden releases $1B for urban trees, USDA

Beyond Beauty: Establishing the Value of Urban and Suburban Trees with David Bloniarz, 1/11/23, YouTube

Visit  i-Tree web page with tools for individuals, municipal planners, and landscapers as described in the Beyond Beauty video.

Trees front, center as town marks Arbor Month – Amherst, Gazette, 4/8

Article reports on the use of a grant from the Department of Conservation and Recreation Heritage Tree Care used to protect a huge sycamore. The sycamore is one of two trees, a ‘bride tree’ and a ‘groom tree’ that were planted in 1761 by Nehemiah Strong to honor the marriage of his son, Simeon Strong to Sarah Wright.